AMC’s Zach Slater is PIG VOMIT! Bring on Rendall!

Regan asked you guys earlier if you were ready for a Rendall Redux and from the looks of things, DC readers aren’t trying to feel a reunion between Ryan and Kendall on All My Children, but I sure am! Those promos are taking me right back to the magic that was Rendall! Alicia Minshew and Cameron Mathison have always sparkled together onscreen, and they still do.
It was an abyssmal mistake to ever inject Green-Me (Rebecca Budig) into Ryan and Kendall’s orbit. As for Zach (Thorsten Kaye), my ability to tolerate The Cambias That Ate Pine Valley died with Myrtle Fairgate (the late Eileen Herlie).

Zach is a Grade-A jackass, who thinks he should never pay for anything he does! He shot Kendall’s poor, unaborted brother through the head and showed about as much remorse as a celebutante after her sex tape is "leaked".

If killing Whatshisface wasn’t enough, Zach went on to kiss the fiance of Kendall’s beloved baby sister Bianca (Eden Riegel), after having lied to Kendall for months about donating his monkey love to Binks and her Sometimes-Sapphic Significant Other Reese (Tamara Braun)! No child of Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) would put up with Zach’s foolishness one second longer! I say let Reese and Zach have each other. They’re two peas in a Pine Valley— a pair of shameless, confused hot messes. Bianca and Kendall both deserve better! Bring on Rendall!

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    I think Kendall can do better than both of those cavemen. Reese should fall into a very deep hole, and Kendall should lock Ryan and Zach in a room so that they can beat one another to death. The daughters of Erica Kane deserve a lot better, and shouldn’t give those three the time of day.

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    Jamey – grow up. Pig vomit? come on. You know that the majority of fans cant stand Ryan. It would be a joke to see man boobs with skeletor. Unless of course AMC wants to become daytimes first sitcom.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Unless of course AMC wants to become daytimes first sitcom.
    As opposed to what? Daytime’s first Gong Show? Ryan and Kendall were wildly popular the first time around. As for my growing up, let he who’s name isn’t that of an action figure cast the first stone! LMAO

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    I am so with you Jamey! I actually could care less about Rendall, but I just want Zach to lose something for once! But please keep Reese out of Zach’s orbit! It bothers me that Reese lost everyhting, while Zach still has everything. And yes Jamey I still like Reese, she’s just misunderstood! ;) I was so happy when Bianca lashed out at him, but the very next day she was telling him to work on his marriage as she was running out on hers? Why did the writers even bother having her yell at him and why do they always make him such a big hero? Seriously, he was manhandling a woman a third of his size today! Unfortunately for Reese, it will take losing her sight to realize what an ass he is! Along with all the other outrageous things he’s done (and gotten away with), he’s now going to be responsible for making a woman go blind and he’ll never apologize or have to pay!

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    Ryan hates Kendall..He uses her every chance he gets. He treated her like Pig’s Vomit when all she wanted to do was love him. Ryan played her and used Greenlee to do it. Ryan loves himself and always will..
    Zach is the only one to give what she wants and doesn’t judge her…Kendall is better off with her husband..

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    Jamey Giddens

    that she had no soul.
    Sigh, that was because he saw her trying to do the Electric Slide! Don’t worry, Ne-Yo showed her how at Angie and Jesse’s wedding and now Kendall has plenty of soul! In fact, she has more soul than Lily Winters on The Young and the Restless!

