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Does anyone else hate baby girl Abbott’s name?

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    Every Y&R storyline right now is intense except for the drab Tyra/Neil/Karen/Ana plot. Nothing seems to make sense as to why they are acting so stupid. First Tyra wants Neil, then she runs off with Ana on Friday’s cliffhanger. Karen has her head so far up her ass, you have not a clue what’s she feels after seeing her husband kissing another woman. Come on, Maria Arena Bell, we all know that if you just allow Victoria Rowell to return as the incomparable Drucilla, the AA stories will gel with the others.

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    I agree 100% about the baby’s name. However, Delia is miles above Cordelia, in my book.

    I also agree that the Neil/Karen/Ana/Tyra storyline is the weak link. Personally, I love the character of Karen (I know I am probably in the minority about that!) — it makes sense that she is so attached to Ana. I would like to see more of that aspect to the story and less of of Tyra whining.

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    Pick any week-day and record every soap on air and watch them all. Then, you will see how Y&R is the supreme, most character-driven, best written, focused, multi-layered, human, emotional daytime drama currently airing. The writing is so tight, plot is derived organically not by convoluted devices, obstacles or events (a la the bio-toxin s/l on GH, horrid plot mess that is DOOL, and yes, even OLTL for it’s David Vickers conveniently being a Buchanan, now taking it a step further by changing his paternity due to a nonsensical, unnecessary, painfully silly time-traveling road trip that Rex and Bo embarked on. They made up & re-wrote history to create this situation instead of it being an actual plausible part of the family’s history. That is called plot-driven story. I LOVE the show for what it is but it is far from an organically grown plot derived from character and now we have a serial killer s/l to plod through. Oh, joy. As long as it gives the amazing cast of actors the show employs something meaty and emotional to make it seem natural and real. Hillary B. Smith is just genius as Nora, Trevor St. John makes a psychopath lovable and the actress who plays “Tea” makes her bitchy, manipulative side mean something more then is on the page) and Y&R now, obviously, has long-term story outlined for probably the next year that is crisp, clear and the definition of soapy goodness!

    As far as the actual subject matter of her name. I hate the name “Cordelia” (no offense to any real Cordelia’s out there). It is so old-fashioned and boring not anything that I would think Chloe (who changed her name from plain old “Kate”) would agree with as a hip, stylish young woman. But, it does reflect how Cane is such a dull fuddy-duddy. I do not mind “Delia” as a nick-name and hope that is how they refer to her always. I loved that both Katherine and Valentine got in there but wouldn’t have “Valentina” been lovely, meaningful and chic (Salma Hayek thinks so). That’s what I would have named her if I was given the task. Maybe when Billy finally gets the child (which could take who knows how long), they will change or alter it. From the larger picture, though, Y&R is much too great right now to be quibbling over a name

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    i like the name cordelia and the nickname delia. and i also am in love with chloe and billy. let cane and lily get back together and be the boring couple again. chloe and billy are hot!

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    King TV, I hear what you’re saying. Most soaps have lost their identities instead of staying true to what the shows are about. AMC, GH, ATWT, GL (get Phillip Spaulding into a business suit please!) and DAYS are a hot mess right now because the stories are so bad. I love how Y&R bounced back after the dismal LML reign of terror, but the show still needs a bit of tweaking. Let Sharon show up to NE and have a total meltdown as Nick, Phyllis, Ashley, Victor, Colleen, Victoria, JT, Nikki, Noah, Eden and Paul look on in horror. Remember when you knew something was about to go down when all the characters get together in the same room? And please give Ted Shackelford an actual story or let him go. You could use his salary to build some more sets, because I am tired of Crimson Lights, Indigo, and the damn GCAC. Build Neil a house so he can move out of that apartment he’s been living in since 1992. After all, the man is Victor Newman’s right-hand man. Also, I hope MAB and co. surprise us with the identity of Jack’s mystery woman!!! Y&R is on fire, but that doesn’t mean it couldn’t be even better. Lauren and Michael were centerpieces when LML wrote the show, but they seem to be afterthoughts now. Let Lauren have an emotional affair with JT, which puts Victoria back into Michael’s orbit and give fans a storyline that always works when does right–heartbreaking betrayals, with a twist. Imagine the forbidden chemistry between Thad Luckinbell and Tracey E. Bregman. Can you say HOT, HOT, HOT?!!!!!

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    mellie Chlamydia is what Lily USED to have. I have to say the name is weak. But looked at the character that named her, boring Cane.

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    So, hello everyone….good to be a part of the site after lurking for months….

