Caption This: The Young And The Faceless

Take your best Caption This shot at this scene from today’s The Young and the Restless.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Lynn Marie Latham: You thought you were rid of me Maria, but soon, very soon, I’ll be back to take what’s mine! Once these bandages come off, I will kill off the remaining members of the Abbott clan, snatch those diamonds and furs away from Melody, give Victor Newman Tourette’s and a talking parot, turn Newman Enterprises into Lotus Point and put my muse Judith Chapman back on the front burner where she so richly deserves to be!

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    Ahahahahahaha, Jamey!
    Victor Newman: Son of a bitch, Son of a bitch!
    (… er wait was that Victor or does his parrot also have Tourette’s)?

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    Y and R fan and critic

    I’m sorry Mr Braden. I’ve been a Y & R fan for a long time. But this storyline about Katherine Chancellor and that stupid 80’s cop show cast of charecters holding her hostage is just SO STUPID that I am so ashamed to be a fan. I won’t show my face until that foolishness is over.

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    Say what you want, but this mystery woman twist what soaps are all about and no one on Y&R can pull this off the way TGVN can!!! Go on, Maria, Hogan, Scott and Paul. You are truly the heads of daytime’s crown jewel.

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