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    Yeah no.
    I am sorry, but though Zach sucks right about now SO DOES RYAN! But much more so b/c Ryan has been sucking for YEARS and Zach is new to this game (b/c they have changed his character where Kendall & his undying/unfaltering love for her is concerned).
    Not only has RYAN left Kendall time & time again, but he also has a problem with trusting her, and he talks down to her & invalidates her even when he knows that she is capable of so much love & is fiercely loyal. I mean HELLO she had the whole town hating her and risked her LIFE to protect Binks when she lead everyone to believe that she had married Michael and was preggerz with his baby! All the years it took for her to be close to Erica and she was willing to let that go for Binks! (< ---talk about someone who is PIG VOMIT! I HATE Binks! It started when she told Kendall that she would disown her if she told JR that Babe was going to run off with Bess/Miranda. I was like "bitch please! You are willing to never talk to the person who almost went on deathrow for you over this slut?" ...And it ended with this thinking it was a good idea to use her sister's husband as her baby daddy! Bitch is dead to me)... and Ryan STILL doubted her and didn't believe in her (1st he didn't, then he did, and when Greenlee butted in he didn't again. I mean Greenlee ruins EVERYTHING by ripping off Kendall's dress in open court b/c she wanted to prove that she was right, and SHE gets a pass and all is forgiven? Bitch is dead to me-- heh, & to you too; yay!). So yeah, I still remember that after the trial Greens went missing and once again Ryan thought that she did something to Greenlee (when she was first trapped in a stupid hole in the ground). Kendall said she had nothing to do with it, and he didn't believe her. Also remember when Ryan's brother went frackin' insane and tried to kill Greens multiple times and Kendall was the one who saved The Green Butterfly (vomit) and Ryan thought that it was Kendall that was trying to kill Greens and wanted her to PAY! Again, he didn't believe her, and couldn't believe that Kendall just wouldn't do something like that.
    So yeah, Ryan always doubts her, never believes in her, and always wants her to change. Zach was the first man who ever loved Kendall for herself, just the way she was, and would never cheat on her or hurt her the way that Ryan did when he married Greenlee the first time right in front of her. <--That is of course until this CRAPTASTIC writing of the character of Zach occurred and they completely destroyed him.
    Ryan *always* tried to change her, and as she even said, Zach was the first man that ever really listened to her and what SHE wanted (which is why when everybody wanted to take Spike before he was ready, Zach locked himself in her hospital room with a gun b/c he knew that Kendall wanted/loved that baby... he respected/loved her enough that he was willing to do what she wanted which was to save the baby, even if it cost him Kendall. Ryan would NEVER be so selfless. And he wasn't, b/c he told the docs to take the kid).

    Finally, Ryan once told Kendall, and I will NEVER forget this, that she had no soul.
    Who the freak says that?!!? (I mean, Jamey that is on par with what you were saying on the podcast about Jackie M. telling Katie off on B&B by talking about her dead brother’s heart, etc, etc… I mean, THAT is some hateful shYt!). Ever since that day, I have NEVER wanted them to get back together. Ryan is the BIGGEST ass/hypocrite in Pine Valley and THAT is saying something b/c this town is currently full of Martins.
    Bitch (he) is dead to me.

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    Jamey Giddens

    All the Cambias family members sucked donkey dong! That nasty piece of work who raped dear Bianca, the crazy daddy, lame Ethan, his stupid mom with the scary eyes, they all SUCKED! Where is BROOKE ENGLISH?! Zach is the last one and it’s high time he ended up in a landfill like his brother!

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    Ryan has treated Kendall like shit, but Zach’s nobetter. He’s as much of an asshole as Ryan is. This fool mlied to his wife for MONTHS, then wants her to forgive him overnight. Yet, when she boinked Aidan, he shut down and damn near had her groveling at his feet.

    If it’s written right, I could get behind Rendall 3.0… :)

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    I lub you much, Doll-face… but Ryan (& ALL these God-awful writers) is (are) the bane of my Pine Valley existence… and I’d sooner see Kendall DEAD than end up back with that joker.

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    Yeah, back when Zach did that holier than thou ‘I always saw the best of Erica in you but now I see the worst. It makes me sad. No, it makes me sick.” I wanted Bianca not to come back with that lameass “Go to hell.” I wanted her to say, “Yeah, well, what I see in you are your brother and father. I’ll take my mother over that any day.”

