The Devil and Lisa Rinna Are SO Busy!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I’m not gonna say shit else about Lisa Rinna at tonight’s Academy Awards, not SHIT else!

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    Well, I’m going to say something. I love her eye makeup but I hate the spray on tan. That’s not to say she shouldn’t look healthy, but I’ve gotten the impression that she doesn’t exactly have a milky white, porcelain complexion (a la Anne Hathaway) without the spray-on coloring, so she should go with that.

    As for the lips, they are completely and totally natural on her. If I remember correctly, when she was hosting Soap Talk, she had her parents on and they talked about how she’d get teased in high school about her lips. She’s only a year younger than I am and honey, believe me, there was NOTHING to plump up lips then.

    What I’d like to know is why there is an objection to full lips. For a lot of cultures, full lips are preferred. Furthermore, do you honestly think that black women are filling plastic surgeons’ offices begging for collagen injections? Ha! I don’t think so!

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    She looks great besides her freaking lips that just jump out at ya. Yikes, is good! I’m a Caucasian female around her age and with NATURAL full lips and I’ve got to say, mine certainly don’t look anything like THAT.

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    Lisa rinna is despearte for a job she put it out there that she wants to be part of melrose 2.0.Maybe she should give kenny corday a call for her old role .

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    Is it just me or did Lisa look like she had a face lift that went bad? She’s a beautiful woman, but I thought she looked hideous last night. I had to switch to the E Channel to watch the Red Carpet.

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    I would love to know why these woman have to do this botox stuff. She looked fine just the way she was. Her lips are huge now and they look awful for such a pretty lady as she is. What a shame, people should learn just by looking at her.

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    TV Gord

    I don’t know why women do that to their lips, but I can 100% assure you, it’s not for men. I don’t know one who thinks it looks good, and I’m in that group. I also don’t get all the love for the raccoon makeup. She’s a mess, in my opinion.

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    Mrs Adam Carrington

    Seriously, Lisa Rinna needs to invest in a good stylist. Her eye make up is great but the hair is too trashy looking, a bad case of too much volume and her lips dear god her lips. It has been firmly established she has a trout pout but seriously why did she have to punish the viewing populace with that shade of lipstick. A dark hued lipstick would have been best, it would have made her lips look full without the freakish side effect. This woman is so very lucky that Harry Hamlin loves her so much because she’s starting to resemble a carnival clown.

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