Just How Pathetic Will GH Make the Cassadines?

Since NotEmily’s (Natalia Livingston) arrival in Port Charles I’ve been trying to figure out what The Powers That Be were up to. Today I think I figured it out. This has to be a conspiracy to make the once proud Cassadine family even more pathetic than the lows achieved during the Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) as Dobson the Butler storyline.

I refuse to believe that any Cassadine, even one birthed by the sainted womb of Laura Spencer and who many believe to be "the good Cassadine," would be so pathetic as to do what Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) is doing now.

This is not how a Cassadine behaves, much less the prince of the Cassadines. Any Cassadine worth their salt would manipulate, steal, kidnap, or even kill to get what they want. Look at what Stefan and Stavros did because of their "love" for Laura. Alexis killed to protect Kristina. I won’t even go into the many things that Helena has done. 

I understand that the Cassadines seem to live in their own little universe. Alexis spends more time sparring with Diane than with her nephew, but she doesn’t actually have a story. Occasionally, such as today, we see Nikolas and Alexis in scenes together. Nikolas spent most of 2008 with Nadine or mourning Emily in solitude, but other than a few scenes with Liz and Lucky he’s a standalone character.

Is it to much too hope to ask that the two remaining Cassadines be integrated into the show more? Oh and can someone, with a bit of vampire knowledge, please tell me at what age a Vampire goes through puberty? It’s time for Nikolas to grow a pair of fangs and embrace his darker side. I’m over Nikolas the good Cassadine.

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    Is it to much too hope to ask that the two remaining Cassadines be integrated into the show more?

    *sigh* Sam is a Cassadine too Luke. I know you don’t *want* her to be, but she is…

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    Courtney fan4life


    Nik is just useless and pathetic. With Emily he was a bore. With tumor Emily he was reduced to a pathetic idiot.He wanted to die and leave his son PARENTLESS to be with a tumor. Now hes stalking Chewbecca and he looks absolutely pathetic. And then he offered the waitress 20 dollars. He is coming off really creepy.

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    GH does nothing but make me sick these days.

    I hate what they did to Sonny and Kate. Sonny is back to the usual sleeze bag he always was. Claudia is a skank, who gets away with murder.

    Liason – I’m having more and more respect for Liason fans everyday. As I realize SKate has been broken up basically for 6 months now for no good reason I realize so has Liason and all that they had gone through and all the empty promises. Its complete horse poo.

    Nic/NotEmily – who cares!

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    I have to agree with Luke on this. The whole “good Cassadine” worked when they had other bad Cassadines on the show to balance it out. It would be nice to see Nikolas show his more darker roots. Considering that Guza only knows how to “write” for bad guys (mobsters), it makes more sense for Nik to mix up his kind side with his bad side. He has been reduced to being pathetic like pretty much every other character in town. Other than Scrubs and Spixie (who are probably going to be out of each others orbits for a long time) there truly is nothing worth watching on this show. 2008 and 2009 have been horrible to watch for this GH fan.

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    I want him to grab Helena’s knife and gut his cousin Spam like a fish! ROTF Fillet-o-Crotch Crickets anyone?

    Er…at least Jamey is admitting Sam is a Cassadine? I guess I can be happy about that…

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    Ughhhhhhh. Poor Sam. I guess I’m with daisy on this one. At least your admitting she is related to Nik and Alexis. That’s all I Sam fan can hope for, I suppose. Haha. Can we talk about the reasons why we like Sam again?? Lol.

    Dumb, dumb Nikolas. I could barely watch those scenes. Snoozefest.

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    I agree with the others, GH is pretty boring these days. I have actually quit watching daily and only occasionally watch it on Soapnet . . . when there is nothing else on.

    I had the misfortune of catching Captain Jack Sparrow (I mean, Ethan) in the jail cell with Luke. It’s a shame that these new people are getting all the scenes and the veterans are suffering for screen time.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Er…at least Jamey is admitting Sam is a Cassadine? I guess I can be happy about that…
    Well of course she’s a Cassadine! She kills without a conscience, does whatever it takes to suite her agenda, gets so obessive about her object of affection she does unspeakable things and she has those nifty, Meditterean good looks working for her!

