Lisa Rinna Would Rather Go Naked Than Host Events

If you had to choose, would you rather host the launch of a new skin care line or go nude? For Lisa Rinna, who will be posing for Playboy, the answer is going nude. Rinna told People "I am more comfortable being nude than hosting an event like this."   

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  1. Profile photo of sanka9

    Hideous. What has she gone and done to her face? So long as that face is covered – honey you go get your kit off. If ever there was a contest for a double lip – she would win hands down.

    I wonder if there are trails of drool on her cheeks every morning? Because i’m sure it’s an effort to keep that gob close.

  2. Profile photo of snags

    Well she’s just going with what she knows best. She’s drawn to her “talents” right? UGH! What next, will she be like Kelli what’s her name from “Passions” and do porn?

  3. Profile photo of Laurie

    While I question Lisa’s sanity and judgment for doing PLAYBOY, I don’t know what all the fuss is about really. Didn’t she pose for PLAYBOY in the nude and pregnant almost a decade ago?

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