General Hospital: BJ's Heart

On February 24th, General Hospital is revisiting one of its most memorable and literally heart breaking storylines ever penned. Maxie's dream will ask the question how life in Port Charles would have turned out if it had been Maxie Jones (then portrayed by Robyn Richards) who died that fateful day rather than her cousin Barbara Jean (BJ). Above is a clip of that great storyline that got Frisco's (Jack Wagner) butt back in PC at his daughter's side. More clips after the jump.


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I didn't watch GH doing this era, but I know about it because it was an iconic part of GH history and still is the most critically acclaim s/l of GH. I think the show had heart back then and had people to root for and care about, but now I just don't care about anyone on this show anymore because of the writing for them has be dismal. I think that GH needs to do something before it wont be a show to tune into.