Heather Locklear Returning To Melrose

Michael Ausiello
at Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Heather Locklear is as good as confirmed for the upcoming Melrose Place remake. And, let’s face it, what would Melrose be without Amanda Woodward?

On a related note, Jack Wagner‘s contract with The Bold and the Beautiful is said to be up for renewal in April, and though he is widely thought to be signing to B&B again, there’s always the possibility that he’ll jump ship and join real life partner Heather on Melrose. His character, Dr. Peter Burns, ended up marrying Amanda Woodward, so it would make sense.

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    That is great that they are bringing back Melrose Place and that Heather is returning as Amanda!!!!
    Is Darren Star going to produce it again? I hope so, they made the show so addicting when it was on! Too bad the actress who played Kimberly is still on Desperate Housewives, and I hope Lisa Rinna does not return! She’s had too much surgery to play Taylor.
    Its funny how people will really only watch the new 90210 and Melrose if it has some of the original actors on there. I only watch 90210 scenes if I see Kelly or Brenda on there.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Okay, storywise this is going to be a LOT trickier than Kelly, Brenda and Donna showing up on the new 90210. Amanda and Peter faked their deaths in the series finale to escape murder charges!

  3. Profile photo of east.west

    I know I am going to get a virtual smackdown from you Jay, but seriously. I hate this whole remake of the original from beginning to end and I think Heather deserves better to become a dayplayer to a bunch of pretty face newbies (ala Jeannie & Shannon on 90210), even though it’s her signature role.

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    Darren Lomas

    east.west – I’m totally with you… I can’t be bothered to tune into the new 90210, and if Melrose Redux is just a bunch of fresh-faced young ‘uns with Heather doing a cameo every episode, I doubt I’ll watch.

    Season, thank you, you have my best interests at heart. Now, go get Ridge  

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