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    lol, these posts r so fun…

    Totally disappointed with the way Skate and Liason ended…

    Nikolas (and GH) bore me to tears. I too DVR it and only watch if the recap sounds good, and FF most of the show.

    So they kill off characters with potential like Georgie and Leyla and cast Olivia and Ethan…

    Whatever happened to Spinelli and Sam finding out who their dads are?

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    That’s why I LOVED Stephen Martinez’s Nik. He was a good boy because of his loyalty but he was a bad boy Cassadine.

    TC’s Nik has NEVER acted like a Cassadine. They treat him like his balls are made of gold.

    Stephen Martinez plus bad girl Gia were a goldmine.

    This Fairytale Prince Cassadine is not a true Cassadine. It’s time for him to grow fangs, etc. He needs to hurry and be bad.

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    Over reacting much? What’s the big deal about this goof ball scene, it was just as stupid as Jax and Carly in the elevator or Max and Diane with a can of soup. It’s their attempt at funny I guess. Luke it’s okay, don’t get your panties in a twist. I’m just teasing you. Still, nit a big deal.

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    Courtney fan4life

    I know Jamey and Regan hate Sam and god knows I do as well BUT compared to liz i like Sam. Liz plays this sweet angel role ALL THE DAM TIME! And shes far from perfect but always plays the victim role. Cant stand it!

    And she acts like her and jason made a miracle. No honey you made a baby any bitch in heat can do that.

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    Haters are gonna hate, is anyone on Team Sam surprised LOL.

    I think its time for Nik to stop lurking and find out exactly who this rebecca really is. What happened to the spoiler regarding him hiring Sam. I say bring it on, esp. since Sam and Nik make awesome friends and cousins.

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    Siz (Sam and Liz)

    Sometimes that’s what I call Sam and Liz, but I usually use that particular squish name for my dream couple:
    12 Years in the making baby!

    As for Nik…I like him, and while there was always something sweet about him and Emily, I felt that the relationship dragged him down. I wish they’d find something interesting for him to do.

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    Ahhhh lmfao, daisy!!! You crack me up!!! It would get Liz the hell away from Jason and Lucky…and get Sonny away from Claudia and Carly!! (Although I am a Skate fan lol). Haha at least it would be something new and not a recycled storyline…wink, wink you poopface writers. Lol Siz!. Hahhahhhaaaa.

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    “She got to the part on a resume where they asked if she had a high school diploma and she panicked. ”

    I haven’t seen any evidence that she can actually read. She did ask Lucky to help her fill out an application. I assumed that was because she couldn’t read but maybe she doesn’t know how to spell either.

  17. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    ashlovesgh: I’m glad you liked it! LOL And you’re right, people keep saying they want something new and not recycled, and Sonny and Liz would definitely be new! :) Plus, it would make Liz fans happy because she’d be on the front burner ;)

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    “ashlovesgh: I’m glad you liked it! LOL And you’re right, people keep saying they want something new and not recycled, and Sonny and Liz would definitely be new! Plus, it would make Liz fans happy because she’d be on the front burner ”

    Daisy – You are wrong on both counts. There would be nothing new about Sonny sexing it up with yet another woman. New would be if he actually grew up and stayed with a woman in a long term relationship while not screaming about betrayal among broken barware.

    Speaking for myself, I prefer Liz is seen less than she jump aboard the Sonny train. Does any woman deserve that?

  19. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    I would *love* to see a non-screaming, non-barware throwing Sonny in a longterm relationship. And why can’t that woman be Liz? A “good” woman who makes him change his ways. Emily was a drip – he needs someone like Liz, who’s got some snark to her. And could you imagine Carly’s reaction?? Her head would explode!! LOL (sorry EET!!)

  20. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Lol daisy, yep yep. It really did make me crack up. Really, I’m sooo bored with gh right now…except, of course the Jasam stuff. And the stuff that is coming up got me all excited!!! Haha are you getting your hopes up yet?? Cuz mine are starting to get up there lol. Anyways, “Siz” would be sooo funny to watch…sweet, maternal Elizbeth with dangerous, coocoo crazy Sonny. Haha I would loose my mind!!

