Hypothetically Speaking: Carly and Johnny?

In an upcoming episode of General Hospital we get to watch Kirsten Storms portray BJ in a "What if BJ hadn’t died," but another picture piqued my curiosity. It is of Laura Wright and Brandon Barash in an intimate pose. Which got me thinking, what if Carly and Johnny were paired?

Hypothetically Speaking: Would you like to see a Carly and Johnny pairing?

Hypothetically Speaking: Carly and Johnny?

  • No! Can't Carly find a man that isn't related to the mob or competing with Sonny? (26%, 126 Votes)
  • Eh! I'd rather see Johnny and Carly with other people (39%, 188 Votes)
  • Yes! They would be really hot together. (35%, 167 Votes)

Total Voters: 481


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    I really don’t know if BB could pull off being romantically paired with LW…..she’s really intense….besides it would never workout so I’d feel like I was wasting my time if I invested in them lol…..

  2. Profile photo of Jenny


    If KS leaves, then TIIC can hook Johnny up with Big Alice. I wouldn’t care. However, at this moment, I want JoMax. I actually like CarJax when Carly is acting normal.

  3. Profile photo of season1217

    Carly and Johnny would still exist had BJ lived. They just would have existed differently. Had BJ lived would Tony and Bobbie’s marriage have been strong enough to endure Carly? If Carly couldn’t seduce Tony how else would she have tried to hurt Bobbie? Would Michael have ever been born? Would AJ still be alive? Would half the people in town now even be living in Port Charles?

  4. Profile photo of friscowannabe

    I think Carly is too old for Johnny, especially when they SORA Micheal.

    I also like Carly with Jax and would like to think carly has matured somewhat since her Tony fling.

    That being said, the though of Lulu’s eyes bulging out of her head as she hgoes into convulsions at the thought of Johhhnnnnny with her cousin/mentor is enough to make me want this story.

    If we are going to do a cougar storyline I vote for either Boobie and Coleman (boobman?) or Monica and Nicholas (monas?)

  5. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    As much as I despise Carly with every ounce of my being…I really don’t think she’d hook up with Mini Me Carly/Lulu’s guy. Nor would I want to see it. I just have never gotten the appeal of BB…

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    It’s true that Maxie is the cooler, better dressed, less annoying version of Lulu, watching KS play opposite almost anyone is entertaining and BB is no slouch either, but even with all that said, to me JoMax still feels like a repeat of the Jolu storyline. Yawn.

    I’ve never been big on a SpinMax relationship, but there is something special about the geek and the fashionista together! Now that Winnie is in PC, it seems that they will push Spinelli and Maxie in different directions, but I really wish the writers would not be so predictable this time.

    As for the poll, if Sonny and Johnny were the choices for Carly’s next adulterous fling, I’d take Johnny. Actually, I’d take Milo if it meant avoiding Carson for the billionth time.

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