That’s Just My Baby Daddy: Y&R Style

Cane Ashby (Daniel Goddard) has to be one of the most perplexing characters in daytime. When Lynn Marie Latham created him, he was a sexy rogue who seemed to have a secret agenda where the Chancellors were concerned. While I rarely give LML credit for her reign of ineptness over The Young and the Restless writing room, Cane was definitely one character she had a better handle on than the current Dream Team. 

There must have been more magic in Lily’s (Christel Khalil) love box than in the hat that made Frosty the Snowman come to life, for this once-streetsmart Aussie to transform into the biggest doof in television after falling in love with her. Most men find out the baby isn’t their’s and they start yelling "BOO YAH, in yo face!" at the trick who lied to them about paternity, that is before they start doing a combination of the Running Man and the Cabbage Patch— at least that’s how they act on Maury Povich— but Cane wants to raise a child that isn’t even his? Dummy!
Maybe it’s just the cold, bitter cynical soap fan in me, beaten down by years of stories about pervy grifters who romance their cousins and/or heroines who use their boobs as their secret weapons while fighting mobsters, but I don’t buy Cane wanting to dedicate the rest of his life to Billy (Billy Miller) and Chloe’s (Elizabeth Hendrickson) kid when he is finally free to be with the woman he claims to love.
Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that Goddard isn’t selling the story.Bless his heart, Goddard manages to somehow sell each and every storyline stinker he’s given on this show, but I am sure it has to be as frustrating as hell to see three-fourths of this show on fire, while being stuck as Genoa City’s resident schmuck. If Y&R got a handle of their awful Tyra/Neil/Karen/Sally-Sing-Me-A-Song foster care debacle, and actually wrote Cane with a backbone and a character-driven story arc, Y&R would not only be one of the two best soaps in daytime, it would be one of the best shows in all of television period right now.

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    I agree with everything but the stupid part, Cane became a doof with the emergence of Chloe, she has made this man look dumber and dumber every day of that marriage.

    I have no idea why those around Chloe must act stupid for this storyline to work, it is nerve racking to see

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    Jamey, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for writing this! This is one character MAB has so wrong its not funny.

    You have a sexy man(actually soaps’ sexiest if TVGuide is to be believed), a capable actor, and what appears to be a really great human being in DG. He made sweeps work last week. Not to put anyone down, but Cane’s scene after the reveal, was owned by DG! He’s been on fire this whole week.

    Billy Miller and Elizabeth H. are very capable of fleshing out their characters, without making Cane look like a chump! MAB’s writing team should work to tell a compelling story that honors these talented people instead of destroying something great just because it wasn’t her idea. That goes for Lane too!

    I beg to differ on the Lily thing. If you think Cane was emasculated by Lily, that doesn’t compare to the Eunuch he became after being with Chloe. That’s probably why he couldn’t work up the stomach to kiss her after 8 months of celibacy!

    Thanks again Jamey, and I hope MAB doesn’t steal your balls and put them in the jar where she has Cane’s.

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    This is so typical of DC! Blaiming LILY for the mess MAB has made not only of the Cane, but Lily character to float this crappy S/L is a bit much, don’t you think?

    Cane, an idiot when he was with Amber, became a man with Lily, with LML and Josh at the helm, and now, thanks to the writing (and I use that term loosely) of MAB and Ho-Again Sheffer, he has been emasculated and become a baffoon to float their pet and this insepid, stupid S/L which never should have seen the light of day! The Cane TAICs have penned in the last few months is a joke, as is the Lily character–no one is that sweet or forgiving! Despite all the accolades those of DC and their ilk like to give to the talent-challenged ‘writers’ of the current regime, it is the consensus of the viewers that the Writing BLOWS, and no effort is put into Lily and Cane, nor LANE for that matter, despite the fact that the pair are immensely popular with viewers!

    So, get it right–place the blame where it belongs–tell MAB and Co to get off their lazy asses and earn their pay! Give Cane his balls back, Lily her spunk, and balance out the Quad that really isn’t (since both brothers want Lily)!

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    One more thing I must point out! Failure to recognize the acting talents of Christel Khalil and her portrayal of Lily Winters is very tiresome, for it is CK’S LILY WINTERS fans tune in to see, with Cane Ashby! This Young Lady, the Hunk Maker, always knock it out of the park even though she, along with Goddard, have the worst scripts to work with week in and week out! Billy Miller, a welcome addition to be sure, is another. EH’s Chloe–Puh-Leeze! FF fodder if I’ve ever seen it!

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    Thanks for bringing this topic up, Jamey.

