B&B Weekly Recap

Catch up on last week’s events on The Bold and the Beautiful.

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    Darren Lomas

    Troy, it is more contrived nonsense. Her son Rick saved Ridge from falling off a building (!) but Ridge cannot get over the fact that Rick "killed" his daughter (and is now dating daughter #2)… Ridge wants Rick gone from FC, but Brooke wants them to be one big happy family… can Ridge love her unconditionally or will her son drive a wedge between them?!

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    Something is up with Jake and Thomas…just not sure what it will be! They seem to be appearing more often, which makes me wonder if they aren’t up to something..either together or seperately.

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    Darren Lomas

    Soap Stud, they seem to bring Jake out whenever there’s a whodunnit on the horizon. I don’t get his presence at the moment though.

    Right now they’re trying to show how much Thomas hates Rick… I think next week we’ll see Thorne, Marcus and Owen do the same… and then OMG an attempt on his life!!

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    B&B is a hot mess right now and I am sure Bill Bell is rolling in his grave. Why when I watch this soap do I get sick to my stomach? As much as I loathe Stephanie, I’d rather watch her and the muleface girl who use to be Grace on Y&R go at it over the old man than this train wreck. Also, Ron Moss and Hunter Tylo look horrible! Get them off the sceen, please!

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    Jake is a perv the way he keeps eying people these days.

    Ridge is a hypocrite. He wants to defend trampy Steffie but Brooke can’t do the same for her bratty son.

    And for the record that ditsy Phoebe killed herself – she was too stupid to realize that a person shouldn’t distract or attack the person driving you crazy curly haired ass. She just committed suicide – she just didn’t realize – poor girl.

    What can i say – the whole of Taylor and Ridge’s children are stupid and inept as they are.

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    B&B Get some new men or use the one’s you’ve got. Like Owen, Thorn, Thomas. Brad was so hot and it’s a shame he’s gone. If Brook and Ridge split, which they will and he’ll end up with Taylor again, then Nick will have 3 woman after him….I’m so tired of Rick and Steffi story line, please don’t let Steffi be pregnant…….

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    Brooke, your woo-hoo been tasted by every guy in LA, Ridge is not into it anymore. Move on. I wish that rick would of let Ridge fall and Steffy be on the ground and Ridge fall on Steffy and got rid of both awful characters. Crazy Aunt Pam could go crazy and take out Donna, Marcus, and Katie in one swoop and Felicia and Thorne would be president and Eric be a old geezer chasing after Brooke again.

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