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Here’s the Scoop! 03.05.09

We’re going to make today a Q & A day. Tomorrow will be an off day unless my new internet is hooked up early enough to blog. Ask away and I’ll answer what I can.

So Luke loves the Cassadines and he always calls for a resurgence of all things Cassadine and to most that means their evil ways. Nikolas is always seen as the good Cassadine and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of Cassadine Alexis is supposed to be. They seem to forget that Sam is a Cassadine which sucks for the Sam fans but is ok by me. Apparently a RUMOR is out there that the ultimate Cassadine is returning. Helena! This RUMOR say Constance Towers MAY be returning in April. Why the return? I’m not sure but ever since Natalia Livingston returned as Rebecca and not as fan favorite Emily Quartermaine fans have been clamoring for Rebecca Shaw to really be Emily and have said Helena should be involved in the fake death. Word of Caution… the Helena RUMORS supposedly are coming from SID and while it’s a great mag sometimes their RUMORS are more miscommunication than actual facts.

Someone asked why Robin would be at the Haunted Star grabbing a mid-day cocktail and not at Jake’s. Well RUMOR has it that the hunky boy Robin meets (I mentioned this Brad character yesterday) is at another dive that isn’t Jake’s either. Where’s the Coleman love? Well Jake’s and Coleman are Patrick’s stomping grounds and that’s where Dr. Drake meets NASCAR driver Jeff Burton.

Patrick’s drowning his sorrows at Jake’s. He’s struggling with Robin’s PPD and remember even Mac blames the new hubby and father for his niece’s odd behavior. Will Mac finally see that Robin is in some serious trouble? SPOILERS say he will. It looks like when Robin goes “missing” it’s Mac who tells Patrick where to find his wife. Will Patrick like what he finds? Remember the Brad mention above. Do you guys like Robin’s Post Partum storyline? I may be in the minority, because I like it. It’s REAL and whiles at times not the most accurate account of a woman suffering from PPD, its better than all mob all the time.

The Michael situation… RUMORS have him and Kristina Davis Corinthos getting SORAS’d. What about the rest of the tykes? Not sure yet on Molly and Morgan. Patrick is SPOILED to perform a risky procedure but will it wake Michael up? RUMORS say no however it MAY be Robin’s experimental drug protocol that does the trick. Is this another storyline for Scrubs to do battle in? It looks like the Drake’s will squabble over Michael’s treatment. The SPOILERS go on to say that when Patrick’s procedure fails, Sonny and Carly provide each other with some comfort, thankfully there will be no limos involved. Will it be Sonny who pushes for more treatment for Michael? It looks like he’s the one who goes to Robin. Carly tells Jason she’s given up hope that Michael will ever wake up. When does Carly ever give up?

Claudia pays Michael a visit today. What looks like Carly overhearing Claudia’s confession MAY be a little creative editing as it looks like Carly overhears Claudia telling Michael she’s falling for his dad. Carly never could keep a secret and spills this to Sonny.

Kate is still threatening… Does anyone think Claudia is scared? Here’s a tip for Kate. Spill the Dante news. Sonny can only focus on one thing at a time and if your goal is to get him away from Claudia, tell him he has a son with your cousin and he’ll going running in Olivia’s direction… oh wait that won’t work for the Skate fans will it? I like Megan Ward; I have ever since her Party of Five days as Jill. The RUMORS of her exit are out there again but this fan would much rather see Kate get her snark on with Ric Lansing at her side. Speaking of Ric, I’m with Perkie, where in the hell is this man? Apparently we MAY see a little Ric soon as SPOILERS say he finds one of Jerry’s DVDs.

Is the Jackal winding up in LA LA land? RUMOR has it Spinelli makes his way to LA where he gets himself in a little bit of trouble.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Maxie threatens to sleep with Johnny. Is it bad that I hope she makes good on her threat? Lucky arrests his ex. More RUMORS that suggest Ethan is a Scorpio. Anyone else notice that Robin never said her last name yesterday? Casting for an older Michael and Kristina is under way. Nathan Parsons (Ethan) is Australian but he was raised here in the states. Could be the reason for the bad accent. I know, I’m too hard on him but the latest GOSSIP is that Parsons got a contract which bugs me.

