Shawn Christian Re-Ups With Days of Our Rotten Storylines

The word from a recent Shawn Christian (Daniel) fan event is that daytime’s randiest doctor will be sticking around Salem to bed more grandmothers, granddaughters and Great Aunt Fern’s. Christian reportedly told fans he re-signed his contract with Days of Our Rotten Storylines. On a side note, did you see Lucas literally explode today?

"Well he was drunk enough to be flammable!" DC’s own Nicki quipped when asked what she thought about the story stinker. 

 Poor Christian, Bryan Datillo and Nadia Bjorlin, these sexy actors deserve so much better, but then so did Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Stephen Nichols, Mary Beth Evans, Thaao Penghlis, Leanne Hunley, Blake Berris and most importantly, we the viewers.

The really sad thing is, the Daniel/Chloe/Lucas triangle is basically the only thing worth watching on this trainwreck of a suck opera. Bo and Hope broke up over psychic visions, Dr. Edmund Grey is stealing babies (bless Ari Zucker’s talented heart, but not even her best efforts are enough to sell this load of dung) and Molly Burnett is manipulating crime lords. Dena Higley, Ken Corday and Gary Tomlin should be arrested and tried for High Crimes Against Soap Opera. 


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    Daniel Jonas will be around to screw another day…
    As much as I wanna support the show, I just can’t right now. TPTB seem to be making every bad decision that they can in order to “save” this show.

    I almost put it back on my DVR until I read that Bo & Hope broke up because she accidentally shot Kayla and he didn’t tell her about his premonition. What a contrived way to rip apart your lone supercouple. But, I hear that they will be getting back together this week, so maybe I will give it a look.

    The perfect storyline would be to have Glen & Barb die, which leads Bo & Hope on a wild goose chase looking for a SORAS’d JT, who mysteriously disappeared after his parents death. Once he’s found, he can be revealed to be the father of Mia’s baby. This could also start the beginning of a Will/Mia/JT teenage triangle.

    See how easy that was, Dena?

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    The only good that could possibly come out of this news is that he will only be around long enough to hook up again with Chelsea before she leaves so they can surf off into the sunset together.

    Save Chloe from the snorefest that is Lucloe and the soft-core pornfest that is Danloe! She belongs with Phillip!

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    No offense to Sc but i despise Dr Jonas!
    Aside from the fact he thinks its cool to romance all his female patients….
    As a woman i was completly insulted by the way they showed Chloe turned on by that lymph node touch up rubbish! As someone who has encountered a pervert Dr in RL who thinks it’s cool to be attracted to patients and express it…i can assure you all…it ain’t HAWT or sexy! Utterly irresponsible of the show to set that example for young women as to what is acceptable between a Physician and a patient. And an insult to the truly good Drs and nurses out there.
    I already disliked this womaniser before that but that scene sealed the deal for me and i don’t want him with any female character.
    And no amount of pimping or ‘holy’ redemption by priests…will change my mind about Dr Dan or danloe and many people feel the same. In fact, although i am not catholic i thought it low to use the catholic religion to sanction an affair.
    I am also not a fan of the soft core porn scene with this so called couple. Dan is selfish to the core.
    Chloe belongs with Philip. They accept each other as they are….grey but with good hearts. Jay and Nb love working together and have great chemistry.
    PHLOE forever!!!
    But my reason for disliking dan is as above…nothing to do with PHLOE, i don’t want Dan with anyone!
    Many people who are neither broe nor phloe fans hate this pairing and hate the character of Dr Dan.

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    Just when I thought Days couldn’t go any lower, there they go exceeding my expectations once again. I have nothing against Shawn Christian. When given even half-way decent writing, SC is more than capable. He’s even better when his scene partners are talented actors such as Lauren Koslow. I’ve seen it, I really have seen him shine, and a believe he’s got the “chops” to back it up.. but there’s a big “but” in the room, and it’s Dr. Daniel Jonas. Sadly, DOOL takes a talented actor and wrote so poorly for him that the first 4-5 months he was on the show, many coudln’t stomach his character. He finally gets paired with the someone who not only has on screen chemistry with him, but who is exponentially more talented than he, and things were looking up.. The surfer lingo was scrapped,, (why do I feel like Kate told him she wasn’t going to ride his board if he didn’t drop the surfer dude crap?)… For a brief period of a few months, the writing actually allowed SC to show some range, ok, take off his clothes, just a little bit, and have some really intense scenes as he helped Kate navigate through the waters of a potentially terminal disease. There was actually, you know, character growth, connection, chemistry, and genuine caring between Kate and Daniel.

    But no, that wasn’t good enough. The writers decided to return Daniel to his creepier pre-Kate self, then threw in what I’ve come to call the most awkward, gross, character-assassinating few minutes I’ve pretty much ever seen on Daytime TV: Doctor gropes patient during pre-op exam, and patient is actually turned on by it!!