    And how sad is it that the last thing Reese sees before this monkey throws her into glass, is a nasty, bearded, physically abusive, Zach?

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    I thought that my substantial list would help you see the light, but I guess you missed my point.
    I KNOW that Zach has done some dirty, and only LATELY has that dirty been done to Kendall (becoming Bink’s Baby daddy on the down-low & kissing Reese– I don’t really care about the Josh part– his whole being outside of the wonderful scenes he shared with everyone when both of Kendall’s boys were in the hospital last year where he rocked!, was a plot point… & I don’t care about no walking, talking plot point). But Ryan has done Kendall- who he has known, AND claimed to love, FOR YEARS– soo terrible over many, many, many times. I mean, this guy has done Kendall wrong countless times, on many occasions, spanning numerous years. He is the ultimate in treating Kendall like shyt, even though she has been a good friend to him (though he didn’t deserve it), and even though she is the mother of his child.
    Now I am not excusing what Zach has done… I am just saying that Ryan is definitely no better… and has demonstrated so over & over again.

    Jamey, you didn’t comment on my Binks rant… I would like to know how you feel about her (all love for Eden R. aside– cuz she definitely rocks!).

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    NOOOOO!!!! Neither Zach or Ryan deserve Kendall! But is especially un-worthy, he’s so much worse than Zach, the things Ryan has whisper-scream to Kendall… souless cancer, that nobody could love somebody like her… Horrible.

    Kedanll needs a new man, she’s Erica Kane’s daughter she should not settle for anything less than the best, and Ryan? Not. The. Best. Zach? Not since before CoolReese.

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    Thank you, Miry, for summing up why Ryan and Kendall is DOA.

    I may not like Zach right now but I never, ever want Kendall to be Ryan. Even if Zach was written off next week, I would never ever want Kendall to be with Ryan. He was so hateful to Kendall for so long that he almost destroyed her. Remember the suicide attempt before Ethan saved her a few years ago because of how Ryan (and Greenlee) were treating her? Ryan is poisonous to Kendall’s mental health in regard to how badly he makes her hate herself and feel unworthy.

    And it’s all made even worse in how Erica never tells Ryan to shove it when he speaks degradingly about and to Kendall in front of her. Erica has always let Ryan treat Kendall like shit, and that is another reason I hate Ryan and Kendall together.

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    I feel you Jamey. I’m not a Ryan fan but if he can stick it to Zach, including taking his wife, then I’ll be the first to give Ryan a second chance. The whole Josh thing really disturbed me, particularly the way they wrote Erica. The Erica Kane I know would’ve swore revenge and carried it out but even they made her give the man a free pass. Wasn’t this the woman who gave Zach a patented Erica ‘forward hand-back hand-forward hand-hair flip’ Kane face slap just for setting his foot into Pine Valley? Her ‘I don’t blame you Zach’ attitude does not sit well with me to this day.

    Word has it that Ryan’s main tactic in putting a wedge between Zach and Kendall is by using Josh’s death and making it look intentional. I can’t wait.

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    Jamey really I usually agree with you but if DC did a top ten of the most abusive and dysfunctional relationships on soaps. Ryan and Kendall would be number one. As a woman I am insulted that would even think of putting this couple back together. It is basically putting an abuse victim. I really am not interested in seeing the daytime version of Sleeping with the Enemy. Although the thought of Ryan died makes me simile.

    My Prediction if they TPTB put Kendall and Ryan back together the people at GL wouldn’t have to worry AMC will take their place at the bottom. The ratings will sink

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    Hmmm, and let’s not forget that Ryan threatened to smash in Kendall’s face at one time or that he and Greenlee had sex on Kendall’s bed or that Ryan, the lovely woman abuser he is, raised his fist to his pregnant wife Greenlee. Yeah, Ryan’s a real prince. And now, Ryan is going to be lying and using Kendall as little more than a prostitute. Geez Jamey, you must hate women as much as Charles Pratt.

