B&B Blooper of the Week

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    Call me crazy, but Katherine Kelly Lang and John McCook have still such an awesome chemistry, they should put them back together on our screen. I always enjoyed Eric and Brooke together and they could be a couple that I actually turning in for – and not out. But I guess exactly that is why this will never happen…

    Anyway, thank you for the blooper of the week, Darren. It’s more fun to watch than the actual show.

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    Yes, Darren, Bridge should be over. It is old and stale and needs to end now. I would have Brooke be Samantha on SATC and hook up with Owen. That would be hot or bring back Deacon and set the show on fire with there explicit hot chemistry. I think that Brooke should be the hot cougar and move on from the Forrester family and have Ridge and Taylor be together again.

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    you know i’m now thinkin’ maybe CBS should put on a blooper show of B&B intead of the real show itself, i’m sure we “fans” could still fallow the storyline, considering how shallow that is at moment anyway.

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