    Cane has been unrecognizable but DG is doing great with the crappy material. However, I don’t agree that the assasination of Cane started when he hooked-up with Lily. If anything, that made Cane worth watching. TPTB just need to give Cane his balls back and Lily a backbone to make this s/l more interesting.

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    Preach Brittany, apparently being snarky and sarcastic is the same as good acting. Not! But CK who carried countless major SLs in 2008 is a slouch. For all her “emasculating” prowess, she is the only female who has never had a dud romantic pairing. She makes everyone hot. You can sell Chilly/Bloe all you want EH & BM have no sexual chemistry. DG and EH have no sexual chemistry.

    CK has it in spades with everyone. So I guess you’re right that it is a magic box. Don’t hate appreciate!!

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    Cane is apparently one of those rare breed of men, who look forward to being a father. t was obvious when he stepped up when Lily got pregnant, and di the same for Chloe, even though he didn’t remember their so called “night of passion”.

    The poor git just fell in lovwe with his baby girl in utero. When he explained it to Jill the other day, I got it.

    I blame the writing for Lily. There is no woman I know, who would be so selfless in this situation. Would you ever just give your beautiful hunky fiance to some skank? You’re pregnant?, okay, so we will lobby for partial custody.

    What this story needs is a good dose of Chloe gets a dose of her own medicine. Why should she get her happily ever after, when she has succeeded in making a mess of the lives of 3 other people, not to mention her beautiful daughter.

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    See I think Cane was watered down to make way for Billy. Lynn it seemed was going into the direction of Cane being a con artist who was probably not even Jill’s son but the new team changed that. They made Cane the “good son” so that when Billy would come back into town he’d be the wild child.

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    Jillian Bowe

    Thank GOD you said it Jamey. I am watching and thinking to myself, "What the HELL is the child on!?" Any guy I know would snatch that ring off Chloe’s finger, toss her crap in the strees and fly not walk or run but FLY their tails down to the courthouse and file for divorce. Season, I’m gettting that vibe about Cane. I wish they wouldn’t have Jill make Cane so blatantly her favorite kid. That’s low..

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    Darren Lomas

    Sally-Sing-Me-A-Song LOL 

    The writing for Cane and Lily is pretty bad, IMO… I know they have a lot of fans, but I am not buying their current predicament…

    Season could be right – they watered down Cane to provide a contrast to "edgy" Billy.

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    Jamey Giddens


    If you call Lily out for Nagging, call Chloe out for stalking. Her incessant neediness, and self-absorption kills hard-ons faster than any nagging Lily did. For all her nagging, they keep coming back! Trust, Billy wishes he could still get a sniff!

    Okay, this post was never a slam at Christel Khalil, y’all read into that. This was strictly about the character of Cane, who in my opinion, lost his edge the moment he fell all ‘one true lovey" in with Lily. They were both on the rebound, him from Amber, whom he had insanely hot chemistry with, and her with Daniel, the love of her life, who I liked her with, until they started writing Lily to be a nag. Chloe is definitely a stalker, LOL, but she’s FUN, ENERGETIC, and APPEALING. I would rather have a half crazy stalker drive story than a nag any day.

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    Jamey Giddens

    If you’ll remember I said Christel did a great job during the baby reveal, she actually brought FIRE to her performance for a change. This post was a critique of Cane, not Lily, but if I’m forced to point out what’s glaringly wrong with that character, then I will have to go there.

    ‘Where’s all my SOUL sistahs,
    Let me see y’all GO sistahs…"

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    Jamey Giddens

    I really don’t see Chloe as one-dimensional. I totally see what makes her tick. She was the maid’s daughter, who was shipped away, so she built this faux fabulous life to hide her shame and abandonment issues. I also get Billy’s issues. He had a seemingly sainted father (although John was no saint) and got into loads of trouble as a teen, that branded him a badseed, so many times people continue to live down to the expectations people put on them. His mother is the ultimate hypocrite. "How could a son of mine act with no integrity", uh, hello, Jill, you screwed your benefactor’s hubby and also had sex with Jack while married to his daddy! Billy’s one, saving grace and redemption was Mac, who he learned was his cousin, or so we thought, and that sent him right back to the jerk he was in high school. Lily, on the other hand, I don’t get at all. She grew up with a larger-than-life mother in Paris yet she comes off as frigid, much to old for her years and a killjoy. I’m not totally blaming the actress, because the writers could definitely make her less preachy and boring, but if anything after learning about Malcolm being her father, Neil’s alcoholism, her mother’s death and her bad experiences with Kevin and Daniel, I would expect Lily to be a LOT more interesting and relatable.  Just My Opinion

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    I fully agree with you Jamey.

