Elevator Ecstasy

Today’s General Hospital featured probably one of the funniest sex scenes I’ve seen on soaps in a while. The dirty deed involved Jax (Ingo Rademacher) and Carly (Laura Wright) in an elevator at the Metro Court. If you haven’t watched it I won’t spoil it for you, but I tell just say you are in for a good chuckle. What did you think of Carly and Jax’s hanky panky? More pictures after the jump?

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    OMG too funny…and brenda better hurray if she wants to have sonny back. Lizard’s endgame has always been to birth her own baseball team and she knows the only man in town that can get the job done is Sonny. Bring on SIZ baby!!

    Until then….

    Love in an elevator
    Love in an elevator….Livin it up when Im goin down….Love in an elevator….
    Lovin it up till I hit the ground

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    Jamey Giddens

    Love in an elevator
    Love in an elevator….Livin it up when Im goin down….Love in an elevator….
    Lovin it up till I hit the ground
    Best song EVER! And stop hating on Liz cause she can actually bring a child to term. If Sam’s birth canal wasn’t so littered with crotch cricket legs she could have safely delivered the Lila Pillow too! Liz is a GOOD, CLEAN girl, with a GOOD, CLEAN healthy va jay jay! HUMPH!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Please her va jay jay has had so much traffic, she had to install HOV lanes or in her case HO HOV lanes.
    Said the fan of a character who banged Sonny and Jax in the same night, without so much as the benefit of a baby wipe betwixt her oversteamed legs!

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    I thought the CarJax hot elevator sex was HOT and fabulous! Not since the infamous NOP has a scene been that steamy. The music was a little quirky, but amusing. Hey, somebody on the soap better be gettin’ a little sumpin’-sumpin’.

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    She pulls off his belt so his pants fall down, but she doesn’t unbutton his shirt? And…he’s wearing the longest, baggy shorts I’ve ever seen. So what we get to see are the backs of his hairy legs. And he still has his tie pulled up practically to his chin. Not my idea of sexy. Most of the guys on the show give us some bare chest from time to time. If Ingo doesn’t want to take his shirt off he shouldn’t do these scenes. It’s a good thing it’s daytime TV ’cause it sure wouldn’t make it on the big screen.

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    I do wish that he was wearing those classic soap black boxer briefs….It would have made the scene way sexier…I still loved it though…it had me laughing….

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    Music was pretty funny even if they weren’t. Interesting ummm camera angles.

    Makes me all nostalgic about all the hijinks that went on in the hospital elevators. Ahhh….those elevators which we’ll never see again.

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    I actually liked the scene. I thought it was nice, seeing a couple fooling around and being happy, it’s not often you get to see that side of romance on this show. I’m a CarJax fan though. Even though I hate Carly sometimes, I do like her with Jax, and I think Ingo has more chemistry with LW than he’s had with any of the ladies he’s been paired with during his GH run. I just wish TPTB would stop throwing Carly back into Sonny’s orbit every time there’s a sweeps disaster. Carly is much more likable with Jax, and without him I would probably still hate her.

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    Regan Cellura

    It was funny and Ingo bares his chest plenty, I am ok with his shirt being left on. I’m wondering how many times Luke will work Octocock into the ABC podcast this week… so sorry I am going to miss that.

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    EET, the ‘va jay jay’ comment is one of the reasons why u’re one of my faves on this board..lol.
    As for the scene…I loved it!! I was actually laughing the whole time.

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