Whoopi Helps Celebrate Supporting Actress Oscar Nominees

Whoopi Goldberg got on her bus and traveled from New York City to Hollywood to help present the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and celebrate each of the five nominees. Goldberg celebrated Amy Adams and her role as a nun in Doubt. Here was what she said about Adams.

"It’s not easy being a nun. Take it from one that has been there and back. First of all your face never looks thin. You never get to wear pants, and your love interest is always off screen. In spite of this Amy Adams showed us how a woman, very new to the veil, could summon up the courage she didn’t know she had and place herself in the middle of the deeply troubling moral mystery. She was compelling and moving, without a doubt. Bless you Amy."

What did you think of the Academy Awards having previous winners help celebrate each of the nominees? Watching it I couldn’t help but think that presenting the award this way and saying something about each of the nominees actually made "it’s an honor just to be nominated" much less of a cliche.

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    I totally agree with you — the look on Anne Hathaway’s face when Shirley McClaine spoke to her said it all. Last night wasn’t the night she lost the oscar to Kate Winslet — it was the night Shirley MacClaine called her a great actress.

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    I couldn’t agree more. The individual statements to each actor were a wonderful way to acknowledge that every performance was special, not just the winning performances. It was also great to see 20 previous winners take the stage for a few moments. And I was crying right along with Anne Hathaway when Shirley MacClaine spoke to her. That was a beautiful moment.

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    I wholeheartedly agree with you, Luke (and with the other posters) — I thought this was the best telecast in years.

    I really felt that seeing the former winners, and hearing their sincere remarks, added depth and warmth.

    What a great night, and an embarrassment of riches.

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    My first thought when i saw the five past supporting actresses winner walking down WAS A WITCH’S COVEN recruiting for new members, but after listening to what they had to say i felt as i am sure the nominees felt no one walked away feeling a loser.

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