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    Hi Regan, been awhile, I haven’t watched since the Liason breakup but I do keep up with your spoilers every day. Is it just me or Is Jason missing from allot of the spoilers, his name is usually everywhere. Do you think this has to do with contract status?

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    Oh I hope SO much that the Constance/Helena rumors are true. Having Helena back would open up so many story possibilities for so many people (Luke, Tracy, Alexis, etc)and would HOPEFULLY take away from the mob influence, if not just for a bit.
    But then again, this is GH so, it most likely will not happen. :(
    On an unrelated note…Is it at all possible that the Dante story is just going to be scrapped? Ive read rumors (on here, I think..)of Oliva and/or Kate getting the axe, and without those two, and the trouble casting Dante, is it possible at all that TPTB would drop this story?
    I cant speak for other fans, but I personally have NO interest in seeing another ‘Suprise! Sonny fathered another kid and was kept in the dark about it for the child’s safety’ story.

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    Nathan got a contract!?!?!?! Regan, I am officially bummed now. I still don’t see the point of having Captain Jack Sparrow in PC.

    Along the same lines, the Haunted Star is getting a ton of airtime for a business that is NEVER open. Why the heck do they need a bartender anyway?

    It’s truly a sad time when I am able to let my GH episodes pile up on the DVR even when my *fave* is getting tons of screentime.

    Finally, I too would like to know who KS pissed off in the hair department. Granted, it was much better than the past week or so – of course, it was so crappy that there was nowhere else to go but up. ;)

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    Oh yeah, I would LOVE to have some Helena! Is there a petition we could sign? Wouldn’t it be great if we could do a bizarro Survivor thing and vote characters ONTO this island?

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    disillusioned GH fan

    Well Regan, this could be a sign maybe, a positive one? If Helena comes back and is tied to notEmily, it might mean the writers might be having an epiphany on how to use history at GH?!? (…I know, stop drinking the disillusioned juice!!) I love anything Cassadine and wonder if TPTB recognize that since Days Of Our Lives let Thaao Penghlis go, a Victor Cassadine return could be on hand? Granted he was frozen doing the ice princess caper, but this is a soap after all and do Cassadines really -ever- die??!! Imagine he and Helena on the canvas?!? Poor Nick would stain his undies and Luke would have a storyline!

    I wonder if we are slowly seeing the rebuilding of a central family on GH once again that Isn’t spawned by Sonnys seeds??? Robin getting a half brother, Patrick having a half brother… and if done right, pulling in icons like Emma Samms and Tristan Rogers can’t be a bad thing IMO!

    Robins storyline has been done well IMO, I think the scrubs aspect of GH is right on target (and I hate giving these writers any credit at all). Does PPD last this long though? I feel like it’s being a tad dragged out… but then, I enjoy Kimberly and Patricks efforts on this show, so I can’t complain much.

  6. Profile photo of kgbmc

    Regan, I am happy that the character of Helena will be returning but is it just to save the Rebecca character? When Old Carly-Claudia made an appearance last year, that character went in the wrong direction completely and we have 6 months of her in every story just trying to correct it. Is this what is in store for Rebecca/Not Emily?

  7. Profile photo of blackjack21

    thanks regan!

    look if burton bolts, we have patrick, johnny, ric, hec even spinelli lucky and nik to be leading men. why do they keep signing more people to contracts and refusing to give story to those who are there?

  8. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Nathan got a contract!??????????????????????????????
    The Guy can’t act???????????
    I hate Ethan!!!!!

    Also I like the Scrubs stuff it is very interesting And Both KM and JT are doing a great job!!

    I am all for the Cassadines and Helena I hope we will see Sam in there as well!!!

    I also notice that there isn’t a big center Storyline for Jason,Do you know why????

  9. Profile photo of sueboo54321

    Aww, Ethan hasn’t been around long enough for me to say whether I like him or not. Cut the guy a break!!

    THe Cassadines have never been my favorite. I got sick of them but Helena would be a welcome change from the current mobtastic mess.

