Who Would You Rather Lather?: Brody vs. Rick vs. Rex

Who Would You Lather?

Who Would You Rather Lather?: Brody vs. Rick vs. Rex

  • Rick (7%, 69 Votes)
  • Brody (57%, 576 Votes)
  • Rex (36%, 364 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,009


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14 Responses

  1. Profile photo of sodsince16

    Rick is hot but he has to decide on the facial hair issue, the inconsistency of his hair from week to week would drive me crazy. Rex’s hair is also an issue. But Brody is just right (if not a bit short, but who cares when he is laying down).

  2. Profile photo of amberwaves

    This may be dirty:

    Rex and JPL has NO sex appeal at all. He has always screamed gay to me and I do not buy him as straight.

    The dude from B&B also has no sex appeal, screams gay, has those awful hair implants in the front- Don’t ask how I know- His hair is FAKE! Total turnoff, balding guys are hot.

    And now Brody DAMN.
    Those eyes. That body.
    Despite showing absolutely NO bulge at all (in rather thin sweatpants), I CHOOSE HIM!!!

  3. Profile photo of Luke Kerr
    Luke Kerr

    lol….I only am able to do it as the show’s air now because I don’t have time to search for pics like in the early days. So pray that the shows are having their men go shirtless and I happen to be watching live or there won’t be any more Who Would You Lather posts lol.

  4. Profile photo of sb_fan

    I picked Brody (for obvious reasons), but can I have Jason Morgan from GH instead, I know he goes shirtless once every ten years, but I would not mind lathering him with his shirt ON ;)

  5. Profile photo of blake3b

    Brody for sure!!! Not sure what soap he is on but I need to start watching if that hot thing is on there!
    Rex has always been hot and I would chose him also, but if you put him next to Brody there is no contest, Brody is a man! LOL

  6. Profile photo of timepass

    For people not watching this show and just voting for aesthetic purposes (hum, hum) who is who?
    Is it in order from left to right Brody, Rick and the last one Rex?

  7. Profile photo of sb_fan

    Brody. But only after he got his treatment. I don’t want that sucker having a flashback and use me as target practice. LOL!
    lol…season 1217, I really don’t know how you do it.

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