General Hospital: BJ’s Heart

On February 24th, General Hospital is revisiting one of its most memorable and literally heart breaking storylines ever penned. Maxie’s dream will ask the question how life in Port Charles would have turned out if it had been Maxie Jones (then portrayed by Robyn Richards) who died that fateful day rather than her cousin Barbara Jean (BJ). Above is a clip of that great storyline that got Frisco’s (Jack Wagner) butt back in PC at his daughter’s side. More clips after the jump.

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    Don’t thank her for this! Shame on you, Regan! Shame on you! First, the Robin/Stone reference from Jamey and now this! I’m trying to learn to accept things I can not change and now I’m in a rage because I refuse to accept this story ass present state of soaps. Nice, Regan. This is exactly how I wanted to start me weekend!

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    This was classic GH. When you watch that montage, you see how so many of the characters were involved in this one story. Even Miguel!

    Try to do that story now and you know that Jason would be the one saving BJ from the bus and performing the transplant. LOL

    1994 was a great GH year for stories.

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    On of THE best story lines ever written in the history of soap operas… From the entire cast to the crew to the direction/editing and all production angles, this was superb drama. Poignant, heart-breaking, character-rich, a canvas-wide umbrella story that shot off many reverberations still, obviously, being felt today. Truly a life-altering event in the lives of Port Charles. Does anyone think that the train crash, monkey virus quarantine, hotel fire, Metro Court hostage situation, Black and White Ball or this horrible, ridiculous, plain old stupid bio-toxin balls/blizzard/hospital on fire stories will have the same impact on the show 5 years from now let alone 20, if it should only last that long. I have already forgotten about those and since I have not watched this piece of drek called “General Hospital” since last year, I certainly will not retain this current mess. This story was the heart of soul of what soap operas were about and what Y&R and OLTL to some degree are still trying to do. The continuing lives of the people in a community, relationships, family, love and good vs. evil in a grounded organic manner. Thank you for reminding us all about this amazing bit of soap history to enlighten us all to what was. I will actually TIVO this episode just to see if they can manage, for one episode, at least, to bring a little piece of B.J.’s heart back to the show.

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    Regan Cellura

    Sorry Season but I am glad the rest of you are enjoying the clips. There are very few current storylines that will stay with me quite like this one. I loved the MC crisis and the B&W Ball will stay with me simply because of some of the acting done during Emily’s death. The monkey-virus, train crash and bio-toxin all very forgettable. 

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    I would be interesting in seeing If BJ had lived if the story had Bobbie, Tony, Felicia and Mac all apart of it. All these what if s/l’s on GH seem to be are back door chemistry tests. I don’t care if Belle and Shawn would be engaged had BJ lived. I’d want to know what would have happened to the people in the clips shown above.

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    I cried during that whole s/l , but when Tony bent down to Maxie’s chest to hear BJ’s heart beating that is when the ugly cry came out..Lol

    That was an awesome time on GH , I sure miss those days

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    I remember this story so well. I was 16 years old and would get home as GH started right at 3 pm. I was obsessed with this story for the whole time it ran, so sad and compelling. This is what soap is supposed to be, not the BS we see today.

    The saddest part of the whole thing is that none of these great actors are on anymore because the honchos at GH dont like older/favorite actors. The only one left is Mac and hes still on the sidelines. He doesnt even have a sex life, its pathetic.

    If they could reduce Jackie Zemans botched plastic surgery (god bless her for trying) and pay Kristina Wagner what shes worth, Id do anything to see them back on the canvas. I want the GH of the :(( 80s and 90s, not Jasam Nusam and Liason nonsense.

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    disillusioned GH fan

    It’s like watching a completely different soap seeing that clip!! To know GH used to be about a hospital and the people in it, who knew?!?

    What saddens me more, look at where all the principal players from that clip are today…

    Bobbie …recurring/invisible status
    Tony… written off/killed off
    Felisha… written off
    Frisco… left
    Lucy… written off
    Alan… killed off/recurring ghost
    Mac… still there-keystone cop/prop

    I just hope the current writers don’t insult one of the best written and acted stories of our time. They tend to mock the best of GH.

