Octo Mom Gives Birth to Ratings Spike For Dr. Phil

Britney Spears may have (smartly) turned down Dr. Phil's offer for televised "help" last year, but Octo Mom Nadya Suleman was all-too willing to be counseled by the burly shrink in front of millions of trainwreck junkies. Suleman's Feb. 11 appearance on the talk show saw ratings for Dr. Phil increase by 6 percent. Hmm, maybe she should do a cameo on fertility-obssessed All My Children? Zach Slater hasn't impregnated anyone in oh, what has it been, 10 months or so? If not, she can always join the touring cast of The Vagina Monologues. Something tells me her love box would have quite a bit to talk about, and I for one would love to hear what it has to say for itself!


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25 December 2008
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This woman scares me and the doctors that implanted her with all those embryos scares me even more.

Not even Passions could think up a character like her.

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29 May 2008
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I have lost whatever respect I had left for Dr. Phil.

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3 December 2008
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Why are we even giving this irresponsible woman any mention? I thought this blog was about daytime. I mean, I understand Dr. Phil is a daytime show but he is not even legit. Who cares that his show saw a ratings increase? I just care about the future of soaps!!!!! Who else is with me?