Oprah Books Octo Grandfather On Show

Us Magazine is reporting that Oprah has booked Ed Suleman, the octo grandfather who is helping raise his daughter’s fourteen children, to appear on her show. The episode is set to air on February 24. What do you think of the Octo mom controversy?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Child Protective Services needs to take those children from that Fruitcake. She’s not fit to raise sea monkeys. She’s crazy! PLUM crazy and that doctor who put all those fish eggs inside her needs to tarred and feathered on Public Access Television, with me giving commentary from the press box.

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    i’m with jamey. tar and feather the octomom and her docs, and give those kids to people who are capable of raising them.

    as a woman in her mid thirties who’s been trying to conceive naturally without success for some time now, nadya suleman’s story sickens me. how can someone who is so plainly mental get to have 14 kids when i can’t even get pregnant with one?

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    Since they are on the verge of losing their house I hope the grandfather is getting paid to promote this sorry story.

    I hope to God Social Service takes those kids away from this woman.

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    I don’t want to judge her so harshly, but I do wish she would put these 8 up for adoption. That would be a blessing for up to eight couples/people that want a child. She has her six and she can continue raising them.

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    Okay I was going to stay out of this, really was, I promise. But this subject does bother me.

    I do not believe what the woman did was right, but at the same time it is not the children’s fault, I don’t think they said "Hey lets have a 10 month party in this womb!" I hate the thought of tearing a family apart, I hate the problems that she has caused. It is not my place to judge her for her actions. But  I do worry about the kids and the way this will play out, I know that if they do take the kids away this will probably destroy the mother. I cannot imagine having my (future) children taken away. 

    I will try and stay out of this lol, but since we are talking about a REAL person and a REAL situation, I ask that you just put your self in her shoes before you post.

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    Last time I checked, IVF was not free. So, where did this fruit loop get the money? Did she decide that havingf more than six children was more important than keeping her existing six in their home?? The mortgage on the home she lives in with her parents hasn’t been paid in 10 months, so that means that she was behind on her mortgage when she had the IVF. It makes one wonder, if these newborns were meant to be tiny little bread winners in the form of housing, food and clothing for the whole family.

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    I know many want social services to take the children away but who is going to raise 14 children at one time besides the mother. They would have to split those children up most likely. On one hand she shouldn’t be rewarded for her actions but on the other social services don’t exactly have their sh*t together either. These children could be taken from their mother to be put in a home that could be much worse.

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    Luke Kerr

     I will try and stay out of this lol, but since we are talking about a REAL person and a REAL situation, I ask that you just put your self in her shoes before you post.

    I wouldn’t put myself in her shoes for one minute. Those are not rational shoes. To use IVF to get pregnant when you already have six kids and no income is no different then people who keep getting pregnant in order to stay on welfare. Then to try and cash in on it the way she has. She might as well have  been a surragate, got herself pregnant with eight kids and then sold them individually to eight different familys and got 20-30 thousand a piece. It is a crying shame what she’s done.

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    The children are the only ones who are gonna suffer in all this, and they did nothing wrong. If you take all the kids away, your separting them form each other and the only family they know. You think social services are gonna keep the six older kids together, or the eight babies together, no. No foster parent is gonna take in that many, the only ones who do treat the kids like crap and milk the goverment for money. They’ll be separted and never see each other again. Social services is a joke, they don’t know what they are doing. I feel sorry for the kids, the babies, they didn’t do anything wrong but they are gonna be the only ones who suffer. I believe you can have as many kids as you want, just don’t use them to gain endorsements.

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    I am far more disturbed by the doctor than by the mother. For all we know, she isnt emotional and/or mentally well put together. Doctors arent suppose to write prescriptions, perform procedures, and conduct operations because a patient desires something and can afford to pay. The state should revoke the doctor’s license and should consider what legal options might be additionally available. Just my two cents.

    Now where’s Seasons with another good hosabeth webber joke to lighten the mood.

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