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On this week’s NBC Days Video Preview, Sami (Alison Sweeney) shows up at DiMansion to "take her baby".  Methinks she’s referring to Johnny of course, but doesn’t Nicole (Arianne Zucker) look a teensy bit worried for a second there?

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    The writing just is….wow.

    I am just speachless, really? This is happening? REALLY? *sigh* I wish I missed days, but promos like this remind me why i dont lol.

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    Bangel Angle

    Why should I give a crap about Sami or Nicole? They’re both doing the same thing. I don’t feel bad for any of them. I think both deserves something done to them.

    Sami comes back home and tells everyone who knows she was pregnant that the baby died. Meanwhile “her kid” is hanging around in a convent. What kind of mother is this? This is the one I’m supposed to be rooting for?

    Nicole may be crazy but atleast she’s not supposed to be the heroine. Heck, Kate is more of a hero than Sami.

    And who doesn’t call their kids by name? WTH is taking my baby? Did you forget his name while you were gone?

    This show sucks. This storyline sucks. Both Sami and Nicole are being ruined.

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    I feel sorry for Ari and Ali for the bad writing and direction for their characters. Sami should never be the heroine, she should be the villain that fans know and love for years. I hate the whining, crying, desperate woman that the show has been playing her for the last four years. I don’t think Dena don’t know how to write a story to save her butt, but Ken is mostly responsible for the direction of the show and the destruction of the soap. I don’t know what is Days is doing, but I don’t think it wants to be in the soap business.

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    I agree I am so happy to have Ali back. I am hoping her storyline with Rafe will now progress.

    I hope Rafe joins the Salem PD so that he will be on screen more often.

    I believe Rafe will want to be with Sami and Grace since this is the family he doesn’t seem to have.

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