    I just have one question: is Cane supposed to be the hero in all of this? I don’t know if it’s because he’s been placed opposite the phenomenal character (and portrayal) of Billy Abbott…but I find Cane’s arrogance and smug superiority to be increasingly annoying. I think it all started with the snarking over Jabot and the fact that Cane (a former bartender) thought that he was owed the CEO position at Jabot because of who his mommy was (which he just found out last year) but couldn’t even understand why Billy (who’s both Chancellor and ABBOTT) had a right to be upset.

    Now, between his being such an easily deceived sap to his being so friggin self-righteous, I’m often left wondering why they even brought back the iconic character of Phillip II if this is what they were going to do with him.

    That being said, my annoyance with Cane Ashby aside, this is still a riveting storyline, on the best soap on TV right now!

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    Jillian Bowe

    I knew you would like those old ass names Jamey! *LOL* I’d take Delia over Pilot Inspektor, Banjo,  Moxey Crimefighter and my fav, AUDIO SCIENCE any day! Yes people THOSE are real kids names, just look them up….

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    Delia is cute, Cordelia is…meh, okay I guess. But if Billy were to change her name I think Valentina would be very pretty and would be more like something Chloe would like.

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    When Cane decided to name the baby Cordelia I was hoping when Chloe woke up and found out she would slap him! Though, it sounds completely normal compared to Moon Unit, Diva Thin Muffin Pigeen, Dweezil and Ahmet Emuukha Rodan (names of Frank Zappa’s kids).

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    I like Cordelia… with the nickname of Cordie (a la the character on Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel). I think it is cute.

    *Reader discretion is advised (angry, foul language awaits you below*
    I know that Cane loves that baby & they BOTH did him wrong by lying (Chloe) & keeping the lie going (Billy), but gosh if Cane isn’t just a son of a bitch!! How DARE he try to keep that baby away from Chloe (even just saying that is what he would do is enough to get me all fired up). He knows how much she loves that kid (remember her breakdown after Lily & Cane attacked her at Katherine’s, and the panic she showed when she was in the hospital after the fall)… and even if he didn’t know, she just went through the hell of natural, COMPLICATED childbirth. And now he wants to step to her like this? I can get that he is devastated b/c he really wanted this kid (I just watched the scenes from April ’08 where he was soo excited about his & Lily’s baby)… but that is NO excuse to try to take a baby from it’s mother. I have a B I G problem with that. Unless the mother is a danger to her baby, baby belongs with mommy, end of story.

    So, to that end: Burn in hell, Hurricane Ashby.

    [P.S. I totally agree with you Freerhythm and the whole arrogance that is Cane. I always wondered why he thought he was more qualified or entitled to that CEO position when Billy had to work from the mail room up, literally! Not only did he grow up around & learn at the feet of The Corporate Masters (his dad John, bro Jack, sis Ashley, Mrs. C., hell even Jill once in awhile did pretty well herself) his *whole* life (except when they sent him off to boarding school– but that’s just another thing he has over Cane, freakin’ education! Dummies don’t usually come out of boarding schools), he was making corporate deals in Hong Kong while Cane was chasing kangaroos & mixing them drinks in the Outback!! Just b/c Cane had the job for 2 months (a job that he was wholly unqualified for), doesn’t mean that once his mother re-acquired the company that he should automatically be placed back at the helm.
    And another thing: IF Jill sides with Cane (a man that she has thought of as her son for all of what? 14 months?) instead of her REAL son Billy (who she has known all of his life) I will hate her forever. She will truly be the worst mother alive. I mean, come on! She knows who Billy really, really is (I guess since we have a new actor and not David Tom, they won’t be showing us any old school Billy and Mac clips– but yeah, if you youtube, you will see the kind of man Billy was & the kind of man he was to become, especially if he were to continue the path that he was on– hello, dude built houses in Louisiana for the poor and worked for the Hurricane Katrina disaster recovery in New Orleans)… and what Billy has gone through to make him become what he is now –this womanizer/semi-alcoholic/liar– you know, falling in love with and being in love with for about 3-5 years and actually marrying your freakin’ cousin can do that to a person!! Let’s be honest here, love like that doesn’t just turn off b/c it’s supposed to morally/socially speaking (even if they cheat on you or slap you in the face or kill someone, you still love that person and are disgusted with yourself for having those feelings. Now amplify that by 1000 and you’ve got Billy– & I am sure Mac, don’t want to take anything away from her pain, but her pain we just don’t see). YOU KNOW that boy STILL LOVES Mac and that must be killing him inside each and every day. Why don’t these people not have any sympathy for Billy? The poor boy’s love-of-his-life turned out to be his heretofore unknown cousin. Finding out something like that can, uh, serious fuck you up. I just want to shine some light on this situation for Jill and all the rest of Billy’s family that just want to sweep it under the rug: That was more than just finding out that you wanted to bang this girl that turned out to be your cousin… that was finding out that the woman that you loved & respected so much that you didn’t sleep with her for years b/c she wanted to wait until you were married, that you spent time with, kissed, and lusted after for YEARS!!! is now via some very special LML-magic your freakin’ cousin!! Eew! You know the initial reaction of vomiting to that former statement just isn’t enough here… here, the latter statement warrants blowing out your damn brains. Billy rose above this (this almost justified suicide) and decided to obtain one addiction after another (alcohol, gambling, women)… and I personally think that he is handling it quite well.
    So yeah, if Jill thinks that Cane (who she barely knows– we’re talkin’ less than 2 years folks! I have known my socks longer than she has known her son Cane) would be a better father to a child that is not even his and goes along with the idea of taking a kid away from not only it’s mother (which is what was done to Jill herself) but also from it’s true father (who is conveniently Jill’s true son), I am so done with that hoe.
    I don’t care about her wanting to make up for time lost with Cane by always being on his side now that he is “back”… she has PLENTY of things that she still needs to make up for to Billy… and she can start with this paternity (and maternity) issue.

