Martha Madison Books Criminal Minds

Sorry Days of Our Lives and Guiding Light fans, Martha Madison herself has confirmed she isn't headed to Peapack. The former Salemite cutie just Facebooked me.

"I'm the new Michelle Bauer???" LOL! I didn't even know they were casting for that. I assure you that it's not true."

Madison did share, however, she had booked a guest-starring gig on a CBS primetime show.

"The only job in the works for right now is Criminal Minds," the actress reveals. "Just booked a guest star yesterday actually."

The soap sweatheart will start filming her gig on fellow sudser alum Shemar Moore's hit procedural on the 20th of this month.


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YAY Martha's got a gig!!!! Hopefully this will lead to something more long term for her. She's talented and a sweetheart to her fans - she deserves something!

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31 March 2008
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Good for Martha!!

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2 January 2008
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Martha wouldve been great as a marah recast

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I think the show has just started the process and I could see the show contacting her for the role of Marah or Michelle Bauer.

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She is so adorable! What a sweetie cutie nice girl!
I hope she is a GREAT success but most of all happy!

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I wish her all the best. I really enjoyed her as Belle on Days and think she can make it in prime time. I will keep an eye out for her on this show.