Who Should Sami Be With Now That She’s Back In Salem on DAYS?

All the day players involved in the asinine "Who Killed Mayor Brian Bodine" snorey-line have been dealt with, which of course means Salem’s conquering heroine Samantha Jean Brady (Alison Sweeney) is free to talk loudly and behave like a perennial 15-year-old once again in plain sight on How Many Days Till Cancellation?

 The question is, now that the Belle of Salem Place—no I’m not talking about Kirsten or Martha— is back, which man should she be with? There’s Lucas Roberts Horton (Bryan Datillo), the boy she’s loved and schemed with on and off since she was a kid, who also happens to be the father of at least two of her critters.
Then there’s EJ DiMera (James Scott), who also knocked her up twice, although he doesn’t know about the second one, who is currently being taken care of by his fiance Kristen Blake, er Lexie Carver, Doh! I mean, Nicole Walker (Arianne Zucker)! Sorry, this story is so revolutionary and cutting edge it causes momentary bouts of soapnesia!

 Last but not least, there’s Luis Lopes-Fitzgerald (Galen Gering) from Passions (I tried to remember the name of his DAYS character, I swear I did.), whom she’s been acting out old Roman and Marlena scripts from the early 80’s with for the past few months. Who’s your pick?

Who Should Sami Be With Now That She's Back In Salem on DAYS?

  • Daniel Jonas! The only fun thing about this show anymore is watching Shawn Christian tap every ass in Salem! (3%, 37 Votes)
  • Is this show still on? You mean NBC didn't have the good sense to cancel it when that idiot Corday fired Deidre Hall? (6%, 70 Votes)
  • Luis Lopes-Fitzgerald From Passions, have you SEEN those eyelashes?! (37%, 412 Votes)
  • EJ! Ejami is the best DAYS couple ever! So what if he sorta kinda raped her?! (39%, 438 Votes)
  • Lucas! Lumi is the best DAYS couple ever! So what if he tried to kill her?! (15%, 157 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,114


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  1. Profile photo of SusieQ

    I’d like her to be with EJ but I want her to get back to her roots before I worry about guy she’s with. Of course, all of that would require better writing so I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I need them to do something with all of those children. I can’t STAND when they make a character have eighteen children by nineteen men! I wish they would at least re-write it that both twins are Lucas’s, then the baby could just be EJ’s, that I can buy, but not one here, one there, one here, one everywhere!

  3. Profile photo of season1217

    Aww, thank you, Jamey. We’ll see how long that love last when you write another one of those Liason forever posts. LOL!

    And I want Sami with Lucas. Only your soulmate would make you think a fake doll is your son in order to get you to plunge to your death off the side of a balcony. Please, if anyone can find the video of that please post it! I need to see that!

  4. Profile photo of jeannelw



    that is untill DAYS TPTB hires mckenzie westmore to play
    rafe’s ex its my DREAM and i am not letting go of OUR MCKALEN REUNION !!!

  5. Profile photo of Bangel Angle
    Bangel Angle

    You wanted IT! Here it is in. Bad wig and all. I can’t find the actually falling.


    That was a horrid storyline. Lucas and Sami have had a lot of bad storylines. I’m surprised I love these two so much.

    To be fair, Lucas never tried to kill Sami. He’s just always surprised that his mother’s plans always includes Sami dieing! LOL!

    Kate set Sami up for Franco’s death. Not Lucas. Lucas just went along with the plan… until he found out she was actually going to die on death row.

    He’s always shocked that she almost dies. I kinda like that Lucas is not a hero. It always takes him too long to realize Sami might die before he changes him mind. Then he swoops in.

    It’s like– “Wait! I don’t want Sami to die.” LOL!

  6. Profile photo of SafeFan

    Friends then possible lovers, Sami and Rafe. Rafe is the healthiest option for Sami, closest to each other personality wise, they have the most chemistry together, JMO. Lucas seems to be in love with Chloe. EJ needs his mother these days to help him cope, he’s loosing his golden boy status with all this emotion going on around him. I bet Susan would help to change the whole atmosphere in the DiMera mansion for him.

  7. Profile photo of CtFireWitch

    Still laughing over the last choice. Had to vote for Dr. Hottie Playa. Has Sami even met him yet? I’m trying to remember….. If not, it’s just a matter of time before she’s batting her eyelashes at him while being introduced to him when he’s dressed in only a towel, a la E.J. Wells.

  8. Profile photo of desertgal

    I want her to be with Rafe (Galen Gering). He’s so Hot! Rafe is exactly what she needs right now. He is the most stable individual and she needs stability in her life. Rafe needs a family and he could have that with Sami.

    EJ and Lucas are old news.

  9. Profile photo of neversleeps09

    normally i would pick ej but james scott has been given some horrible material that has made me really start to hate him. he needs to get his act together and get rid of nicole he and sami get back together. i picked rafe cause i love galen gering and him and sami have this little sparkle. i have never been a lumi fan and i can’t be convinced otherwise.

  10. Profile photo of STRTRKN

    I voted EJ. Hey–he’s her equal when it comes to scheming. And I want to see him dump Nicole ASAP!

    Anyway, back to basics on Sami. She was named for Marlena’s twin sister, however her middle name is “Gene”, not “Jean”. That’s in honor of the lovable eccentric Eugene Bradford, so wonderfully played by John de Lancie (Gosh, I miss the days of Eugene & Calliope!)

    Yeah, I’m an anal retentive stickler for things like that. If you think that’s bad, you should see me with Star Trek trivia–LOL!

  11. Profile photo of Laurie

    Your poll made me laugh. I especially agree about the Sami/Rafe story recycling old Roman and Marlena scripts. Where’s the Salem Strangler when you need him?

    Anyway, I find Rafe as boring as Austin was. I could go for more LUMI if they were exciting like they used to be. But my vote went to EJ. EJ and Sami have great chemistry together; and I really wish their story hadn’t been ruined by the rape and the Santos/Colleen nonsense. I’m all for more Sami/EJ/Nicole triangle…but let’s leave all the babies with their sitters, ‘kay?

  12. Profile photo of THEBEST

    EJ & Sami’s pairing was screwed up the day she was blackmailed into sleeping with him. The thing with Rafe is contrived. Lucas happened organically.

  13. Profile photo of dorothyg

    I want to see Sami with Ej…Nobody knows diddly squat about Rafe so how can anyone vote him? Sami and Ej have always had the chemistry and DH has milked it for all it’s worth. Gooooo Ejami.

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