    DG is a good actor, but he has a stupid and dumb character to play, very hard to root for Cane. Cane has NO common sense. All his decisions are a proof of it! Falling for a 20 year old, Lily telling him to marry Chloe and doing it, and his last attitude NOT regrouping and thinking hard about what to do next but JUST reacting. His lack of common sense are too numerous to list!

    I pity Lane fans because I saw the way he proposes and frankly it is pitiful! But what can I say, probably dumb will say yes, and dumb and dumber will be happily after or will they?

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    I am not even going to go there about the character of Lily, Christel or any of the other actors or characters involved in this story line. I do not doubt that Cane and Lily have a big fan base and they want them back together real soon. Well, they are making love next week and he asks her to marry him so all you Lane fans should be rejoicing. MAB IS doing what you want but to criticize the writing of this show in anyway tells me that either some naivete, blind love of this couple or inexperience or new viewing of this soap or any soap is guiding some fans.

    I am 37 going on 38 in May. I have been watching soaps or at least paying some attention since I was 7. Do the math. That is 30 years of soap opera viewing. Over the years, I have probably watched every soap on air at some point or another except for AMC, which just never floated my boat. I have been watching Y&R since summer of 1981, 10 years old along with DOOL, AW, Ryan’s Hope. MAB and Mr. Sheffer have totally and completely revitalized and put major focus back into this show, they are doing a brilliant job of writing this show as a fleshed out canvas of multi-generational, many-layered, character-driven, purposeful, poignant daytime drama with psychological undertones, sub-text and great story-telling. They deserve the entire industry’s kudos as well as the viewers. The Chloe/Billy/Cane/Lily s/l, to me, is a perfect example of what a quad should be. 4 archetypes clashing, fighting and harboring the love of the one they cannot have. Chloe has grown so much more vulnerability and heart since the got rid of that fly, LML. MAB gave her a complex back story that puts all of her actions into context. Lily and Cane needed some spice mixed in with their sweetness. Unfortunately, to me, they have zero chemistry and it is not the actor’s fault. They simply do not radiate heat when they are together.

    This post is about the character of Cane and I entirely agree. Why the hell should he care or want custody of Chloe’s baby? He is being portrayed now as spiteful in wanting to get back at Chloe and Billy by taking their baby. Other then that, I do not understand his motivation. I also thinks that this amazingly furthers the story and lets it organically blossom into a new arc. This is a soap opera. No one is supposed to live happily ever after. There are supposed to be obstacles, troubles, insecurities, tragedies, heartbreak and all that involved. This quad is providing all of these factors. Christel Khalil is a good actress but she is not as sassy and aggressive as her mother was. Not sure if that is the writing or the actress’ interpretation of her lines but she did bring it ON these past few weeks at the cabin, during the birth and at the hospital. A little bit of toughness came out of her and maybe it will stick. I will not blast the writing team for making Y&R one of the only 2 watchable soaps right now because of one s/l or one popular character. I watched Y&R through all of LML’s crappy plot-driven messes and still did not complain. I am a fan of the show as a whole not a pick and choose fan for different couples from different shows.

    Just my opinion….

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    I’ve made my opinion known before… I HATE the character of Cane Ashby, and I would fast forward through all of his scenes if it weren’t for him being opposite Billy Abbott so often

    That being said…whenever I detest a character this much, I always have to give credit to the actor for making them real enough to inspire such passionate feelings….

    congrats DG! Because I HATE your character’s GUTS!!!!!

    I hope Billy gets Delia, changes the name, and then leaves the Ashby-match-made-in-hell right in the dust….

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    One more thing – you guys at DC are the best soap opera website available and also the site that mostly tries to give equal time to all of the soaps, even the British and Australian ones so keep up the amazing work.

    Critiquing is part of an art form. There are art, restaurant, movie, theater, dance, TV and yes, even soap opera criticism. Unfortunately, the major newsstand soap opera magazines have shied away from criticism due to their incestuous ties to some of the soap’s exec-producers who ask for good coverage of their show if they promise an exclusive. SOD used to do this great critic column and SOW had the best one, Mimi Torchin and als they would do a feature called “The Current State of…” whichever soap they were concentrating on that week. It was such good criticism written by someone who loved and was passionate about soaps like Jamey is. I appreciate everything this site has to offer from the polls to the spoilers to the breaking casting/story news and especially the critiques posted by Jamey, J Bernard and the others. Once again, keep up the great work and continued success!

