Days of Our Lives Quote of the Day: “We’re a Full Service Agency”

The quote of the day comes from Days of Our Lives’ Rafe (Galen Gering) when he told a glowering EJ (James Scott) that the FBI is a "full service agency." The best part was that as the scene played out you could just see EJ getting more and more jealous of Rafe’s relationship with Sami (Alison Sweeney).

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    Considering EJ spent most of Tuesdsay’s not even remotely insinuation Sami was jealous of Nicole and that’s what her behavior was about, it’s nice to see him get a comeuppance in the form of Rafe.

    I am actually intrigued to see how this will play out.

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    This is why I watch. Sami drives story. They can get rid of Patch and Kayla, Tony, and Chelsea (I won’t say that about Marlena because I love her) but they can’t get rid of my girl, Sami. I tune in for her. She is the reason I keep watching this soap. I don’t care how bad it gets, I watch because she is on.

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    Caption: “Maybe she was serious about me denouncing my DiMera tendencies”.

    “We are a full service agency” was about the laughing penguins that Rafe acquired for Johnny and Allie as a Christmas present and was stabbed in the process. My first thought about that quote was the DiMeras kill or maim their enemies, but Rafe went over and above his job description in harm’s way for Sami. Rafe will be a good visual example for EJ of what Sami was asking EJ to give up from his heritage for their now anulled marriage.

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    Bangel Angle

    Any character can drive story. If you invest time in them. The fact that show only wants to write for a chosen few is the reason I do *not* watch.

    I could care less about EJ. There goes four storylines being written now that won’t sway me in. I could care less about Nicole. And though I used to love Sami, seeing her the way they’ve made her… it’s a travesty.

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    Sami should be the cold, calculating bitch that she was meant to be. I’m not saying that the4 character can’t grow, but she should still be the spitfire that we love t hate…

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    I loved the show today and am really looking forward to seeing Sami and Rafe’s relationship grow. I loved how Rafe stood up to EJ. It’s only gonna get better from here! Great work Galen!

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    I agree desert – I loved the way not only Rafe, but Sami stood up to E.J. When Sami came back into the room and heard E.J. telling Rafe he could leave Sami said “that he can not order people of of HER home and tells E.J. that HE is the one that can leave.” How great was THAT!

    On another note, just what is Nicole going to try to do with Grace AND how super was it that Stefano had one of his henchmen following Nicole.

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    Who does Sami not have chemistry with? She sure had it with Rafe and EJ today. Although Sami seemed to be letting go of EJ, which he more than deserves. I just can’t figure out what is happening with her and Grace. Grace should be with Sami.

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    With Melanie as the top HO. Yeah, Days is the show about sleep around and not good s/ls. That’s what Dena does. She is a awful writer and needs to go if Days going to stick around much longer.

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