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    Lily Taylor17

    Zach Slater could beat, rape, murder or sleep with every single woman in Pine Valley and Llanview, I don’t care. Hell, he could be the actual SERIAL KILLER in Llanview stabbing Blair right now and I still wouldn’t want Ryan with Kendall. Zach might not be too good enough for Kendall, but he’s the one she loves and wants. Deal with it and so should AMC. Ryan’s no grand prize with his I-only-want-Kendall-when-Greenlee’s-not-around-until-then-I’m-a-loving-a-new-woman-every-five-minutes fickle jerk!!!

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    If Ryan shows his love to Kendall by insulting her, trying to have her thrown in jail not once but twice, threaten to bash her face and break her jaw then please God I hope a man never loves me like that again. I was in a Rendall type relationship and it took me two years to heal physical and emotional scars

    I feel sorry about Josh but I wouldn’t want Spike and Ian around Ryan who is more like his abusive dad than her would care to admit.

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    Five years, five months, five decades, it doesn’t matter Ryan and Kendall together are toxic are it isn’t only about them but Kendall has two small kids. Ryan has Emma who he basically abandoned. I mean really that poor kid better get a bus pass since her father can’t seem to remember that school is over at three.

    Sorry but I seriously doubt Rendall is going to happen especially when Kendall finds out the Ryan is only using her to get to Zach.

    Toxic= Rendall
    Semi Normal – Zendall

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    I usually ride with you Jamey but not on this one. Ethan was horribly written (look at James on DOOL)and I like the fact that Zach takes no crap from anyone. And when did we start rallying behind the abortion that should’ve never been revived? Now we’re all Josh fans? Really? Give me a break – I was hoping he would die in a hail of bullets from Erica saying, “Now this time stay dead!”.

    As for Rendall – the first time – okay it worked for awhile but after that TIIC have literally shat all over Rendall plus Ryan and his real true love, Gillian, for that matter. All thrown under the bus and into the mortar pit for the dreaded Rylee romance.

    As for Zach and Reese – hey it’s Tamara Braun. Anything that keeps Tam on my screens is a good thing. The only Carly I ever gave a damn about and she can cry on cue with the best of them. I say let the triangle begin and if TK leaves, get him to OLTL stat!! But Pine Valley will be even more boring without Zach and that’s a fact…

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    That`s what Pratt seems to be thinking THEBEST.

    Kendall is undoubtedly the best thing to have happened to Zach .But he has not returned the favor .

    He jeopardized her relationship with her sister to make him feel better . Then told her he would have done it even if she`d asked him not to ?

    That`s putting her first ?

    Pratt can have Zach as his Zonny but he can`t have a Kane woman as his moll.

    La Kane`s daughter doesn`t apologize to people for not being on board with having her brother killed . Just doesn`t .She also doesn`t get rebuked or marched out of business meetings in public .

    The writers have ensured Kendall always loved Ryan a little and he her .

    Kendall has got her voice and backbone back just in time for Rendall 3

    think the Rendall magic is still there and I`m looking forward to seeing their scenes

    Have to say , that Zeese kiss was explosive . Zach ain`t never kissed Kendall like that !

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    Isn`t it funny that for nasty ex type remarks we have to reach back 5 yrs ? Yet Zach just betrayed Kendall callously and horribly this year?

    And his apology …” Some problem you have with your niece” ( step daughter/ God Daughter)

    Well said Jamey!

    Bring on Rendall

    So glad Pratt isn`t listening to demands from just one group . Zendall have not brought in the ratings .

    Rendall`s chemistry is still incandescent and their 7 year history the stuff of Daytime dreams .

    Bring on the soapy drama . Don`t want to watch Zendall folding laundry and running errands .and betraying each other with secrets annually .

    Ryan and Kendall are smokin`

    BTW , Birdie , the rylee sex thing ? Didn`t happen .They kissed in her closet when Greenlee was trying on Kendall`s clothes . Even then Ryan was all about Kendall .