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    I agree, Chloe has a great backstory. I don’t deny anything you say about the richness of her character. I question the delivery of her as a one dimensional snarky superbitch, who just hurts people for the sake of hurting them. The baby made her more understandable but if she didn’t love Cane, why did she go after him when she wasn’t even pregnant. This revisionist BS to prop up a character who is utterly unappealing, is not working for people who were watching when LML was writing.

    That’s all I’m saying. Just like Lily, Chloe has a great backstory, but if the actress only delivers snarky, then its a one dimensional character. I find Chloe quite vacuous!

    After DG acted his azz off last week, Chloe dryly says, sorry she’s not yours. Everything after her initial confession was utter BS and I don’t understand why when one actress constantly delivers the goods in a more subtle fashion and has a large fan base, why a one dimensional montonously snarky delivery gets kudos. I just don’t think its fair.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I don’t understand why when one actress constantly delivers the goods in a more subtle fashion and has a large fan base, why a one dimensional montonously snarky delivery gets kudos. I just don’t think its fair.
    See, I guess there in lies the problem. I don’t see Chloe or the actress who plays her as montone. I think, second to maybe Adrienne Frantz, she is the best young adult actress Y&R has. She can play snarky, vulnerable, bitchy, comedic, all at the drop of a hat. I hate to go here again, because this wasn’t the intention of this post, LOL, but if anyone is one note it’s Christel Khalil. All she knows how to play is preachy bore. Have you seen it when they try to give Lily some personality? She comes off wooden and forced and badly in need of listening to Cyndi Lauper’s "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun". Those god awful scenes where she and Devon chase each other around Neil’s living room as she feigns laughter make me want to dig my eyes out of my head with a rusty pocket knife and feed them to my parrot, if I had a parrot, which I don’t. The character is popular, but Cricket Blair was popular and wooden too.  

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    AF always makes you feel, she does trainwreck exceptionally well.

    I will watch Youtube again, but sorry, I don’t think EH did half the job CK did during sweeps. It fell flat to me.

    I loved VR and miss her on the show, but if everyone expects Lily to be Dru 2.0, then they will be disappointed. When Lily had to confront Chloe in the early days, (pre MAB) she was very good at giving it back to her, Lily can dish it, but she’s not a sistah girl!

    She’s a debutante and she can do a decent mean girl, but she of course is not going to match the range and depth of an actress 10 years her senior in life experience and work experience! She is right where she is supposed to be right now and she is Lily! She is written weak, but she demonstrated during sweeps if she has to carry a scene, she will rise to the occasion. She’s still learning, and she’s only 21.

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    Restless Fan

    I agree with KingTV. I love this storyline. Truthfully, I didn’t like Cane much during LML’s reign. I hated that she rewrote history. I hated that Cane was never fleshed out as a character. In my opinion, he was chopping block material at one time.

    I do admit, I never really understood why Cane left Lily to marry Chole. But again, that had more to do with the character being somewhat ambiguous at the time. MAB was still fleshing Cane out. Her version of Cane is that of an honorable guy and in buying that version of him, I buy his motivation to wanting to raise Cordelia. Nuff said.

    In my opinion, the only part of the show that doesn’t work, it the beat to death, Tyra/Ana stuff. Its such a sore point in what is otherwise a fantastic hour of tv.

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    Thank you Jamey, now that I’ve read all the posts to this thread, there’s a mix of “Lady Marmalade” and “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” playing in my head, which is preeetty weird, trust me ;).

    I think what they want us to think with the whole Cane thing is that he lost a baby once and it was really horrible for him and now he believed for seven months that he’ll finally have that baby of his and so now he doesn’t want to give her away, because it was this big dream of his to have a child. Or something along those lines. But I still don’t buy it. I mean no matter how big this dream is, I’d rather try and have a baby with the love of my life or adopt one with her or whatever than raise the child of a woman who trapped me into marrying her and my brother who I hate!

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    Great post! I agree that Cane has his head up his arse right now, but I’ve been thinking he was in a bad case of denial. He doesn’t want to admit he gave up everything for a baby that wasn’t even his. But I also think it makes no sense that Cane, who both grew up not knowing his real parents, would then want to deny Delia her own parents.

    I’m still loving this quad though because it is giving Billy and Chloe such a chance to shine. Sure they can be real jerks, but they are layered, interesting, fiery jerks acted wonderfully by the actors playing them. This quad just highlights that even more when compared to booring, self-righteous, doo-gooders Cane and Lily.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I loved VR and miss her on the show, but if everyone expects Lily to be Dru 2.0, then they will be disappointed. When Lily had to confront Chloe in the early days, (pre MAB) she was very good at giving it back to her, Lily can dish it, but she’s not a sistah girl!

