Eddie Cibrian Lands Washington Field

Guest star go-to and former soap hunk Eddie Cibrian has landed the new CBS pilot Washington Field, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The drama centers around an FBI squad "made up of experts who travel the world responding to crises that concern U.S. national interests."

I went back and looked at Cibrian’s filmography on IMDB. Since leaving Sunset Beach he’s appeared on or starred in Tilt, Third Watch, Invasion, Vanished, Criminal MindsDirty Sexy Money, Samantha Who?, Ugly Betty and The Starter Wife, to name a few.

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  1. Profile photo of Beth

    Uhm, does that picture represent his wardrobe for this new show? Because it sounds kind of blah, but I’m willing to mute it and just enjoy it in my own special way.

  2. Profile photo of SusieQ

    I think we should all start with emailing CBS a towel wardrobe request for him -lol!

    This show sounds like 24 meets Criminal Minds – but hey, I watch Criminal Minds for former soap eye candy, why not this show!

  3. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    OMG…how did I make it through the entire day without seeing this picture?! I think I’ve found a new background for my computer. I remember being around 14 when he became my first soap hunk crush on Sunset Beach and he is even hotter today!

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