DAYS Video Preview

On this week's NBC Days of Our Lives Video Preview, Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) finally breaks off her engagement with Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) and returns that very sparkly ring... but does she tell him the truth about her steamy affair with Daniel (Shawn Christian)?

Should Chloe tell Lucas the truth about Daniel?


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Thanks for posting this Brooke! I'm not watching DAYS at the moment, but I like to stay up to date on what's going on.

I voted for Chloe shouldn't tell him and to Run Like Hell before Kate finds out, lol

Chloe + Daniel = SMOKIN' HOT!!

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Thanks for posting the clip. I love Chloe and I think the scene looks great. I wish this would be a permanent breakup. If TPTB at Days want to see their ratings really pick up they need to put Phillip and Chloe back together. They have the potential and history to be a supercouple.
Instead, the writers seems to be content to divide up one smokin' hot couple and pair them with a few mismatched people for the result of two or three so-so couples.
Sad. Nadia and Jay have such great chemistry.

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I voted for Don't Care. I'm so bored with this storyline can't even be bothered enough to watch the promo -lol! Poor Lucas should swear off women - he just ends up getting cheated on every single time.