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It’s always nice to see Jackie Zeman pop up on General Hospital as Bobbie Spencer. During today’s "What if Maxie died" episode we got to see her at the hospital and at Kelly’s interacting with Monica (Leslie Charleson), Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and BJ (Kirsten Storms) respectively.

What did you think of today’s show? Did they ever explain the hideous wig that Kirsten Storms was wearing?  I missed the first ten minutes or so. I kept wondering if BJ was suffering from cancer or some other follicularly challenged disease. It definitely provided a much bleaker outlook of Port Charles and honestly I didn’t think that was possible, considering how dour General Hospital can be. More pictures after the jump.

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    TV Gord

    I haven’t watched GH since Robin Christopher (Skye) left, so perhaps someone can tell me: does Alan Quartermaine’s ghost still pop up from time to time?

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    I haven’t watched GH since Robin Christopher (Skye) left, so perhaps someone can tell me: does Alan Quartermaine’s ghost still pop up from time to time?

    He hasn’t appeared in a while. I believe the last time he popped up was in the special Christmas episode where Monica could see him.

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    I haven’t watched yet. I wimped out and put this crap & Days back on my DVR. At least Bobbie was included in the episode. I wasn’t expecting that. I’ll return with my final thought.

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    I think the concept was a good idea but the execution was ok.. certainly not the fault of Kirsten Storms.. this was on a writing end. It would’ve been cool if they did something like BJ fell in love w/ Diego so he never went nuts and Georgie never died.. would’ve loved to see Lindsay back on the canvas,even for a day..
    I loved that Bobbie was on and it definitely makes me miss how GH used to be..I started watching in 94 when BJ died and Lucky came on the canvas.. it’s amazing how much has changed

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    Jamey Giddens

    I think GH could have done this a LOT better. Would it have hurt for them to spring for Brad Maule (Tony) and Kristina Malandro (Felicia)? Even Lindze Letherman could have reprised the role of Georgie. Wasn’t Georgie conceived by Frisco and Flea when Maxie was on her deathbed? I think this was an excuse to pimp newer characters like Johnny, Spinelli, Matt and Patrick as opposed to paying homage to history. Besides, I don’t think Carly would have been able to come between Bobbie and Tony had BJ not died. And why would Johnny be a prick if Maxie hadn’t lived???? He was a sweet, yet sorta crazy guy when he came to town. Carly and Lulu were basically the same in alter-world as they were in the real world! I did enjoy Kirsten though, she netted herself a nice Emmy reel, especially since the voters love dual roles.

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    Well, I didn’t FF’d. So, I guess that should say something. Although, I think that was mainly because it was a Sonny Free Day.

    I give the epi a C-. It wasn’t bad but it just sucks for those who were actually watching the show back then. There were too many ‘WTF’ moments and a lot of key characters were missing.

    The wig and botox needed their own show.

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    There’s a lot that’s been written about this ep on Perkie’s thread, but I’ll just say that not much of what we saw made sense…but I guess it wasn’t supposed to. This was just Maxie’s dream, so it wasn’t telling us what *really* would have happened if Maxie had died. I mean, why would Maxie dying translate to Johnny having a Jersey accent, lol

    I’m just disappointed because this ep should have been great. It could have been so touching, amusing and a real treat for longtime fans. But instead they chose to make it silly. And I agree w/ Jamey, this was a way to pimp certain characters (though I would go further and say this was a Pimpin’ Maxie Extravaganza.)

    I think KS did a good job, but it was nothing spectacular. Plus the running commentary was soooo annoying.

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    Oh Jackie Zeman!

    The episode was alright and it was evident that “they” didn’t want to waste their time by doing this right.

    1st why did Johnny had to be a Sonny clone!
    Next that wig was distracting and it was a bit much having Maxie interject and if they had to do it that way why couldn’t she been in those scenes!

    The only thing that made the episode even watchable was Kirsten nice performance and Bradford Anderson scene stealing performance.

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    I watched General Hospital in 1994 and watched the entire BJ/Maxie storyline. That, in my opinion, still remains one of the best stories ever written. However, TIIC at GH really insulted long time fans. Where was Felicia? Why did they have to make a scenario of Mac as a drunk? Carly is a pool player? The writers set up the episode well with Maxie dreaming and ended it well with Maxie at BJ’s grave but the entire middle was stupid. The writers should have planted life just as it is with only Maxie gone. I even enjoyed the BJ/Spinnelli scene when he brings a cupcake to Maxie’s grave. Instead of what we saw from Patrick and Robin, what should have been written is a very sympathetic Patrick knowing Maxie is Robin’s cousin by marriage, and by all rights, Robin’s best friend. I just did not like it.

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