Twilight Sequel, New Moon, Escapes The Bad Acting Bite of AnnaLynne McCord

Twilight lovers everywhere can breathe easy, AnnaLynne McCord won’t be sinking her 90210 bad acting fangs into the popular franchise’s upcoming sequel New Moon and sucking the life out of it, according to Ok Magazine. McCord told the magazine "I am so disappointed but it doesn’t look like it is going to happen with my schedule."

All I have to say is thank goodness for scheduling conflicts.

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    I don’t really watch that “attempt of recreating Beverly Hills, 90210″, but I like Shenae Grimes on Degrassi and Tristan Wilds, who was brilliant on The Wire, but is being wasted playing the token black kid. The only ppl when I do flip channels who I think are good are Silver, Adrianna, & Navid.

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    I don’t watch the show but I do catch a few moments here and there. I thought it was hilarious when Silver got Dixon’s name tattooed on her body and the look on his face was priceless.

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    Yeah, Twilight is the one that dodged that bullet… Sure. I mean, can you imagen a so-so actress trying to act Twlight’s “script.” Oh, the horror. But lucky for us Twilight has been spared and can sparkle another day.

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    I’ll be the diplomat and say both Grimes and McCord stink! If I had to pick the worst it would go to McCord, but to me the acting is the least of the nu90210’s problems. Last time I watched it was a hot mess and I haven’t seen anything that would get me to put it back on my Tivo.

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    Luke, I just died laughing from the title of this post. And may I say “Amen!” I don’t leave out the supernatural of the equation, however; there must be some voodoo AnnaLynne has to employ to continually be given acting work.

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    Jesus people come on, a little sense, Madonna isn’t going to be in New Moon, they are just thinking about her doing a song or two.

    Now back to the subject. I don’t see how it would hurt the film franchise is she joined the movies, the kids in the films can’t act either so it’s not like she would stand out. Yes I’ve read the books and yes I do like them, they are not great pieces of fiction, but entertaining to a point. The movie sucked a new one.

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    Shenae is bad too. They both should be killed off by a serial killer who we later learn is Emily Valentine’s daughter.
    Amen to that Jamey!!

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    As a watcher of the former 90210, this show drives me crazy b/c of the actors-they are too old! Is this all they could come up with out of a pool of 378978 unemployed actors in h’wood?!

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