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    The harm is Rendall. It is clear to most everyone that this coupling had it’s time and could have happened before Kendall was with Zach but now it is too late. It is clear to the actors themselves that Ryan and Kendall are over. Cameron and Alicia have said it numerous times that Ryan and Kendall are better off as friends and co-parents and that is all they should be. Rendall will not bring in the ratings but only help to sink this show further

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    Well we all have seen how well AMC has done under Pratt. Not well and Rendall is another nail in that coffin. Frons must really want to cancel AMC for Days. Hello when he found out about the Aidan affair that kiss was hot

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    Yes , if a rooted for couple is being given some angst that definitely means Frons hates AMC .

    Heaven forbid the show has some drama or conflict .

    Doesn`t he realise that Zendall sitting chatting with a cup of tea and Zach disrepecting Kendall and bosssing her about is Ratings gold?

    What is wrong wth the man ?

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    Jamey Giddens

    Now we’re all Josh fans? Really? Give me a break – I was hoping he would die in a hail of bullets from Erica saying, "Now this time stay dead!".
    I wasn’t a fan of the unabortion storyline, but Kendall loved her brother and Erica her son and Zach killed him with absolutely no remorse. I didn’t understand why Kendall didn’t leave him the first time he tried to kill her brother. So he stole from Zach, he could have had him arrested, but Zach is so freaking arrogant that he thinks he can kill a member of her family and still have her in his life. I’m sorry, but those scenes recently where he tried to shame Bianca and told her she was just like her mother disgusted me to no end. This man blames everyone else but himself. He kissed Reese, but now he tells her SHE has caused enough trouble and tries to bully her out of town, how is this romantic or dashing? Zach is pig vomit.

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    No what is romantic is putting friends against each other time and time again. Wait how about threatening with physical violence. Wait walking out on your pregnant wife or trying to get an ex- lover thrown in jail even though you have no proof. Defending you crazy brother when he tried to kill you wife numerous times.

    Asking a woman to marry you daily and then when she says yes dumping her after a year to go back to the woman you love again. Here is a tee- shirt for Ryan

    If it is Monday I love Greenlee
    If it is Tuesday I love Kendall
    If it is Wednesday I love Annie
    If it is Thursday I love Gillian

    Everyday I have a new ” love of my life” play your cards right and you can be Friday. Advice to women in Pine Valley if Ryan Lavery says you are the love of his life Run don’t walk to the nearest exit. Stay single especially if you have a kid that might be his.

    You talk about Zach not showing any emotion about Josh but what about Tad he wasn’t broken up over killing Madden and Dr. Madden’s final days were much worse.

    I don’t mind angst but Rendall is just a waste of time

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    You`re right Jamey . It is neither dashing nor romantic ,nor is grabbing hold of a woman`s arm and telling her she`s leaving the town .

    What was he going to do ?

    Throw her in the street ?March her upstairs and make her pack ?

    And the accusation ” You`ve caused enough trouble ” WTH? Did she kiss herself? Nuzzle her own neck on NY?

    Ryan has been written to be in love with Kendall in 2002, 2003, 2004 2006 and 2008 . That`s not my idea of fickle , that`s someone who never got over his girlfriend .

    Yes, he`s been an ass to her but she gets to call him a ” colossal ass” when she wants to . She`s not allowed to say ” boo” to Zach . He “dekanes” her imo

    His arrogance is staggering and very unattractive.

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    I’m not thrilled with Zach these days, but that doesn;t mean I’m clamoring for Rendall. Just the opposite. I’m a huge Ryan fan and have defended him through almost every storyline but I find myself ignoring his scenes lately and greatly disliking his character, all due to the Rendall reunion. I used to ship Rendall back in the day but now that pairing is all but dead to me.

