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Here’ s the Scoop! 02.23.09

Sorry for the delay…

Who’s the new guy on set? Gotta love Facebook as Sarah Brown has once again updated her status and spilled some SCOOP: Sarah Brown thinks "The New Guy" working with Kimberly McC is going to stir you … And um ~ also that he is smokin Hot ;). Naughty Nicki will surely appreciate the hot part. But who’s the new guy? Even Sarah doesn’t seem to know. RUMORS say Ethan and Robin will be sharing the screen soon, is that the newbie Brown was referring to? Is there someone else coming aboard? Guess time will tell as the scene SHOULD pop up on our screens in about three weeks.

Sam and the Jackal P.I.’s extraordinaire? When Sam declared her desire to become a P.I., many Sam fans suggested she and Spin team up. RUMOR has it, that MAY be happening when Sam asks Spinelli to work for her. Question though, shouldn’t Sam be working for Spinelli? He did get his license first… Will Winnie be involved?

Is Sam getting arrested? Is it Sonny and Jason’s fault? There have been RUMORS that Sam’s apartment will become the feds property to search. Where will she go? I guess the JaSammers get another bone from me as RUMORS say she’ll be back in her former residence.

Is the Dante story dead? RUMOR had it that it was and one reason is said to be the difficulty in casting the role. The latest is that Dante MAY not be as stalled as originally thought. While the casting MAY still be on hold, the story MAY be moving forward. Could be FANFIC, could be legit but here’s how it MAY go down… Jax is said to find out about Olivia’s son being Sonny’s and the two will be spending more time together making Carly question what is going on between her husband and sort of friend. Jax knowing Olivia’s secret gives the pair something to bond over. Will Carly find out? These RUMORS say no.

Nikolas does some digging… into Rebecca’s past. Elizabeth thinks something is up with the look-a-like.

More Spinelli and Lulu scenes? Those are coming up plus Ethan and Lulu. More Johnny and Maxie.

When Sonny once again blows Kate off will she try another tactic? SPOILERS say Kate MAY be going to Carly with what she knows about Claudia.

I’m not a Lulu fan but I do like Julie Marie Berman … According to reports from a fan event, she said TPTB don’t give couples enough time to be happy. I agree! This fan event had JMB filling in for an absent Kirsten Storms who had to pull out to film that pilot I mentioned last week. It was Bradford Anderson and Julie chatting up the fans.

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    Ahh Regan your killing me with all these bones your throwing us Jasam fans lol. My hopes are starting to get extremely high and if I am disappointed yet again by those writers, I might just loose my mind haha.

  2. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Nikolas does some digging… into Rebecca’s past. Elizabeth thinks something is up with the look-a-like.

    Yay!!! Elizabeth in a spoiler who knew…
    I hope she get some screen time… her fans miss her.

  3. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Thank You So Much Regan!!!!!
    I heard that BA said that he is working with Kelly in scenes where he is helping Sam with the PI thing!!
    He also said that Winni May be involved.
    One other thing that he said is that the fans don’t like winni….
    I really hope that KS will stay it seems that Gh is depending on her…..

  4. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    eewwweee that larger than life pic of SJB I could have done with out. Interesting tidbit though, with her taste in clothes it may just be Ethan she is referring to :/

    I would LOVE for Kate to go directly to Carly with what Claudia has done. Carly has more balls than Sonny these days… she’ll make her pay.

  5. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    C’mon lets not bag on the photos…SJB is beautiful…as is MW….as are pretty much all the women on GH. Love the photo – regan always finds the most excellent pics.

    Sam back at the PH??!! WOW you made my JaSam heart happy today. And I am really excited about SamSpin for the PI biz…now if they would only get Anna to come back full time. Anna and Sam side by side would be blazing.

    Jax keeping a secret from Carly??? Not good.

    I love the idea of Kate telling Carly. Carly vs. Claudia would be the mother of all showdowns.

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    Hey Regan I just read these Rumors do you know any truth to it:

    Ethan exacts his payback agenda against Lulu, believing it only fitting to rape the daughter of the man who abandoned him as a son. But before we cry incest, Ethan will learn Luke’s not his dad, Robert is. What happens between Ethan and Lulu somehow inspires Jason to announce that he sired Jake. Jason goes to court against Elizabeth for shared custody, which she does not want. She does want Lucky, however. That’s okay, after these two become engaged, Jason and Sam will start looking sideways at one another.

