Caption This: AMC’s Cyclops Reese

Take your best Caption This shot at All My Children’s Reese (Tamara Braun).

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    “When Bianca told Reese she should stop seeing Zach this wasn’t what she had in mind.”


    TB: “ i haven’t been on this show for a year and im already cut up, confused about my sexuality, and blind…amc needs to get their ish togetha, guza’s starting to look betta and betta everyday”

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    what’s happening? where am i? Oh, Charles Pratt had Sonny, I mean Zack, shoot me between my eyes this time??

    I wished he would find a new lesbian, who wont kiss his ass, to pick on!!

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    Reese: “Damn…it’s a good thing I can’t see how blatant this plot is designed to try to rehabilitate me. Hell, Stevie Wonder could see this coming from a mile away!”

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