    Side note: That is another thing that I am not liking about how they are writing Jill: she knew the O.G. Phillip all his life and she loved him dearly, and when he died (of a self-induced, alcohol-related death) she was crushed, which is why when Billy almost died after passing out in the snow from drinking, Jill almost had a nervous breakdown thinking that another one of her precious sons was going to be taken away from her again, in a very similar way. What the complete hell? Why does Jill NEVER speak about the son that she lost… like somehow b/c he wasn’t her actual bio-child that all of those years that they had together and all of the love that she felt for him, her first born– just never existed. I mean, this is not the situation that Cane is in now, where he has only loved this child for what? 5-6 months (he didn’t start acting like he even cared for this kid until he saw that ultrasound picture)… and he finds out that the kid isn’t his. Jill thought that Phillip II was her son for 30 years! But now that she has a live, tangible one in front of her face, it’s like Phillip II who? “My precious Cane has a hangnail, Billy cut off your entire arm so that Cane can have one of your perfect intact cuticles.”

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    I hate Cane’s sense of entitlement. HE doesn’t even know Billy and Jill has only known him for what 2 or 3 years yet both her and Cane thinks he is Jesus twin brother.

    I love Billy. He is the only one I love. But the downside of this storyline is that the more Billy bonds with the baby the more they will try to hook him up with the asexual Chloe. Billy and Chloe sucks blue balls!

    Mac hurry and get Billy away from that thing.

    I can see Cane wanting custody. I can understand his hurt but how smug he acts and his self-righteous attitude sucks.

    I also wish Billy and Sharon didn’t hook up. Sharon needs a friend. She hasn’t had one since Dru went over the hill. Billy doesn’t really have one. They should have made Sharon and Billy the new Phyllis and Malcolm or the new Phyllis and Michael. Sharon (like Phyllis) doesn’t really get along with men.

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    I have to agree with Cane’s arrogance, that is really his main character flaw, but also quite paradoxical considering how selfless he can be.

    I definitely don’t want Lily raising the devil’s spawn, but if that’s how Ho-e gets her comeuppance, then so be it.

    I love Billy, but he needs to be taught a lesson, after punking out on his daughter, at the very least this will make him fight for her.

    Chloe is putrid and Bloe is a waste of fine ass Billy! I hope he keeps porking Sharon throughout that Sham of a marriage, or maybe Lily will give him some again!

    I can’t tell you how much I detest this S/L constantly using Lily as a punching bag. There better be a pony under all this crap! Maybe for once we’ll see something other than the one dimensional snarky bitchfest Chloe has been showing for more than a year now!

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    Ok, the name is just one of those “writers having a bad day” names…and Cane , good God he’s on my last nerve, Lily is always ready to tell someone what they’ve done wrong, but what i’m really looking forward to is “Dru” coming back my goodness she would make that bore of a storyline (Neil/Karren/Tyra/Ana)a good kick in the , well you know Dru?…lol.
    Can you imagine the hell she would unleash-Ok let it be known , I MISS DRUCILLA!!!!Bring her back DAMNIT!!!!

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