  21. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    No my dream couple is Piz – Patrick and Lizard. I mean really Robin is suffering from PPD and Lizard is lonely – pretty much all the justification Hosebeth needs to move in. Its a lot easier to creep next door for a cup of sugar than to climb 29 flights of stairs in the dark. LOL

    And for the last time, Sam got her GED when she was living with her mom. But its more fun to make stuff up.

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    I’m thinking G.H. must be totally boring because noone posts about it on the board anymore at all it seems except in reply to something Perkie may post but then again noone talks about the great OLTL which everyone seems to love but that I am super behind on on the board anymore either it seems.

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    Why would Elizabeth wanna hook up with Sonny when she was with Jason? No reason for her to jump on the crazy train. :shudder:

    I did find Nikolas’ battle with the mop funny…he didn’t wring out the mop and slopped a ton of water on the floor. So it was predictable that he’d fall into it. I guess he never watched Alfred work bucket-wringer thingie. That’s our Prince!

  24. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Because Elizabutch and Sonny have history, they are 12 years in the making. Havent you noticed the looks between them? How Sonny tried to back Lizard off back around the ONS by reminding her that Jason loves Sam – sure Jason loves Sam, but clearly sonny said that in the hopes that Lizard would admit her feelings for him. Plus he keeps getting shot in the hopes that Lizard will be the one to find him. They could be like the Brady bunch.

    But as great as Siz could be, I would rather see Piz. Then her halo would finally be snatched off her head.

  25. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Lol sueboo, its cool. I’m very much aware that not everyone likes Sam, and thats fine. I understand. I have learned to roll with it and laugh at what people say….sometimes lol. Your comment kinda made me laugh and cringe/cry at the same time haha. Honestly though, there are lots of people who are intelligent that did not graduate from high school sooo… Lol I actually think Sam is very informed, creative and bright-in addition to having those street smarts of hers. Oh and I do believe that she got her GED when her and Jason were apart the first time. Anyways, do you think that you could cut my Fair Samantha a break lol?? (Haha Go Team Sam.)

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    Nikolas has turned into a prop, like the rest of PC. The only charatcers that matter to Frons & Guza are Sonny, Carly, & Jason (and whoever they’re screwing this month). And even the three of them have been turned into caricatures of their former selves. TBTP took the popularity of these characters and ran them into the ground, making the rest of the show suffer.

    I admit that Guza was one hell of a writer back in the day, but he’s burned out now. We need new blood writing this show. At least a Co-HW to balance out the mob crab and even give that a fresh take.

    What would make this storyline worth it is if Helena comes to town “exposing” Rebecca as a con, then having the whole town turn on her. This will be when the audience learns that she’s really an amnesiac Emily. But, this is Frons & Guza. A story like that would make too much sense…

  27. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    As Jamey likes to remind us, she does have a healthy womb, and you know how attractive Sonny finds that characteristic in a woman!

    That said, my CarSon and ClauSon loving heart cant root for Siz.

  28. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    I love beautiful, smart, funny, sexy daring, capable women paired with men of the same caliber in adventurous and interesting character driven storylines.

    I dont like wussy, hypocritical, holier than thou, I am so good please bow to me types latched on to some random guy while they watch paint dry.

    Go Figure?!


    Best, its all good.

  29. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Well, EET, that wasn’t the case with Jasam the first time around. Sam was a strong character when she first got on GH, then she was paired with Jason.

    That girl got turned into a blithering, whiny, insecure idiot over those 3 years. When they broke them up, she was finally starting to get her footing back. I may be able to take JaSam if she’s written differently this time around. I don’t want her to be Jason’s “Yes” woman…

  30. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    She had her moments of whininess – most female characters do given the male oriented writing perspective at GH, however I find it hard to think of a woman as weak and whiny after she was a driving force in finding Michael and she saved Jason from Manny and other various mobsters and survived all that she did during that time period. No doubt about it, Sam is tough as nails.

    And since you only called out JaSam, I am going to assume then that you agree with me that ClauSon and CarSon fit that description:


    I love beautiful, smart, funny, sexy daring, capable women paired with men of the same caliber in adventurous and interesting character driven storylines.