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    I don’t really care for Zendall or Rendall. But there is a possible positive outcome; ryan could end up on Zach’s list of people he’s killed, and i would be eternally grateful to Zach if he killed Ryan off lol. As for Kendall, i’m LOVING post-coma Kendall, she’s taken bitchery to a new level.

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    Zach could simultaneously be responsible for global warming, Al Queda, and pour sugar down everyone’s gas tank in Pine Valley and STILL come out on top of that smug, self-centered, self-righteous, bug-eyed, overacting piece of crap that is Ryan. As far as I’m concerned, Ryan can have the Stick Figure with No Soul, and let Zach find a real woman.

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    Jamey first Jiz and now Rendall – are you trying to make my head explode? The day Ryan pledged his love to Kendall and then said BUT I will only allow you to marry me if you agree to give Greenlee part of Fusion as a reward for trying to lure me away….THAT was the day my Rendall love D.I.E.D. That he proceded to marry Greens in front of Kendall and then bed her made me sick.

    Zach isnt perfect (and of course its contract time, so the writers are making him even more imperfect to facilitate a possible exit — the same way they did with Melissa archer and KeMo.) But Zach loves Kendall. He loves their children completely and is active in his love for them. Erica should HATE Zach for shooting Josh, but Kendall will understand that he was protecting everyone and saw it additionally as an opportunity to save Kendall. In his mind, how TK played it, was like it was fated to be that way, for Josh to be there to die for Kendall. I truly believe that Zach feels that he would be souless if he were separated from Kendall. He kissed another woman at a time when his life was in free fall. As a woman, I cant say I would be happy about it, but I wouldnt end a three year marriage over a kiss.

    Why is Reese a trouble maker – because she keep blabbing about the accident. Zach has admitted his role in the kiss, its how Reese is behaving post kiss thats the problem. Why the hell is she still in PV?

    I love TB but they wrote this story with an emptiness too it. Why didnt they give TB a PV friend before the Rianca breakup. Amanda? Or how about Frankies girl (she’s on so little that I cant remember her name) Why not show her involved in the hospital renovations and have one scene where David tells her you CANT leave mid renovations, you have a CONTRACT. And if they want to cause grief between Zendall as some good juicy angst, have Ryan use Reese against Zach in some form so its Zen vs. RyRe.

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    The whole Zendall thing among others is what has made AMC reach the pt. of no return to most viewers. I like the show in parts, loving Susan Lucci right now!, but as a whole it is not as great.

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    I never saw Kendall and Ryan b4 Greenlee got in, but the two actorss chemistry is natural and nice and better than the couplings the characters were in so bring on Rendall!

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    I’m sorry, but those scenes recently where he tried to shame Bianca and told her she was just like her mother disgusted me to no end. This man blames everyone else but himself. He kissed Reese, but now he tells her SHE has caused enough trouble and tries to bully her out of town, how is this romantic or dashing? Zach is pig vomit.

    Preach it Jamey! He had absolutely no remorse for killing another human being. That’s sick! What’s sicker is that no one gave a damn! Bianca thanked him for saving Reese’s life and Erica barely blinked an eye. WTF was up with that?!

    It also has ticked me off that he kissed a drunken, vulnerable Reese and she is the only one who has suffered! Even Zach acts like she forced him to kiss her and tries to manhandle her out of town like he owns PV. Now he is responsible for blinding a woman! What is it going to take to stop this man?

    I could care less about Rendall or Zendall because I don’t like Ryan and I loathe Zach, but if it means Zach actually loses something then I will board the Rendall train. Kendall is no prize either! I mean she goes on and on about his kiss with Reese and yet she will sleep with Ryan. I’m sorry but Kendall should look in the mirror before calling Reese a whore!