    Even if I could have gotten past some other aspects of this “storyline”, that scene right there was a deal breaker for me. Now, because there aren’t enough people desiring to watch the superficial, pornesque Chloe and Dan scenes, the writers are having to back-pedal hard to somehow make all of this “Okay”… How did they decide to do it? With A Priest, A Park, and a Prayer: Chloe confesses all to a park-walking priest, who for all we know was just a regular guy on his way to a costume party dressed as a Priest. Then, this is when the REAL miracles begin to happen…. He (the “Priest”), effectively absolves Chloe of her cheating ways, and basically CONDONES the illicit sexromp known as Danloe. Now in the coming days, we hear that Daniel will be seeking out the Lord’s will as it relates to the cluster F of a “relationship” he has with Chloe. As anyone with any ounce of credibility would do, I called God and asked him if He would be willing to comment on this rather offensive turn of events. I explained to Him that I was really concerned that someone had the unmitigated gall to use Religion as a way of sanctioning an adulterous affair, and even if Lucas and Chloe weren’t married yet, we could call this on the grounds that it was just “gross”.. Anyway, long story short(?), His only comment was, I’m powerful and all, but even I can’t redeem these two (nor would I want to). The fact that the headwriter thinks she can?… delusional much?

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    |( What put the final nail in the coffin for me is the fact that the character might actually have slept with Hope if not for Bo’s visions. Are we really supposed to root for this guy? He’s a man-slut and very nearly an adulterer. Get rid of him! I’ve got to agree with just about everyone else; Dena Higley and company are DESTROYING this soap. I could stand them getting rid of Marlena, John, Tony, Patch, and Kayla, but enough of this! It’s getting ridiculous. If NBC had a brain, they would have gotten rid of Dena Higley by forcing Ken Corday’s hand, all while getting rid of the actors. What a bunch of morons.

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    He is NOT going anywhere and I am so glad. He brings more hotness to DOOL. Danloe has so many of us hooked. Shawn Christian is a wonderful actor…it’s clear by how many people react so emotionally to this SL.

    He is a passionate, loving, intense man and DOOL knows what they have…thanks for re-signing him. This story is riveting.

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    It’s really sad that SC decided to stay with this horrible show. I always was a fan of his work before but the character he plays has become so horrible that I have to turn in my fancard. Does he really think that the story he is in is good? If yes, it unfortunately makes me think less of him. When he came to the show last year he actually still had to act now not so much. Everytime he is on he is in some tacky sex scene or you see him open the door with his shirt open. That’s pretty much all he has to do these days. And I know I may get flamed for what I’m going to say right now but I think that his acting suffers a lot with this story.

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    Sam DiMera

    I am elated! I was not always a Daniel fan but because of Christian’s incandescent chemistry with Bjorlin Daniel has become one of my favorite characters. I would have heated to see him go as he is one of the few bright spots on Days of Our Lives.

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    Nothing against Shawn Christian,but the character of Daniel Jonas disgusts me.I hate the current pairing with Chloe that TPTB are trying to force upon the viewers.It is wrong.A doctor touching a patient inappropriately during an examination and the patient,instead of reporting him to the medical board,gets turned on by it. That is not my idea of romance.I was completely disgusted and grossed out by those scenes.I knew after i saw those scenes that i could never support this pairing.Daniel should be facing charges of molestation,not sleeping with the patient he groped.Danloe has been all about sex and no substance.Their porn style sex scenes were just cheap and nasty.Not something that should be aired on daytime television.

    Now TPTB,because of the backlash against this pairing,decide to use religion,god and prayer to try to make Danloe a viable pairing.I don’t believe in instant redemption,not in real life or with fictional characters.It should be earnt,not granted instantly!It doesn’t matter how hard TPTB try to sell Danloe to me,i will never support them.

    Why Shawn Christian chose to continue playing this character,i don’t understand?I think as an actor,he could do so much better than the current role he is in.

  10. Profile photo of karena

    I am thrilled that Shawn Christian is staying with Days…the writing for his character has been less than stellar but I can see that SC has worked hard to make the character his own and I have to believe the writers promised him more and better in order to get him to stay. His pairing with Chloe is amazing, I never understood some people going ballistic about “the exam” with Chloe, that scene didn’t drop from the sky, Chloe and Daniel had been having eye sex for months. I also don’t know why posters comment on Daniel tapping every A$$ in Salem ,he had slept with Kate and Chloe. Even Loser Lucas gets more action. Poor Dr. Daniel, so misunderstood. I am looking forward to the long term pairing of SC and NB, they have chemistry that producers should sell their soul for, now all they need is competent writers. Shawn Christian is a wonderful actor.

  11. Profile photo of Lisamouse

    I am ecstatic that Shawn Christian is staying on Days. Days has been handed a gift; the potential to have an new era supercouple in Daniel and Chloe. I don’t understand why so called “fanbases” would begrudge a pairing that has chemistry of the charts. Daniel has not slept around. He has had less women than ultra boring Lucas. Chloe has seemed so unsettled but now seems to be finding herself since she has found Daniel. Shawn Christian is brutally hot and seems to be able to conjour up some kind of voodoo erotica magic with Nadia Bjorlin. A voodoo magic that I find mezmerizing. If Days has any hope of surviving they need to bottle the SC/NB heat and give all the other couples a prescription. I want to see Daniel and Chloe sick with love for each other; a sickness from which they can never recover and then watch them move heaven and earth to be together. They are the only reason I came back to Days after a 20 year absence and they are the only reason I watch.

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    No offence to Shawn Christian but Dr. Jonas is the worst character ever to hit the Days screen. He’s a perverted doctor who takes advantage of his patients and there is nothing that can be done to redeem this character.

    Chloe does not belong with this sleezeball! Daniel and Chloe are a sick, nasty couple. They make my skin crawl to watch their almost porno scenes. Chloe deserves someone who understands her and will love her and respect her…and this someone is Philip Kiriakis! Phloe have wonderful chemistry and a rich history.

    Please reunite Phloe!!!

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