AMC’s Walt Willey “Paid The Price” For Speaking Out During McTavish’s Head Writing Reign of Terror!

It looks like Cady McClain (ex-Dixie) wasn’t the only All My Children star who caught hell for daring to speak out against She Who Wielded The Poisoned Laptop.  Popular Pine Valley leading man Walt Willey (Jack) revealed during a joint interview between AMC Superposter and Willey’s Official My Space profile, that he too "paid the price" for speaking out about former AMC head writer Megan McTavish‘s decision to pair Jack’s Autistic daughter Lily (Leven Rambin) with tumor-less, homicidal maniac Jonathan (Jeff Branson).

Janine From Florida:  Hey Walt, I know that you have a son with autism. I was wondering if you have drawn on your own life experiences with him to help incorporate your interactions with Jack’s daughter Lilly? Also, just wondering how Chance was doing and if he’s been doing any acting lately?

Walt Willey: Hello there, Janine. Thanks for asking this question! Yes, I’ve used my experiences with Chance to temper the performances regarding Lilly, but I guess these experiences resonated mostly when Lilly was seeing Jonathan. I had a hard time with that one; a special needs child dating a murderer with insanity in his background. I knew they made a “cute couple”, but had a difficult time with it being “okay” with any father! I made my concerns known and paid the price, believe me, but I had to do what I could live with and face my son about later. These life questions don’t raise their ugly heads often, but when they do…"

Well…it could have been worse for Willey. McTavish, creative genius that she is, could have offed Jackson with a toxic bowl of Fruity Peebles! Let’s show a bit of gratitude there Mr. Funny Pants! For more of the interview click here.


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    McTrash is one less hack that we need in the game. She will regret the day that she ever harmed my Dixie Cooney. One day, AMC will rectify that mistake. One day…

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    I just don’t understand why McTavish was allowed to destroy AMC. The things she did drove away scores of viewers who will never return. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, since the current head writer is as big a hack as she was. He’s even copying some of her storylines.

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    No actor or actress should be punished for speaking out about a storyline that was so completely offensive and abominable. AMC had an amazing opportunity to tell an authentic, heartfelt story that could have touched the lives of sooo many. But, instead they gaves us that…nonsense. They really should be ashamed.

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    Megan McTavish was the plague that destroyed All My Children. The fact that she had the nerve to undo one of daytimes biggest stories (Erica’s abortion) is astonishing. Then she goes through the trouble of bring back one of the shows most beloved characters, then kills her off in the most redic. way just because she had the brass to speak out against the crap they were writing. Megan McTavish should never have been allowed to write for this soap that second time. I don’t think that Pratt is nearly as bad as McTavish, though he’s no all-star. Pratt’s stories are not the best, but i see glimmers of good stuff in there. It looks like he’s taking Ryan out of the good guy role FINALLY maybe he’ll be interesting. I love the way Susan Lucci is finally doing something. Then theres the Bianca-Reese-Zach distaster. With McTavish it was a never ending nightmare; Unabortion SL, Zarf, Satin Slayer, The Lavery show. The only good thing she did was have Janet wreaking havoc.

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