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    First off what happened to Reese is an accident and it is hard to feel sorry for her. Bianca has changed and not for the better. All three of them need to realize that Gabby is not a blessing for a Kendall. I love Kendall and no that Kendall is no prize and I hate the word whore but Kendall is free just like most women on the show and on soaps. Like Sharon, Phyillis, Chloe on Y&R, Beth on GL, Brooke on B&B, Elizabeth, Carly, Sam, and Monica on GH, Blair, Marty on OLTL. I also think that Reese is no innocent she is acting a little lose. Kendall and Reese are basically the same.

    As for Rendall it does turn my stomach

  38. Profile photo of Isla

    Interesting admission from Kendall today . Apparently the reason she pushed so hard for Rylee was that she needed to have Ryan be with someone he really loved so that he wasn`t AVAILABLE .

  39. Profile photo of luverica

    I’ve always liked the romance between Ryan and Kendall waaay more than I did between Ryan and Greenlee. I personally have no problem with them being back together especially if it’s all part of something to stick it to Zach in a major way.

  40. Profile photo of ABC_Faithful_Fan

    If Zach is PIG VOMIT … then Ryan is SLOUGH SH*T!! OMG! Yes … Zach made a HUGE mistake … but let’s review … Kendall DID sleep with Aidan and was about to sleep with Ryan … Ryan did screw over Annie (yes she’s a basketcase but no reason on why she sould be screwed over) and he messed up Greens marriage to Aidan. AND HE HAS SOME NERVE TALKING ABOUT ZACH DONATING SPERM WHEN HE’S BEEN THE TOWN “POP”CIKLE FOR KIDS. AND KENDALL … SHE HAS SOME NERVE GETTING P’D OFF @ ZACH .. remember it wasn’t too long ago KENDULL that you used your own egg and took your “sister/BFF”‘s chance at being a mother away from her and now have that child and named him SPIKE!!

    But I forgot … Kendall and Ryan think they know it all. I wish they would get back together … this way we can put them both a bike and send them on a long jump off a short cliff.

  41. Profile photo of ABC_Faithful_Fan

    I’ll take a heaping serving of that Pig Vomit!!
    A man that is to his word and gets stuff done!! I’ll take 2 servings then.
    Not some wishy washy freak like Ryan who backslides every 2 mins. Once a conman always a conman. Zach changed his name cause he was digusted with The Cambias fmily. Not to cheat everyone out of something. And he saved Erica from the life she was living while @ the casino.
    And Kendall doesn’t have a soul. She accused Dimitri of rape .. I mean .. no one that has a soul would accuse an innocent man of such a crime .. and u can’t unring that bell.

    So, please let there a Rendall!!! I want her lying butt away from Zach. And have Rendall go over the cliff.

  42. Profile photo of Isla

    It`s very easy to make up alleged comments from Lish and Cam to suit an agenda . Did ya read Cam`s comments in the new SOD ?Doesn`t sound reluctant to me …..

    Rendall`s time over ? A couple who have been in each other`s orbit for 7 years ?

    When Zach is seen to be pathologically jealous of them ?

    When she calls him her ” hero ” and he springs to her aid the moment she calls?

    That`s a classic triangle set up ……

    Bring on the Rendall love scenes . Some have never seen them together and are in for a treat imo .

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    Sorry Isla but Ryan has not been written that he has been in love with Kendall in 2008. He forgot and then remembered that he loved “Greenlee” above all look how he is acting going around calling Greenlee the love of his life. Oh you killed the only woman I ever loved wah wah. I really can’t even sympathy for this character. I am sorry but I believe Kendall would be better off in her coma than with Ryan.

