Nathan Fillion’s Dr. Horrible Showcased At Paley Television Festival

Dr. Horrible, the awesome web musical created by Josh Whedon and starring Nathan Fillion (ex-Joey, One Life to Live) and Neil Patrick Harris, is being honored by the Paley Television Festival as the "first showcase for an Internet program" according to The Hollywood Reporter.

If you haven’t watched Dr. Horrible you should download it through iTunes. In the mean time check out screencaps of the three episodes here: Dr. Horrible Act 1 l Dr. Horrible Act 2 l Dr. Horrible Act 3

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    I saw this show when it was free online for a few days during the writers’ strike. Totally awesome. A friend of mind who bought it on DVDs said the DVD was worth buying for the commentary tracks. There is not only a spoken commentary track but also a singing commentary track that is supposed to be hilarious.

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    On the DVD the commentary is actually a whole other musical. It’s a musical commentary about the musical! Nathan actually sings a little bit about the fact he was on a soap.
    And he even has a line about being one hell of a Joey Buchanan! Love him!

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