    My take on CK’s Lily has nothing to do with VR. I admit her opinion expressed in our interview defiinitely resonated with my concerns about the character, and that of a large amount of the fans. I know she has her fans, but I’ve also read a lot of fans who wish Lily more relatable to the black experience. I am sorry, but except for her scenes with Neil, there is nothing that tells me this is a black character, and while I definitely know black people in real life come in all different flavors, on daytime, when there are so precious few roles for people of color, can’t this part at LEAST appeal in some way to the half of the audience that would like to see her have some sort of zest or flavor? It’s like CBS’s answer to diversity is to ignore that there black characters are black. No one even flinched that Marcus is half black on B&B, I just realized Jade was mixed last week and Lily has never dated one single black man on this show, and before anyone says it, I have NO issue with interracial dating, but COME ON, Ray Charles could see this show is taking great strides to make this character come off as post-black or neutral as possible, and yes, when Shemar Moore and Victoria Rowell BROUGHT the flava as her parents it sticks out, I’m sorry. Plus CK did herself no favors when she chose to leave and they replaced her with an actress who did resonate with black audiences.

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    Jamey, everything you said is just so true…..

    Lily, as a character, is just too bland and so useless that it’s not even funny. Why exactly is MAB turning her into Christine 2.0? Meanwhile, Cane’s stupidity is reaching new levels. Even now when he was hurt I don’t like him. I can’t imagine how hard it will be watching Lily and Cane together again…. but at least now we’ll be able to FF them together instead of wasting Miller or Hendrickson on them.

    Chloe and Billy are not perfect, but they’re amazing to watch. They’re the endgame.

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    Okay Jamey can I say something in regard to your post about Lily and her being a Black character.

    I so agree with you that if they didn’t show Lily around Neil and Devon, I wouldn’t know she was Black at all.

    But a lot of Blacks who have made it in life move their children to mostly white neighborhoods and mostly white schools. So naturally the kids (like Lily) are mostly to grow up with white boyfriends, white friends and just the whole rich, white culture.

    Lily grew up with a mom who was modeling around the world. She grew up around rich white people. Dru always kept that edge to her because of her humble background. So imo, Lily is exactly the kind of person she should be.

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    I hate being told who to like and who not to like. That’s why this storyline is failing. I’m not a fool. Any normal human would have bounced as soon as he heard he wasn’t the father. I can see if Cane was in the baby’s life for a year after she was born and he bonded with it but the baby was just born. Him wanting to be the father is so stupid. I truly, honestly want to like Chloe but having the writers make Cane the villan against Chloe is not making me. And the fact she has no chemistry with Cane or Billy isn’t helping.

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    No, Cane was like this ever since he hooked up with Lily, way before Chloe came to the canvas. He was only interesting during the first two or three months of Latham’s tenure. Everything else was just bad.

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    Well all I can say is that although I hate her writing of Lane and individual characters Cane and Lily, MAB must be doing something right because I cannot quit yapping about my passion for and against Y&R.

    Jamey, what more can I say. You are very necessary. I really enjoy your columns, and I applaud you because you always call it like you see it. I think you are even handed and I think you’ve handled this discourse with the humor, fairness, and humanity, I’ve come to expect from you in your podcasts and columns.

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    Jamey Giddens

    When YOU want to take a stand on the GAY AND LESBIAN

    ACTORS on Y&R who are allowed to do their job as part of a heterosexual relationship

    without being examined under a microscope, then we can talk!
    What does that have to do with the price of tea in Sri Lanka? I gave my opinion about CK not resonating as a black woman for me.  I am not the only person who feels this way, by far. What’s your issue with opinions? Anyhoo, if a gay actor is able to convey themselves as straight what’s the issue? The issue for me with CK is that she doesn’t come off like a black girl. Sorry, you can shriek, carry on, and be insulting all you want, and that’s not gonna change. Daytime barely hires black actors, so the least they could do to appeal to their large black audience is give us people who resonate in the precious few roles we get. Again, this is my opinion.

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    Love your article and I agree on your take on the character of Cane. I am no fan of Cane and Lily together hate them together actually, and I destest the character of Cane and what he has become under MAB’s reign. However I disagree with you on CK, as a African American woman, I absolutely can identify with her. She dosen’t need more flava and what does that mean anyway? She grew up in a different world than her parents and acts accordingly. I have one African American parent and one Afro Caribbean parent while I carry identify with both cultures I can’t say you could identify me with either just by talking to me. My children even less so, it is the old American game of assimilation that effects ALL minorities whether they be Hispanic, Asian, or African American. So in actuallity CK’s Lily is as she should according to my experience.