  31. Profile photo of THEBEST

    No, I don’t agree. CarSon should have been a done deal once Tamara Braun left. We have seen 4 Carlys. Sonny doesn’t have to boink all of them. I never was a fan of that couple, anyway. ClauSon is a lame attempt at trying to catch lightning in a bottle twice. It ain’t working.

    Skate were a perfectly good couple, but Frons decided to piss on some trees and give us his version of GH, which sucks ass. Listening to a focus group that gets PAID to watch your shows will get you on the unemployment line, Fronsie. :)

  32. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Skate was a perfectly lame couple that had its time..that time came and went. I always hear from the Jiz folks that their #1 complaint is that the story was never told and although I wholeheartedly degree with that take, there certainly isnt the same issue with Skate. They rediscovered each other, had multiple proposals and even got a wedding, even if said wedding was interrupted. They had romantic trips, trials and tribulations to overcome, and plenty of airtime and time in terms of length of relationship.

    My CarSon heart wonders what that relationship would look like now after all these years and ultimately they are the destiny couple here. ClauSon is a chance to see the opposite of Skate. Kate saw SOnny as she wanted him to be, not how he was. She didnt fit into his life the way it is. What will sonny feel dating a woman so much like himself….hmmmm… plus they have oodles of chemistry. And its a bit of a waste to have a big name like SJB and not put her in a front burner story. In the end, that only leaves two – four choices – Sonny, Jason and to a lesser extent Jax and Nik. You can argue that those four shouldnt be the stars, but the reality is they are.

  33. Profile photo of THEBEST

    I’m not going to argue, EET. Unfortunately, you are right. It’s really sad, though, when you have someone of Rick Hearst’s caliber on this show and you don’t use him at all.

    CarSon is a toxic couple that deserves to stay out of each other’s orbit. Carly has found her soul mate in Jax, while Sonny is still waiting for Brenda to come back home. The couple could have made it with Tams or Sarah in the role, but after many recasts and years later, it doesn’t work anymore.

  34. Profile photo of maxsmom

    The couples we root for begin with individuals we root for: Why exactly should I root for Sam? or Nicholas? or even Alexis as rewritten by Bob Guza? The idea that Alexis has a bad boy fetish is ridiculous. She and Sonny worked together daily and an attraction developed, the “relationship” lasted for a week before he relized he still loved Carly. Alexis, Nicholas, and Sam or in the same family, Bob Guza’s poorly written character family. Bob Guza needs to write and create his own show rather than revamping the 45 year old GH. Even the potentially good storylines are marred by inconsistenties, I talking about Robin’s PPD. I have a 9 month old who has had approx. 6 scheduled dr. visits and at each visit I complete a form which looks for PPD, if there is even a slight indication the doctor reccomends therapy. He can’t insist but the recommendation is made, as her husband Patrick would be there for the conversations with the doctor so he would not be in denial, again this storyline could be better if it was more realistic of course Mr. Guza would have to look up realistic in a dictionary since he doesn’t live in Soapland, he live in Plot Hole Land

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    I want him to grab Helena’s knife and gut his cousin Spam like a fish! ROTF Fillet-o-Crotch Crickets anyone?
    ROFL ROFL yum! ROFL.

  36. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    “Any biotch in heat could do that” is what Carly said to Liz, but guess what, Carly can’t. She was trying with Jax and couldn’t. Not every woman can have a child, for example, Sam.

  37. Profile photo of LostHope4GH

    I give anyone on Team Sam or Team Liz or Team Siz (Sam and Liz) a lot of credit. They take a lot of heat. So many ppl hate these two characters… But different POV’s make it interesting…

    Is Helena ever gonna come backk? I wish it came out that she has kept the real Lucky hostage and brainwashed Emily. Greg Vaughn’s Lucky could be some dude brainwashed by Helena into thinking he is Lucky. Then when the real Lucky and Emily come back, GV’s Lucky has to figure out who he really is… Meanwhile Nikolas could go into a crazy rage to try and kill Helena for making him think Emily was dead. Lame, I know, I just miss Jonathon Jackson’s Lucky and the Cassadine’s evilness…

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