  10. Profile photo of Jenny

    I guess you’re right about the PPD s/l, Regan. It’s nice to have something going on that’s not mob related.

    I hope the Helena spoilers are true.

    I’ve been ready for some JoMax sex for awhile now. LOL!!

  11. Profile photo of blackjack21

    sue, it’s not that i do or don’t like him, it just makes no sense to have many talented people already there with little to do. although if it gives us none mob story and opens up more stories for non-mob people, then i’m happy.

  12. Profile photo of MeghannOC

    RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS… Maxie threatens to sleep with Johnny. Is it bad that I hope she makes good on her threat?

    It’s not bad at all! Do it Maxie, lol!

  13. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I don’t want JoMax!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Spixie Kiss last night was so much better than Jomax, It was cute and it had passion…
    I like Johnny I just don’t want him with Maxi!!!

  14. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    Lack of Jason Morgan… Well there is in terms of Scoop but he SHOULD still be a part of the story. There is the Spin mess and he will be invovled in Michael’s story. Jason will also share the screen with Robin at some point.

    Ethan and the contract… it’s a RUMOR but there was some CHATTER that he’s been a hit with the fans. Not this fan.

    Megan and Lisa Lo Cicero (Kate and Olivia) RUMORS have said for awhile now Megan Ward is leaving at the end of her contract which I THINK is in May. LLC is still a recurring character and can be dropped whenever. In terms of the Dante story, it seems it’s been dropped, casting was difficult (the GOSSIP mill says they only wanted Pelphrey and he said thanks but no thanks) so unless Olivia factors in somewhere else, I’d say IF Kate goes, there’s no reason for her cousin to stay UNLESS the Dante story gets a resurrgence.

    IF Helena is returning I’m not sure what the story will be. My GUESS is that it will have to do with NotEmily. I’m pretty sure I am not alone in my dislike for how the character was introduced and this former actress returning as a new character doesn’t sit well with the fans. IN MY HEAD, Helena returns and we learn she’s controling NotEmily because she’s really Emily.

  15. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I love Spixie but want them to be friends…JoMax is hot and someone right up Maxie’s alley.

    I would welcome Helena and would watch all epis not just Fridays. A part of me had this small wish that when the spoiler came out about Liz mentioning to Ethan that he reminded her of someone two things came to mind 1. that Ethan was related to Zander and my fav #2 that this is the real Lucky, and with Helena possibly coming back I can continue to dream. Even though she is back because of NotEmily.

    I for one don’t dislike Ethan, because the more he is on my TV the less Mob-tastic crappiness is happening.

  16. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I also with you on not liking Ethan!!!!!!
    About NotEmily- I have to agree with you She is not my favorite at the moment..
    If they will make her has Emily I will be all for it!!

    Thank You for answering the Jason question…
    I just want to see him.LOL

  17. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I hate even bringing this SCOOP up as it usually never happens but what the hell… tomorrow’s an off day. There MAY be an attempted rape coming.

    Remember all those baby RUMORS for Claudia? It was the only plausible reason for why Claudia would still be breathing IF and WHEN Sonny learns the truth. Well the LATEST says she’ll fake the bun in the oven.

    Who’s Rebecca meeting with?

  18. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I’m somewhere in the middle when it comes to JoMax and Spixie… I know I said I was on board with JoMax and I still am. They’re hot and I still have no faith that they’ll give us Spixie as more than friends. They’ll tease it but I still have no faith that they’ll actually go there. I did love the "goodbye" scene yesterday. It was sweet and perfectly Spixie.

  19. Profile photo of OldGHFan

    I’m excited Helena will be returning to GH in April. One of GH’s great villians!

    And I love Ethan. Supercouple Robert and Holly deserve a kid and if Ethan can bring back Tristan and Emma – so be it! Besides, I think it’s great Robin will finally be getting a sibling!

  20. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    Its funny I have read comments where people say they r sic of Jason and he is on too much

    Since he is not mentioned in this post everyone wants to know where he is I think everyone secretly loves the “borg”…..LOL

  21. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    That horse faced fool got a contract and u r telling me that MW may be let go??!! They end SKate and Liason in exchange for SLop and Jasammy, stringing along Spixie fans…they’ve officially gone and lost their minds and so would I if I kept watching this garbage.