    I hated DS as Lily omg, come on please. I just don’t think anyone person can speak for all AA’s and decide what it is we want to see in a AA character on Y & R. I think the problem with Y & R is that there is not enough diversity on the show period. And, can someone get Devon a storyline.

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    Jamey Giddens

    It’s not only about the way she behaves. She never has a black leading man, why is that? Why on daytime where there are harldy any black characters has the black young woman never even dated a black man? Why aren’t there more expressions of black love on daytime? I am okay with all kinds of love. I adored Jason and Kessha on GH, but GH also gave us Taggert and Dara. Lily has had no interraction with any other black people outside of her family and I want to know why.

  33. Profile photo of monamis

    If Lily doesn’t date outside of her tribe, she get’s to join the rest of the Winters’ on separate and unequal minority row. I really liked DS as Lily, but I don’t think she looked old enough to play the storylines that the character is in now. There are a lot of opportunities to make Lily a strong woman within her range.

    The biggest problem with Lane as a couple, and Lily and Cane as individuals is lack of story development. There is no internal push and pull being exploited. They’ve introduced external actors to wreak havoc, but that’s all subterfuge and not inherent to their story.

    For goodness sake Lily and Cane are from two different worlds, they are different ages, they have different cultures, different levels of education, and they have both had a lot of trauma, abandonment, parental loss, paternity mix-ups, humiliation, and dammit, Cane’s grandmother sold him! There is a bowl of insecurities so rich, I don’t know what writer couldn’t find something in that to exploit. That is not the fault of the actors, that is the fault of the writers.

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    I agree monamis that there is so much in both their histories to draw on for story–especially regarding Delia–and its a shame its not being done. Here we have Lily not know who her real dad was for most of her life and Cane not knowing who his real parents were either. Rather than just portraying Cane and Lily as the two do-gooders vs. the baddies (Chloe and Billy) in this custody issue, they should explain the pathos behind Cane wanting to be a father to Delia and show him having some conflict over that b/c of his own familial issues. And maybe they will do that; I’ve just not seen in yet.

    I think Cane and Lily are about as exciting as watching paint dry. But I don’t blame the actors.

    And I’ll just say I’m not overall negative on this Lane/Chilly quad story over Delia. For the most part I’m loving it. I still think its an exciting storyline, but for me its all about the excitement Billy and Chloe offer. It would be nice if Cane and Lily offered something interesting too, though.

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    there is nothing that tells me this is a black character, and while I definitely know black people in real life come in all different flavors, on daytime, when there are so precious few roles for people of color, can’t this part at LEAST appeal in some way to the half of the audience that would like to see her have some sort of zest or flavor?


    Tell it like it is, my biggest problem with Lily is that I would like for her to have more attitude. Yeah, yeah we black people come in all flavors but attitude is in our blood and we just don’t take crap and smile about it.

  36. Profile photo of monamis


    You’re right about the lack of black love on soaps. For all the loyalty this demographic shows to this genre, they are pitifully dealt dirty with time and time again.

    And for all the romance of Cane and Lily, without character development, it’s really just soft porn. Another soap talking down to its audience. Let’s perpetuate the lascivious black woman, while the real loose woman in the story (Chloe) gets to be a 3 dimensional character.

  37. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    If the show addressed Lily’s dating habits it would go miles in my opinion. We have come a long way in 2009, but there are still miles to go. Why not have Lily and Cane go on a cross country road trip and have to stop for gas somewhere in Mississippi or somewhere else below the Mason Dixon and have someone make comments about them being together? Or more organically, why not have Devon’s girlfriend point out the fact that his sister only dates white men, and ask why. I too know lots of people who only date out of there race, but in real life those issues are addressed. Diversity doesn’t mean the same and just like everyone else. Also why isn’t Christel Khalil ever in Ebony or Jet or Essence? She plays a black character on a show that is known for groundbreaking storytelling for black characters, yet the only African American PR she does is appearing at the NAACP awards.

  38. Profile photo of arizona66


    Y & R is the one making the mistake, because this quad, or triangle should be all over Jet and Ebony it is a good freakin story. Should we commend MAB for not calling attention to the fact that Lily is black and just telling the story? Or should we castigate her for not promoting this story more because Lily is black? This is an internal debate I have been having with myself. Both have ways of handling this have merit. To be honest I am not sure.

    There is no need to go to Mississippi to get reaction to Lily’s interracial relationships. All MAB had to do was bring Aunt Mamie back for this portion of the storyline and she could have added the needed context and history to this story.