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    I agree disillusioned- i hope thay don’t botch this story as well. Do you think Bobby will actually be in it? Wont the whole point be that her daughter BJ lived? Im going to be pissed if shes not on during this story.

    I was looking at you tube clips and forgot how sad it was when Tony died a few years ago. Bad move GH

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    What a storyline! Had me in tears all over again. Amazing, that… people being killed by the mob. No mobsters running in to save the day. No useless filler storylines….Wow. Now I remember why I watch GH.

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    omg watching this again TEARS

    ita this was great story telling at its best even thou it was so sad to watch all the actors we loved to watch back than and before they ruined felicia

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    Thank you Soap Stud for giving props to Claire Labine. I am not sure why she left the show or the behind-the scenes of those days but she was one of the BEST head writers in soap history right along side Irma Phillips, Agnes Nixon, Bill Bell, Douglas Marland. To this day, my favorite all time soap opera (that I TIVO early in the am on Soapnet) is “Ryan’s Hope.” It was straight forward, character-driven, pure, organic daytime drama that never changed in it’s 20 year plus history. It is a shame that it ever got canceled. She head wrote that show from the very first episode up until the final one. She took those abilities to GH and gave the show probably the best written years of it’s life.

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    Thank you so much for these clips, reminds me why I loved GH these stories had me in tears for weeks glued to the tv couldn’t miss a second … when Frisco was talking to Tony I thought I would never stop crying both these two actors played the scene to perfection … the writers never missed a beat even Lucy’s heartbreak was real … today I fast forward through half (ok over half) the scenes

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    Oh an I loved Tony’s death scene when he told Lucus that he was proud of him he wasn’t be used nearly enough, the Lucus stuff could have been great but another story that GH started that had potential that the writers dropped without finishing

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    That’s like getting kick in the gut once again watching those clips from 15 years had me in tears. One of the saddest storyline ever. And That what Soaps are meant to be.

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    That storyline was the best written storyline in the history of soaps. Great acting by everyone in it. It’s ashamed that none of these actors aren’t around anymore because those actors above are what made GH great. Not Sonny, Jason and all the mob, not killing off core characters to pump up the mob, not the monkey virus or biotoxin, hospital on fire, useless LuLu and the rest of the things that have made me stop watching GH for the past 3 years. I cried when I seen it back when it aired in 94. That is how a soap should be written. Now GH today is barely a shadow of what it use to be. I hope Guza and his croonies at GH doesn’t screw up the up coming eposode with Maxie’s dream. If they do, it whould only be the dagger in GH’s barely living heart.


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    GH is just a different soap now. If you don’t think of what it is use to be, it isn’t a bad soap now. However, when you see clips like this one, with characters rich in history, stories that tug at your heart, and superb actors, it does make you evaluate where GH is today, which in my opinion is a darker, unbalanced place.

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    Thanks Regan! Oh the memories that came rushing back!

    I totally remember Tony listening to Maxie’s new heart. Here’s to hoping that there are a few flashbacks in Maxie’s dream.

    Oh how I miss Frisco and Felicia!

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    I didn’t watch GH doing this era, but I know about it because it was an iconic part of GH history and still is the most critically acclaim s/l of GH. I think the show had heart back then and had people to root for and care about, but now I just don’t care about anyone on this show anymore because of the writing for them has be dismal. I think that GH needs to do something before it wont be a show to tune into.

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    Wow! Thanks Regan! That was the start of some amazing storylines for GH and it was so great to see those clips again. When the Labines were there they had a gift for writting character driven storylines that pulled at your heart. Those were the days when I couldn’t wait to get home from work so I could sit and watch that day’s show and see what had happened next. I really miss those days! Now when I get home from work I might watch it before going to bed – if I even bothered to tape it that day – and usually end up fast forwarding through most of it. There’s no character building in the storylines today. It’s all mob and guns. I see enough horrible stuff in the real world. The last thing I want to do when I get home is watch more violence. The show’s called General Hospital for a reason and they need to get back to writing material centered in and around the hospital. Thanks again for the clips Regan!!

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