OLTL’S Bree Williamson To Michael Fairman: “It Was Awful!”

One Life To Live star Bree Williamson (Jessica) recently had a chat with Michael Fairman about her alter ego’s reign of terror. The actress also discussed her take on dueling sisters storyline with Jessica and Natalie (Melissa Archer).

MICHAEL: We learned awhile back, the awful truth that Jessica did want harm to come to her sister Natalie, and that was not just Tess wanting that. Did you know that it was going to be written that way? Jessica just stood back and let all of the awful torture that Tess did to Natalie and Jared happen!

BREE: I knew that was coming, and it’s only half the story. It’s awful! I love what they are doing with the sisters, with them fighting and having this whole sibling rivalry. Down deep it’s convoluted and confusing with different personalities. On the surface, it’s very normal, with both of them wanting the love and affection of their mother. I saw a recent air show where Natalie was asking her mother to take her side, and I think that’s true to life with siblings. Usually, they are always trying to vie for their parent’s attention. It’s great to play and a great story.

To read more of Williamson’s interview visit MichaelFairmanSoaps.com.

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    She is such a great actress and I did enjoy their storyline. I have to check out this show coming up…it’s been a while, I was sick of it’s sillyness and couldn’t get into the storylines but that was almost a year ago, got to try again!

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    Bree Williamson and Melissa Archer are great. They haven’t missed a beat in their scenes together. This is (IMO) the most compelling story on OLTL at the moment. It’s a shame it’s not being featured more, but I’m relieved (in light of the mending of fences the sisters have done in recent weeks) to hear Bree say that there is more to come. I was afraid that once again a really great potential story had been dropped. OLTL is missing the boat by not putting this story in the spotlight.

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    I love Bree Williamson as Jessica. I remember seeing Erin Torpey as Jessica and liking her as well, but I think Bree is great and has done great stuff with the character.
    I think this story will come more into the forefront when the storyline with David’s paternity wraps up.

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    TV Gord

    The reason this is such a great storyline is that you can see both sides and you could side with either one of them and not feel as though you’re siding with evil over good. It’s not often that these true dilemmas come along, but when they do, they are sweet and juicy and I bet they are a riot for the actors to play!

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