    I don’t know why CK does not do more publicity it seems all the publicity she does is what Y & R send her to do, like Monte Carlo etc. Maybe, Y & R should hire more minorities behind the scenes who could think of what would be obvious to a AA person but not obvious to them. Like articles in Essence, Jet, Ebony, Honey etc.

    Maybe Y & R would seek to capitlize on CK more if they were not so busy using her and her popularity with her Lane pairing to promote EH, which is what they have done for the past year.

  39. Profile photo of kitty79

    I definitely understand Cane’s motives for wanting the kid. It’s simply not in his nature to just stop caring about her just because she turned out not be his child. He’s believed all along that she was his and has made great sacrifices for her, now he’s just supposed to turn it off? Love doesn’t work that way.

    I can feel everyone else’s anguish in this storyline, but Chloe’s. The character of Chloe doesn’t work for me because I don’t get a clear reading of who she is or her motives, it changes with the wind. Could be the writers or the actress’ take on Chloe, I dunno. It just does nothing for me. This is coming from someone who was happy to see Liz join Y&R, now the Chloe character has made me a little sour. She isn’t a character I love to hate, I just want her off my screen…unlike someone like Phyllis. Chloe is my least favorite part of this storyline (other than the crappy writing). The only thing that kept me interested was the dynamic between Cane/Lily/Billy.

    I’m tired on the race talk. GC/YR sees itself as colorblind which can be a good and bad thing sometimes, it limits the avenues they can take. While there may be merit in the whole “Lily never dating a black guy” issue, it’s not one that botheres me. I for one don’t want to see her dating a brotha just cuz he’s a brotha, or for that matter see Cane date a white woman just because she’s white. If it happens down the line and it’s organic, count me in! I’m a huge fan of Daniel & Christel and would be more than happy to support them.

    Cane and Lily work for me because they have great chemistry (from my perspective), the characters and the actors. They’re romance for me. I’d gotten tired of not seeing that in daytime television, so I tuned out. There are some who find true love and honesty boring in daytime TV, which is fine, to each his own. They’ve brought me back, and made me an addict, lol. I guess it’s all subjective, we like who we like.

    Why was Lily a nag for wanting to know why her husband was addicted to porn?

    Sidenote: There’s no bigger schmuck in GC than Nick

  40. Profile photo of rose_21

    leave CK the hell alone she doesn’t deserve this and she shouldn’t put with it either it’s no freakin wonder why she wont speak it’s because of voltures like you she has done nothing wrong she is one hell of amazing actress and she isn’t going any where so as i said before leave CK alone.

  41. Profile photo of annyhall

    I am so angry with this Article that I could spit nails. I had to register just to give my opinion to this person. Who is this Jamey person who died and made him the soap god? Is this Jamey person black? And if not how does he know what the Hell black enough is? This statememt was a racist statement. Who tells people these days who acts black or who doesn’t. I am black and CK is black enough for me. In this society it doesn’t matter except to those who fixate on race whether you act black or not. All you have to have is dark skin, therefore you are definately black enough! Well I quess Obama cannot be called the first black President cause he is just not black enough!!!!!! And as for CK acting ability it is good enough to have me watch Y&R since the Character Lily came on the show. Not one of the quad you praise so highly was on that show as young as CKH came to it. She has had to grow up on the show and has matured excellently before our eyes. She is the one that is making sex idols out of every guy she has had a relationship with on that show.DG and MG would not be where they are today in public opinion (which is very popular) if not for CKH. This girl is a King maker. If you cannot see this you are simply blinded by your hateful Bias. Now I am going to cancel my registration to this god forsaken website and never view it again until they get rid of you Jamey!!!!!!!!

  42. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I agree with most points made in Jamey’s article. But, I do wonder when did a man in our society become a “dummy” for putting the needs of an innocent child first? (And a familial relation, no less…) Cane may not share enough DNA to be Delia’s father, but he does have a vested interest (as Jack does) in making sure that she is responsibly cared for. Fatherhood and Patriarchal Society used to be a noble thing that “real” men aspired too, not some death sentence that one escapes from as if they were escaping from Prison (like the buffoons on “Maury”). Just look at our society and the exploding prison population and see the ill effects that fatherless children have had for the past two decades. In my opinion, it is running from fatherhood that makes one a dummy and a coward – which Cane is not.

    Daniel Goddard is, however, brilliant at turning sh*t into sugar with this ill-written storyline. I’m actually looking forward to the aftereffects in the weeks to come and I hope that MAB redeems herself by writing all characters on equal intellectual footing this time.

    The story, up until now, didn’t work for me because every one involved was dumbed down in order to help the Chloe character shine brighter. What was actually accomplished, however, was to cause me to hate the character (not love-to-hate, just hate) and to think that she can not stand on her own. I believe that a well-written character does not have to come at the expense of the others on the show.