    Who the hell has Rebecca been jabbering on the cell phone with? Ethan, perhaps?

    Rebecca finds comfort in the unfamiliar. Meaning, she prefers hanging around people who take her as she is, like Matt does. Lucky makes it clear to Rebecca that he is only about Elizabeth, so the field is clear for Matt to strike. Matt must go through Nikolas first.

    Robin throws herself into her work, research. Her research on comatose Michael produces a miracle. Patrick notices Robin caring more about Michael’s welfare than Emma’s.

    With Michael awake—and considerably older than a pre-teen—Claudia goes into a tailspin of regret and self-recrimination, threatening her good thing with Sonny.

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    Sam moves back into the PH, why? What about moving back with Alexis and the girls? Or, gasp, maybe going to a hotel or temporary apartment? Regarding Liz and Jason, Liz offered joint custody several times to Jason and he said No. Now, Jason is going to take Liz to court for shared custody and not be with her and Cake? Why, would Liz want Lucky if the truth is out that Jason is Jake’s father? None of these spoilers make any sense, the whole reason Liason is not together is because of th latest Frons knapping of Jake.

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    Hi Regan, here we go again. Sam can move back into the penthouse but Elizabeth couldn’t plus Jason had told Elizabeth the last time she was there that nothing was going on, that he would help anyone who needs it. I think the writters don’t remember what they have written in the past or they only want to remember some of the stuff and then replay it again. Still not watching.

    I don’t see Jason fighting for custody of Jake when he said he never would do that, again writting not living up to what was previously said. If Jason wanted Jake then he should want Elizabeth with him so I don’t know how true that spoiler is.

    I agree with Julia, couples don’t even get a chance before they break them up, thank you TPTB.

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    Regan Cellura

    OK let me tackle some of these…

    Sam: There is another part to that move RUMOR. Supposedly Alexis asks Sam to come stay with her but there may be a little mother-daughter confrontation over the arrest and/or Jason having Diane get Sam out of jail.

    Custody Stuff: I say hold off until we know what Steve intends to do about his contract. It is not unlike Guza to start writing an exiting actor horribly. I could see him turning Jason into someone unlike himself and IF Burton is going to leave, I wouldn’t be surprised if they did ram up the speed on the Jake paternity. As far as the RUMBLES have been on this topic, it SEEMS that the paternity hasn’t been in the plan to come out. That COULD all change IF Burton exits. 

    Lulu/Ethan: I’ve seen them, I’ve reported that Ethan MAY look at Lulu as a way to get back at who he believes is his deadbeat dad. That he will flirt his rear off with Tracy and possibly wreck a few lives/relationships ala Carly’s entrance. There will be a few more SpinLu scenes coming up so COULD Jason overhear something? Sure ANYTHING is POSSIBLE. But I’m not ready to jump onboard as a believer just yet. 

    Robin: All reports say her PPD is not over, yet. Some say it is ending earlier than we think but it appears that Robin will still struggle with a little bit of tension in her marriage because of it. Nothing that will ruin Scrubs. Robin will be returning to work with both she and Patrick working on his case. I have seen TALK about Robin throwing herself into her work to avoid being a mom. There is also a RUMOR out there that Robin leaves Emma on her changing table to answer the phone and the baby almost rolls off. 

    Rebecca: Nikolas is going to tell NotEmily about RealEmily. NotEmily finds Lucky more desirable to be around. I’ve mentioned that NotEmily MAY like hanging with Matt since he didn’t know RealEmily. 

    Enjoy your bones… 

    I’m always a fan of a good picture. 

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    Am I the only one who was ticked off by the SUDDEN about face for Jason and Sonny?

    We’re really supposed to believe that after one night of Sonny NOT making an ass of himself, Jason really believes that he is stable enough to run an organization?!?!

