Beauty and the BeastMaster

I may not be a fan of Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil), but I know some of you are. So for those of you who love this couple, here are the BeastMaster and his beauty. More pictures after the jump.

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    …Oh and that music was AMAZINGLY bad.
    It was like they thought that if they tried to make their music more interesting then maybe they would become interesting through osmosis (well, since they lacked water– no heat! I tells ya– more like simple diffusion).

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    I lurve this couple. They exude romance, sexy and passion. Ok Y&R writers lets start writing great s/l for this couple –“Future generation of Y&R”

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    I think Cane & Lily were amazing! I have missed them so much. Besides being drop dead gorgeous they have TONS of chemistry. I have never been so into a soap couple before. Now if the lying stalker-ho chick could just get what she deserves all would be good in GC for me! DG and CK brought it! Us Lane fans have been waiting 8 months for this!

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    Those 2 are sexy as hell. They were sizzling up the screen in that scene. I really missed them together & their scenes today were the high point of the episode for me. The love scene was well directed and both actors did a great job selling the characters’ love & joy at finally re-connecting again. Bravo Y&R!

    Love Lily and Cane, individually and together. Hope they get a good story line after having to suffer through the last 8 months of crappy writing and boring 1980s baby drama.

    Love them or hate them, they sure keep people talking!

  5. Profile photo of BigDede

    I know this is about Lane so I have to say I am pissed Lily just said yes so fast. Couldn’t she have said no until Cane gets his stuff together. Tell him she doesn’t want to raise Chloe’s daughter.

    But I must say Chloe made a little bit of a fan out of me today. Loved Jack as usual.

  6. Profile photo of justangel24

    I’m sorry but the only thing I paid attention to in that scene was Lily’s nose. What is wrong with it? Has her nose always been that strange.

    I’ve seen Skinimax movies “love scenes” that are better than that…so has Daniel.

  7. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I really, REALLY enjoyed the love scenes between Cane & Lily! Lawd knows I’ve dreamed about it long enough! I will agree that the music was really, really bad – but watching with the sound muted was hotttt!

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    The scenes in the bookstore were great. The stuff in the bedroom for the most part…meh! 80s guitar in full effect! What was that soundtrack, Whitesnake! Yuck!

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    I’m so glad Cane/Lily are together again.

    The bookstore scene was my favorite. I agree that the music during their love scene could of been better. But they were was still hot.

    LANE is back. Props to CK and DG.

  10. Profile photo of kerfuffles

    I’m glad Lane fans got their couple back together, but it did nothing for me personally. I just don’t see any heat between them. They are two beautiful people, but the only thing that kept their love scene from being a complete snooze was the music. It was like the soundtrack to a Skinamax movie. Yoinks! It had me laughing out loud.

  11. Profile photo of missogi

    Wow it even looks boring in the stills. They have all the right ingredients but the dish never comes out right. Yawn city! The bookstore scenes were ridiculous and the love scene was even worse. It’s a shame too because they are both beautiful.

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    Oh yes, I actually like the idea of Cane & Devon… that would be crazy hot!
    Damn you for giving me hope of a better relationship for Cane than Chloe (I never really liked Cane until he started to have scenes with Chloe, he was just too boring to pay attention to, and when they started to bond over the baby, I had hoped that he would develop feelings for her b/c that would have been interesting for the quad; i.e. more conflict for the fallout).

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    Don’t like them at all, not much chemistry.

    I am sorry for Lane fans though, because it was so fast and so unromantic!

    More like I want Delia, need a lay and a mother, come on down Lily!

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    Those were by far the best scenes I have seen on a soap. DG and CK have amazing chemistry and you can feel the love between Cane and Lily!! Go Team Lane!

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    Lane is hot. I don’t know what some of you have been watching but Lane has amazing chemistry and love. They are the most romantic, loving, caring and genuine couple on y&r. They are the only reason I watch y&r. Lane Forever. They truly epitomize “SuperCouple”.

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    IA with G4666! Lane was the reason I started back watching regularly. I had quit watching during the Gloria show. Now that this has become the Chloe show, I’m not watching every day anymore. In fact, as a viewer, I’m hanging on by a thread. Lane had a half-assed reunion and the Winters are still segregated like this was 1950s Mississippi.

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    I LOVE this pair! Wasn’t expecting to, but damnit, when yah got it, yah got it. DG’s Cane and CK’s Lily has it to the nth degree. Let’s hope Y&R start appreciating the commodity they have in Lane and write them accordingly!!! Viva la Lane!!!

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