Quote of the Day: "You're A Desperate, Bitter Woman. I'm Sorry You Have No Love Life!"

Kate Linder's Esther Valentine ripped into Jill (Jess Walton) today on The Young and the Restless after learning that Jill had been investigating her new husband by throwing Jill's lack of a love life back in her face and I think it deserves my the quote of the day.

What was your quote of the day from your favorite soap?


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that particular scene was my favourite!
i was rooting for Esther, and it was awesome to finally see her snap back at all of Jill's quips and remarks.
Even though we know Jill is right, it was nice to see Esher put Jill in her seat and tell her to sit!

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Whom is Esther talking about?

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I think the best thing on a soap yesterday (Tues.) was not any dialogue at all but rather David Vicker's facial expressions in Rex's direction when he learned Rex was his son on OLTL. Those had me laughing out loud, quite literally.

Some other good dialogue from today's (Wed's) Y&R:

*Esther defending Chloe from Jill's remarks.

*Chloe's quote to Esther right before Esther left to buy Chloe clothes from the hospital gift shop to leave the hospital in: "Remember, pink velour does not touch my body." Then a few minutes later we see Chloe wearing a bright pink velour jump suit.

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I also liked Rex's "What?" when Bo told him David was his father and David trying to get a hug and then calling Rex "son."