    Thanks for keeping up with this mess.

  22. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    I feel your pain LuvSkate but all I can say is right now, they’re all RUMORS. I cannot wrap my head around why fans like this Ethan. I asked but I’m not sure I ever got a clear cut answer other than he’s not mob related.

  23. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

    WISHFUL THINKING? FanFic? All this talk about NotEmily and her possible connection to Equinox and then there’s a RUMOR that the Q’s MAY have an Equinox connection too. Classic Q, no? I mean the Quartermaines business ties were not always on the up and up. Is it too much to wish for? A storyline for the Q’s that gets us back to the roots of this family?

    Which brings me to something that’s been bugging me… it took 25 days to tell this toxic ball crap. 25 days of storytelling that was only one day in GH time (sorry it still drives me bonkers) and there has been very little aftermath. Rayner is more obsessed with nailing the mobbies (don’t you know it doesn’t happen in Port Chuck?) and really, where’s the follow up to the actual toxic ball story? Where’s the Equinox stuff? Surely nailing those responsible for a deadly toxin is more pressing than the harmless computer geek. How about the authorities focus on those they can prosecute since we know Sonny, Jason and Mob Company will never actually pay for their crimes. At this point, with all that’s happened at GH, isn’t Equinox the bigger fish to fry? I know, I’ve dished that RUMORS say Rayner is a bad cop with an Equinox connection. Why aren’t they focusing on that? At least let the fans be a little suspicious of Rayner. So far, nothing.

  24. Profile photo of samrocks

    Kgbmc, I’m right there with you. I love Spin, but I feel like the past few weeks have been overkill. It reminds me of when the writers did it to Nadine. His character doesn’t have enough depth right now. Lovesick? Check. Not manly enough? Check. Making things worse while trying to make them better? Check.

    I adore Kirsten Storms with as much passion as Ladyofthelake’s Jason-hate, but still I find myself cringing whenever she goes into the super-high-pitched voice and refers to “the whole wide world.”

  25. Profile photo of doodleynoodle

    I haven’t been watching much since the Liason break-up but I thank you for the Spoilers.

    I could get excited about the Cassadine rumors. That would be entirely too cool. As for Sam…she can’t be Cassadine. She’s entirely too dense to be a respectable Cassadine. I demand a DNA test on that evidence alone. ;)

    I don’t know how popular this opinion is…but Sarah Brown & Maurice Benard make me interested in spite of myself. I really didn’t like Claudia and I’ve been disgusted with Sonny for some time now…but together? I could be interested. Chemistry always trumps stupid writing in my opinion.

    As for the rest of the show…blah.
    No Liason = No Fun.

  26. Profile photo of kgbmc

    Samrocks, I agree on Maxi recently as well, although she remains one of the reasons I tune in.

    It is as if they took one of the charming aspects of GH and managed to take away the magic.

  27. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Ohhh if Helena comes back?? That would certainly shake things up a bit!! It could be just the thing GH needs to refresh the show…that is, if they don’t screw it up.

    So Claudia has been visiting Michael huh?? And she feels horrible huh?? Yeah, well, I still hate her.

    I l o v e d Spin and Maxie’s goodbye scene yesterday. After he kissed her, she looked at him and was totally speechless!! Lol it was soooo sweet. Those two are GH’s lighting in a bottle. (I’m still wishing for some JoMax love tho lol.)

  28. Profile photo of pisces

    Regan, Ethan bugs me, too.

    I like that they’re doing a ppd story line because it is a real and serious condition. I just don’t like that they’re not making Robin much different than she usually is. They’re making her come off as annoying and uncaring. What totally destroyed the story for me was that she told Ethan she had no kids. She denied her child and that’s just wrong. But show me a woman who suffers from ppd in real life who did that and maybe I’ll go a little easier on Robin. I admit to not knowing anyone with the condition, so for all I know there may be someone in real life who did that.

    Lol, my poor Spinelli! Everywhere he goes he somehow gets himself into trouble, and a lot of times without even trying!

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