Whoopi Talks Rianca On The View

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    TV Gord

    I like The View, but one of their frequent downfalls is that they often personify the old adage, “a LITTLE knowledge is a dangerous thing”. Whoopi sounds as though she thinks people are up in arms BECAUSE it’s a gay wedding. That’s not my understanding. Judging from my friends (and my own reaction), we are up in arms, because this is yet another soap marriage that’s over before it began!

    The mainstream media is focusing on this being the first gay marriage on a daytime drama. What they are conveniently leaving out (or are too lazy and sloppy to find out) is that Bianca is handing Reese annulment papers the same day. That’s what’s annoying. It all seems like a publicity-seeking stunt. The virtually walk down the aisle and then split up! It’s a cheat to the fans who watch this show day in and day out.

    Anyway, it’s not like all this publicity is going to result in any new viewers. The show is so bad these days, I can’t imagine anyone tuning in at this point and sticking with it.

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