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The CW announced six early pickups today, renewing Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, 90210, America’s Next Top Model, Smallville and Supernatural. This is really good news and is hopefully a sign of good things to come. We will find out the fate of all of our other favorite CW shows in May at the network’s upfronts.

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    I am dissapointed that Privleged wasn’t among the early pickups! This show has sucked me in from the very beginning and kept me coming back for more, whereas 90210 had me deleting it off my Tivo after only few episodes. I really hope the CW will stick with this quality and give it a chance!

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    I’m so happy that “Gossip Girl”, “One Tree Hill” and “Supernatural” are coming back. Thanks for the good news, Johnathan. And if the producers of OTH can convince Chad Michael Murray to stay with the show, I’m more than happy.

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    @Gossipgirl –

    Privileged was not one of the shows i was able to watch (I was planning on watching it over the summer), I do not think there is much hope for it surviving. The network has pretty much said the new Melrose Place is a done deal, and they also have ordered pilots for not one, but two Vampire shows to try and get some of the Twilight buzz. So I think Privileged will not stick around much longer and thats a shame.

    @Soapjunkie88 –

    I totally agree, I really hope CMM sticks around, maybe they will offer him a few more episodes to direct and he will stay? The show really hasn’t prepared it self for any of the ‘core’ people to leave, so if Chad does leave it will be interesting to see how the show survives.

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    @BigDede –

    Like i just said, I do not have much faith in the Game surviving, CW seems to want to get out of the comedy genera, Everybody hates Chris is not expected to get picked up, so the chances of CW just picking up The Game and having one comedy doesn’t seem very likely :( . But don’t lose faith until May when the axe will finally fall on shows lol.

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    The only CW show I care about is Reaper!!! And since that isn’t coming back until next Tuesday, well, I wasn’t expecting an early renewal. Honestly, I’m not expecting it to get renewed at all (but watch anyway!!!!).

    This fall, I’m going to be watching the Melrose Place revamp, though. I mean, it’s Melrose Place for crying out loud! I still remember vividly when Brooke went and died.

    “Nobody cares! Nobody cares!!!” *Whack*

    Good times.

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    Johnathan…you should definitely check out Privleged, well only if it is picked up! There’s nothing worse than finding a great new show that you love and then have it be axed before it can find its legs. It’s airing it’s season finale tonight (which totals a 18 episode season). It would be a shame if the CW lets it go to wast because it has so much potential! Yet another show I love that gets cancelled before its time (ala Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money).

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    I am almost positive that I would love this show, I just haven’t had the time to even watch all the shows I do watch so i can’t pick up any new ones until summer lol.

    Ratings for Privileged are HORRIBLE, like Guiding light seems like #1. rated show in comparison bad lol. Episode 14 got a 0.8 YIKES.

    Highest rated episode was episode 3 with a 2.2 … I hope it gets another chance, but i think it will join Life is wild, Runaway, 7th Heaven, Veronica mars and the rest of the shows hacked away by the CW :(

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    Okay, don’t get me wrong, I love Smallville and think this season has been pretty good, but seriously, the show is supposed to be about a teenage Clark Kent growing up in Smallville and at this point most of the show takes place in Metropolis and Clark Kent is all grown up and working at the Daily Planet. So, at what point do you either put the show to rest or have the guy throw on the tights and the cape and call the show Superman? The CW would be better off ending Smallville this year on a season 8 high note and then give Justin Hartley a Green Arrow spin-off so we can all still appreciate his hotness every week -lol!

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    See I want a Justice Leauge spin-off lol, Center it around JH, and have Superman make his cameo for the first season to bring the viewers with him.

    I really want a Green Arrow spinoff and the fact that it still hasnt happened astonishes me lol.

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    A Justice League spin-off would be awesome too Johnathon! And I still can’t believe they haven’t doen a Green Arrow one either. The CW doesn’t seem to be really big on the whole logic thing.

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    Wait you mean canceling shows that people like in favor of renewing shows that already ended is not logical? LOL sorry still bitter over Everwood dying and 7th Heaven coming back, and i will stay bitter until I find out what in the world Madison wanted! ( and i get a nice wrap up movie to explain it all! I mean did she have custody of the baby? Was she going after custody??? WHAT DID SHE WANT!!!!

    And don’t get me started on the mess that was killing VERONICA MARS -.- I know people don’t like EW / Ken C but Dawn O is the killer of all my favorite shows so i feel the same way about her as Days fans feel about Dena Higly lol.

    (( Thank god Rob T / Kristin B care about the show and their fans and are trying to give us a movie, I can tell you now i will be there opening day! and probably stay all day re-watching it lol.

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    Don’t get me wrong, Lucas Scott is one of the most boring characters currently on television (which is disappointing considered where he started), but One Tree Hill is built around Lucas. I love the character of Nathan, but he is not ready to be the star of the show, as much as I might want that. And when his wife (Haley) gets next to nothing storyline wise, naw, there’s not much there. This is all to say, the CW shouldn’t have renewed without confirmation from CMM of his return (but I don’t know much about all that business stuff anyhow). Come on, Chad, what else are you gonna do? Come back for another year, please!

    Like Johnathan, I’m not going to touch Veronica Mars. What a horrendous mistake to just drop that show–without a good finale. And yet we still have an immense amount of junk still on the air? Ugh.

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    Wait you mean Farmer wants a Wife was not just as good and griping hour of televison as Veronica Mars????????????? *gasp* just some of the stupid decicions leave me just wondering "WHY?????" I understand its a business and they have to make money, but couldnt you at least treat your viewers with enough respect to give them a decent ending considering they have tuned in for the past _insert number of years_ here. I mean they are investing _insert number of hours here_ into your show and you leave EVERYTHING wide open?????  -.-

    See I really think Chad will resign, they have been talking about renewing OTH for two more seasons since the start of this season, so I have to imagine Chad will stick around for a ending.

    IF Chad leaves, I mean what will Payton do? Sit around and be the stay at home mom all the time? I hate how ‘boring’ these characters have gotten, Hayle is an amazing character, but when is the last time she actually got a storyline? Like a REAL storyline? Season 2 when she ran off with Chris Keler? lol i mean I know she has been around and done other things, but it is sad that this interesting ‘girl next door’ is used as filler. But if i am actually going to talk about filler, isn’t the entire show now just filler around the great Lucas Scott? *sigh* I LOVE OTH, don’t get me wrong, but it is one of the shows that frustrates me the most lol.

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    I was bitter when I found out Everwood was canceled and the bitterness was magnified when I found out they would have brought Madison back in S5. :((

    Everwood was a great, great show.

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    Im thrilled that 90210 got a early pick up remember guys thsi show was the cws highest rated premeire.Im thrilled about gossip girl this show needs to go back to its roots.Im excited about the new melrose olace.

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    I like Privileged too, but I don’t think it’s going to make the cut because of its ratings. I’m happy for Supernatural making it another year. It’s time for Smallville to end. While this season has been pretty good, I’m ready to move on.

    One Tree Hill has always been a guilty pleasure. I know it’s bad, but I still watch. Chad Michael Murray shouldn’t be allowed to write another episode. Give him some more directing opportunities if they want to keep him on the show. I always found it funny that CMM’s character Tristan went to high school with Rory on Gilmore Girls, but Rory graduated college before Lucas finished high school.

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