    Also I must say that by trying to rekindle Rendall during March woman’s month is an insult. He really is a Pratthole

    Also I chose Zach over Ryan because Zach followed wishes and allowed Spike to be born while Ryan would’ve made Spike die. Now he is all my child, my son. Please. I have never seen Ryan follow any woman he is with wishes talk about arogant ( excuse my spelling). He is always about him first. Look he saw the kiss and decided the wedding was off didn’t even ask the bride just made a decision. what an ass

  44. Profile photo of Karissa

    I agree Seth with you post with the exception of you dissing my girl.Kendall and Zach match perfectly together because they are similar. Kendall has soul but really the woman came out a coma and found out her husband has a child with her sister, heart transplant, brother dead, company in trouble gibe the girl sometime to be bitchy

  45. Profile photo of Isla

    Ryan went back to the day after his engagement to Kendall in 2004 .

    i`m thinking that has some significance

    whatever the deep rooted cause , we got scenes of Ryan looking adoringly at Kendall and saying things like

    “How could I have given you up for Greenlee”

    Hee! Loved the astonishment in that line .

  46. Profile photo of Karissa

    East. West it is not most but a some since Zendall is the only thing that keeps me watching AMC. I have seen couples in movies without chemistry like Rene Zwelleger and George Clooney. They is something in the way Zach looks at Kendall with hunger that is lusty.

    Plus if you look at numerous boards there are many more AMC watchers who used to love Rendall but understand that their time has passed and no longer want them together

  47. Profile photo of Isla

    I think the many viewers who ” usd to be Rendall fans ” are probably Zendall Fans now

    Hmmm. I can see the headline now ……

    ” Zendall Fans in Not Wanting Rendall Shock ”

    I`m glad Pratt realizes what a rich source of drama the Rendall history gives him .

  48. Profile photo of MadDogLane

    Who has to go back years for Ryan? His behavior never changes. He has always treated Kendall like dog shit.

    Yeah Rendall is so great, that’s why Ryan continually chooses Greenlee over Kendall? That’s why Ryan called Kendall “soulless”, a “cancer” and a “detour to Greenlee”?

    Ryan is an abusive pig, he has to bully women to feel like a man.

    I do find it funny that Ryan’s history of how he treats Kendall is conveniently ignored. Yeah I’d probably ignore it too since it doesn’t put Ryan in a favorable light.

    Guess it’s true that only Kendall Fans and Zendall fans are the ones who actually care about Kendall as a character.

    Seems to me Rendall fans don’t even really like her and are mostly Ryan fans first. Most only seem to want him with Kendall cause they think it will somehow make Ryan popular again, when it does the complete opposite

    It amazes me that people who continue to claim to like Kendall want her with her abuser and the man who is now using her for revenge against her husband and in the process will be degrading her by sleeping with her, yet continue to lie to her face about his revenge.

    I truly see now why Rendall is so unpopular. They really are the new Rylee. Unrootable, and Kendall has to be dumbed down for Ryan, as all Ryan’s women are.

    I mean he did drive Kendall to want to commit suicide, and Annie insane, and Greenlee became a pod.

    Oh and Zach has never kissed Kendall the way he did Reese? LOL, I think someone needs to go and watch some Zendall clips, cause Zach has never kissed any woman the way he kisses Kendall.

    Interesting how Cameron isn’t even on the links for the “popular stars” part for AMC on this very site.

    Something to ponder………

    Ryan not fickle? He falls in and out of love more than people change their underwear. He’s in love with Kendall every other year, with Greenlee and Annie thrown in.

    I remember Ryan saying that he transferred his feelings for Greenlee onto Kendall.

    The man is as fickle as fickle can get. Every woman he’s with he says is the love of his life. I remember with Annie it was “I’ve never loved any woman the way I love you”. Funny how that’s forgotten when his Green Butterfly returned. He was in love with Kendall till he saw she wasn’t interested.

    Gotta love how Kendall continually chooses Zach over Ryan and always will.

    I almost feel sorry for Rendall fans, they really don’t care that they’re being used and that Kendall is basically being treated as Ryan’s whore, or care about the integrity of either character.

    Remind me again what’s rootable about them?

    In reply to this: Kendall has got her voice and backbone back just in time for Rendall 3

    She has? What backbone? She’s being dumbed down so Ryan can have his revenge. She’s being written as dumb, gullible and naive, 3 things which Kendall Hart SLATER is not.

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