  43. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I’ve read this article a few times now and I came back again because of the insight that LML had a better handle on Cane than the current regime. This is sooooo true! I don’t think anybody needs to take notes on anything LML did — except for Cane and for Cane’s relationship with Lily.

  44. Profile photo of monamis


    If you call Lily out for Nagging, call Chloe out for stalking. Her incessant neediness, and self-absorption kills hard-ons faster than any nagging Lily did. For all her nagging, they keep coming back! Trust, Billy wishes he could still get a sniff!

  45. Profile photo of monamis

    Can’t argue with your opinion Jamey, but you are asking the Quad to be driven by a one dimensional character that has no depth and no romantic chemistry with anyone in the Quad. Appealing? There, I’m going to definitely disagree. Ce la Vie!

  46. Profile photo of Brittany

    The molester/stalker Chloe is about as much ‘fun’ as being in labor for a month with no man or meds, as ‘energetic’ as bad crack after a heroin high, and as ‘appealing’ as a tainted grapefruit! But, to each his or her own, for there is no accounting for taste, or lack thereof! LOL!!

    And as for Lily being a nag to Daniel, the little tranny… if! Funny, he kept coming back, didn’t he, trying to get another taste of her milkshake!

  47. Profile photo of monamis

    Soul Sistah Over here! Jamey, Thanks for writing this. CK fans appreciate it. You guys at DC can come off a little unfair sometimes. But it’s nice to see you have a heart and compassion for the diverse fan base you have.

  48. Profile photo of Brittany

    OMG! You just had to go and show your true colours, didn’t you? For your information, Christel DOES RESONATE RESOUNDLY with blacks, as well as Latinos, Asians, and Y&R Viewers across the board who love Romance and Love, which is LANE–CK’s Lily and DG’s Cane! Your statement is so ignorant and reflective of some of TIIC of Y&R and CBS Daytime who want to pigeonhole these two fine Actors!

    When YOU want to take a stand on the GAY AND LESBIAN ACTORS on Y&R who are allowed to do their job as part of a heterosexual relationship without being examined under a microscope, then we can talk!

  49. Profile photo of arizona66


    Ah, now we get down to the down and dirty talk, as a AA woman I can say I know IRL AA men who have never dated black women and love their black mothers just fine, and I know black and asian women who never date in their race. I know some gay black men who don’t date black men. Now as far as I can remember is there a black young man of Lily’s age and class that is not related to her on Y & R? Should Y & R cast a black man just for Lily, and segregate Lily to the back of the Y & R bus. I don’t think so.

    What we are discussing is s social cultural issue. I have a question what if Lily really did prefer white men? Would that be wrong? If a man prefers a man is that wrong, or a woman prefers a woman is that wrong?

    You known it is funny CK’s Lily is not Black enough on screen but I bet she is black enough off screen and to TAIC, while they prop and pimp their pet EH’s Chloe over her, giver her better writing, wardrobe, publicity and make her center stage in the quad. Hearkening back to what Victoria Rowell said in the interview she did with DC. about favoritism at Y & R and subtle discrimination.

    I honestly think we should celebrate the moment that a AA woman can be in a front burner story with two white men. There was a time that would have NEVER happened.

  50. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I am am black woman and CK’s version of Lily appeals to me. She is not like me in any way, but she appeals to me in the sense that I understand that we AAs are all different. We come from different cultural experiences, socioeconomic backgrounds, etc. and I am not offended at seeing all of the different ways that we exist portrayed onscreen.

    What I do find offensive is when people try to put African-Americans in a box, as if there is only one look or one expression to which we are allowed. AA does not necessarily equal ‘tude, loudness or ignorance. We also have class, intelligence, good taste and gracefulness. I know black women who have never rolled their necks one time. Or cussed. Or do any of the other things that people TRY to associate with my blackness. My people are many things. And while I personally may not look, or sound or act like Lily, I do enjoy Lily just being herself. She is a product of her own environment, not my own, and that makes her OK with me. If Victoria Rowell, Dru, Neil & I can all be products of our environment, then why can’t Christel Khalil or Lily Winters?

    IMO, Lily’s failure to date black men in Genoa City has more to do with the Casting Director and Executive Producer’s failure to hire them (and make them unrelated to her), rather than Lily’s denouncement of all things black. Perhaps some of this energy could be redirected to the ones who make the hiring decisions. So far, the only black male on the show who is unrelated to Lily is the hunky Gill (who I would give my right arm to kiss right now).

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