    I smell a rat. (I know, I know…I shouldn’t complain b/c I am really benefiting from the Frons regime. Hey, I never said I wasn’t hypocritical at times…)

  11. Profile photo of samfan

    imo…if Sam moves into Jason’s PH, it will be temporary while the Fed’s do whatever. Sam and Alexis can never seem to “get together”. They struggle with their relationship, and Alexis has always tried to keep Jason and Sam apart. Jason and Sam are soulmates. I am NOT saying they will end up together romantically. I hope so, but who knows? At this point, I feel these two characters “get” each other. They think alike. They enjoy the same things, and they each would go to hell and back for someone they care about. They definitely care about each other.

    As for the custody stuff. Jason was miserable for almost two years not being able to claim Jake as his son. He wanted to be in his life, but fear of danger kept him from him. I believe with all my heart that Sam will encourage him to follow his heart. If he wants to be part of Jakes life, then he should be. He shouldn’t want full custody. Of course not. Jason would NEVER ask for that. Jason will want to share in his life….and he grows up, deserves to know who his biological father is…for many, many reasons. Whether Jason and Liz can make a go of it together … who knows? She and Lucky seem to be really bonding again. So, I guess time will tell, and in the meantime, I am enjoying the heck out of the interaction between Jasam. They were an awesome couple and were really blown apart with Sam committing all kinds of ridiculous acts. It left the Jasam fans sitting there with their mouths open. WTH???????

    Now..time will tell. Jason would never do anything to hurt Elizabeth or Jake…but, being away from them just might be the thing that makes him want to be in Jake’s life in some way. Jasam may end up together and have a happy ending. This is all up for grabs I guess for now.

  12. Profile photo of MeghannOC

    More JoMax is very good!:) I can’t believe GH is actually giving screen time to a couple I love!

    Very exciting to hear about Elizabeth having some scenes, I’ve been missing her! I hate when tptb back burner RH.

  13. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    So I am just wondering – Regan says its not unlike Guza to write an exiting actor terribly and out of character….all of the terrible stuff that happened with JaSam – Sic, the babynapping etc. – happened when KeMo was in contract negotiations, then when she stayed tptb struggled with how to undo what they had done. IF SBu has a breakdown in his contract neg. or they think he is going to bolt and they start writing him terribly, only for him to ultimately stay, will the Jiz fans delete the bad writing from their minds and fall back in love with the character, or if its bad enough, will Jason be forever ruined for you guys?

    Just wondering because I think many of the Sam fans put an asterisk by that time period for Sam because of the crap Guza penned.

    (I am just trying to get you guys to imagine it, they way sam fans experienced it, so that maybe y’all will understand what it was like for us.)

  14. Profile photo of morningstar67

    ITA with you EET.

    I can forget and frgive all the things that Sam did because I know that it wasn’t her but the writers. Just like I can look past what the writers did to put Liz and Jason together.

    I just have a preference for JaSam.

    I also have a theory about fan bases but I’m not sure everyone will appreciate it.

    I’m wondering if the fan base for L&L2 together with JaSam make up a bigger demographic than for Liason alone.

    I know a lot of Liason fans would object but imo why else would the writers put the couples back together? I really don’t think it had to be with favorites because Sam does not always get top billing.

  15. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Well it’s not the writers putting them back together, it’s Frons. There is a difference. But to answer the question, should Jason be written terribly because Steve Burton decides to leave would I forgive and forget? See… here’s the problem, I am a Jason fan and Liz fan separate of Liason. So while I may be a little put off by Jason’s actions, I’d have to see how far they go with it to determine if he warrants any forgiveness.

  16. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    SPOILER FYI… I am once again buried under a pile of work today (that’s what I get for scheduling myself off for the rest of the week). I’m hoping to take a lunch break and dish up some scoop for ya… stay tuned.

  17. Profile photo of morningstar67

    Morning Regan,

    Hey blackjack, I was actually thinking about that this morning, having Sam move into Sonny’s old place. I think that would build the chemistry between the two of them knowing that they just a few steps away from each other.

    As far as I know, no one else has lived there since Sonny moved out, oh wait I think Reese did for a while.

  18. Profile photo of liasonluvin

    I completely agree Sam needs to go spend some time wit her mother or a hotel, those rumors are from Soap Zone pretty far fetched concerning Jason and Liz he isn’t gonna take Jake from her period….just wanted to know if there was any truth to em…..

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