ATWT: Elwood Goes, Mark Comes Back

Alex Charak is leaving As the World Turns again. His character Elwood will be killed on his way to a meeting with Luke and Noah. 

On March 5th Lannon Killea will return as Mark Vero. Who? Mark was Kevin’s homophobic campaign manager. Could he possibly be the mysterious "M"?

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    It’s so stupid that the victim (Reg) and the killer (Mark, he’s obviously the  "M"; I don’t see these writers coming up with some twist in this story) are just dayplayers we don’t really care about.

    And Luke, the comings and goings will continue for a while. The show has cast two new roles: fraternal twins Zac and Zoe… They haven’t announced the actors yet, but I think they soon will. The twins show up in April.

    I’m just waiting for the news that Roger Howarth and Marie Wilson are leaving… *sigh* 

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    This whole thing is ridiculous. The writers come up with stories that make no sense and then can’t get out of them or can’t resolve them in a manner that is logical. It’s time for a change at ATWT, from Chris Goutman to Jean Passanante. If not, we’ll continue to be seeing these dumb storylines about people we have no vested interest in, for the foreseeable future. What a way to kill a once-fantastic daytime drama!

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    This twist is shocking. SHOCKING! :exmark:

    Or totally not. The Matt thing seemed to much of a red herring, even for the dismal writing of ATWT. The few boards I post on, pretty much everyone figured we’d be seeing Mark again.

    While Noah and Luke are doing what they are to avenge Reg, Casey is doing this because of that milquetoast Alison. :|

    Sad thing is it still seems like Casey/Alison is endgame when that pairing is right up there with Paul/Meg in terms of quality and entertainment. :(( Alison with Matt is much more palatable. But since the writers are determined to make Casey/Alison work – even though it’s not – then I am all for Jade/Matt to happen.

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    You know, i record all my soaps and i watch them all before the day is over, except for “ATWT” it just sits in my DVR, the stoylines have been so dead , like all the walk on chacters lately that i can’t bare to be that board for an whole hr., between this show , which used to be a favorite, and B&B i feel a bit brain dead…

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    I suspect there will be even more coming and goings. I expect both Jade and Matt to be hitting the exit door soon. With the murder mystery soon over, Casey and Ali will no doubt be a couple (blech) and then we’ve got the twins coming in…. that won’t leave any room for Jade and Matt, IMO.

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