Is Laura Wright Just as Sick of GH’s Mob Storylines as You Guys?

When it comes to General Hospital‘s mobtacular storylines, it looks like the show’s leading lady feels the same way much of GH’s fans do. posted transcripts from a Fan Q&A with Laura Wright (Carly) and Tyler Christopher (Nikolas). Here’s what Wright reportedly had to say when asked about the mob storylines:
The fans are so sick of the mob! When will the stories be about the hospital again?
Laura: You know, everything that you guys think, we think. We read the script and say ‘What the hell?’ For example, there was a good storyline in place between Jax, Carly and Nikolas. But it was overruled because apparently Carly needs to hang out with Sonny and Jason. That was a bummer."

Now you guys know the mob storylines are a big part of what got me hooked on GH, and I hope they are never completely phased out, but for months even I have had to admit they have become woefully repetitive. I am marking the days until Sri Lankan mob family descends on Port Charles. My question is, since the ratings for the show are dropping annually, the majority of the fans want the mob storylines to stop overruning the show and even the actors are fed up, why the hell doesn’t GH stop with the Goodfellas-in-Port Charles bit already?

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    Did I mention how much I love Laura Wright? The woman speaks the gospel truth. However, speaking out against the mob, may not have been the right thing to do. LOL!!

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    Did I mention how much I love Laura Wright? The woman speaks the gospel truth. However, speaking out against the mob, may not have been the right thing to do. LOL!!


    She might be weAring cement boots n sleeping with the fishes

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    And yall know the Carly that won’t be mention in these parts is probably looking for a job.

    Do you mean the one that took the How to Act with Your Eyes acting courses as taught by Judith Chapman?

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    Please, Laura Wright won’t get into any trouble over this. Come on people, they love her, they shove her down our throats five days a week, ugh. I have never liked LW, since Loving, The City and GL, hate her on GH. Sometimes I think Sarah Brown looks at her and goes, my god, I created this character and look what it is now. LW will never be Carly to me and she won’t get in trouble over this at all. Frons was chasing her for two years to come to ABC before she did. The people who get in trouble are the ones they don’t like and judging by her scenery chewing screen time, they f***ing love her.

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    I absolutely love Laura Wright-such an amazing actress. She has truly made Carly her own. I surely hope she doesn’t get punished for stating her opinion.

    I agree with you LIASONADDICT, that was a great fight at Jakes. I laughed really hard when Sam punched Carly and she fell back in her chair!! Lol good times, good times.

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    I love Laura Wright too and was a huge fan of hers on GL! She only said what most fans are saying. I like parts of the mob as well, but not every single day. Along with Laura, I was hoping for a Jax/Carly/Nik storyline because I really liked the chemistry developing between Nik and Carly. Plus, it seemed like the writers were finally letting Carly grow, but of course they put her back in Sonny’s orbit and Carly becomes an idiot again! But, I will always love Carly no matter what!

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    ITA, GossipGirl!! I loved her as Cassie on GL and was sad to see her go, but I was happy when she popped on as Carly at GH. The Jax/Carly/Nik thing could have been realllly good, but, in typical gh fashion lately, they dropped it. Since that storyline was dropped, I have to say I am relieved that Carly and Jax reconciled because it shows soo much growth in Carly’s character. Instead of crawling back to Sonny yet again, she chose the healthier relationship that she has with Jax. If they keep writing Carly the way they have been, I could really come to love her.

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    I’m actually a mob fan as well but even I am getting tired of it. I remember when I first began watching soaps they used to do this thing called ROTATE storylines. I mean sorta like everyone says Ron is doing over at OLTL. I guess Guza could learn something from them.

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    I completely love LW…since the Loving days, but more during her stint as Cassie. When I found out that she was heading over to GH I treked back because I had stopped watching when Carly3.0 was there. That was a horrible time in the world of Carly.

    I was so hoping for a Nik/Carly hook-up because it was something new, and they all had history.

    I applaud LW for speaking her mind

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    I Love LW too! and she is dead on! idk.. its just so sad and depressing watching GH now lol, from time to time i look on youtube and watch old GH clips and im like wow! this was when it was soo good! i just feel like the Mob should be a smaller part of the show! back in the early 90’s the mob was there but there were soo many other good storylines going on at the time! now its like everyone on the canvas has some connection with the mob lol its ridiculous. Hopefully the writers get it right one of these days!

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    I’m a HUGE LW fan.. I give her credit for speaking the truth.. I will tell you I loved the 3 main carlys I don’t count carly 3.0.. If Laura ever left GH (which I hope she doesnt) maybe they could save Tamara Braun from the mess that is AMC…

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    She spoke her mind.Guza loves her she’ll be fine.The show will continue to rotate around Sonny,and the mob,and the storyline direction will not change one drop. ‘Event’ storylines will reign, and people will be physically harmed and put in danger until you are so use to it that you become immune to it.These are predictions by the way. Maybe i’m psychic, or maybe the Fruza machine is a predictable suck factory.

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    I believe that Laura signed a 4 year deal back in ’05, which makes this November crunch time. If they wanna keep her on the canvas, they better start giving her the storylines that she & the fans deserve.

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