The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Things have started to get a bit eye opening on The Young and the Restless. That’s all a chick can say right about now.

Devon: He has a lil’ showdown with Neil.

Cane/Lily/Billy/Chloe: They all have a face off.

Katherine: In the aftermath of the bombing, Katherine finds herself in the hospital with Amber and Esther by her side. They inform her that everyone still thinks that Katherine’s dead and she’s really Marge. Katherine lets her friends know that she doesn’t remember the past few months. Billy happens to be at the hospital and walks by Katherine’s room and she shouts out to him. Katherine then asks Billy when did he come back from Hong Kong and this makes Billy realize that its really Katherine and decides to fill his mother in on this latest revelation. Marge wouldn’t have known that Billy went to Hong Kong so that’s proof positive for Billy.

Jill is still not buying that it’s Katherine and decides to play along for Billy’s sake and seeks out Katherine. While this is going down, Katherine gets word that her dental records have gone MIA. Feeling down and bad for all of her loves ones involved with having their emotions stirred up because of her claims, Katherine decides to live as Marge. When Jill walks in the hospital room, she hears Katherine declare that she is Marge. This revelation leads Jill to Nikki and lets her know that Marge finally admitted to being herself and that she was trying to con them yet again. As they are discussing Marge/Katherine, Nikki receives a package and it contains Katherine’s missing emerald ring.

Once she is released from the hospital, Katherine bumps into Nikki and sees that Nikki’s wearing her ring. Katherine decides that she’s going to claim her old life and tries to tell Nikki she’s really Katherine and begs for her to believe what she’s saying. Nikki doesn’t budge on her stance that Katherine is really Marge and Katherine is hell bent on Nikki finally realizing that she’s the real deal. Katherine believes that Nikki’s the link to her proving that she’s her old friend. She also knows she’s going to have to strain her brain for memories of her and Nikki in order for her dearest friend to realize who she says she is.

Phyllis/Nick/Sharon/Jack: Nick decides to stay true to Phyllis and Sharon leans on Jack. Joshua Morrow fans, the actor will be offscreen for a bit while he is on vacation. The show will write it as Victor sending him to China.

Adam: He’s released into Victor’s care when it looks as though he’s going blind.

Victor/Ashley: At Victor’s birthday party, Ashley tells the Black Knight that she’s pregnant and Victor in turns announces the news to everyone attending his party. Ashley is a bit upset that Victor announced her pregnancy at his party in such a public fashion, but the reaction should be on the couple’s mind. Crickets can be heard when the news is told and Phyllis deflects it by talking about how wonderful the news is. Right at that moment, Nikki happens to pass by and hears the news and disappears without making herself known. Nikki takes a trip down memory lane remembering when Nick was born. The news spreads and it seems the general consensus is not that it is not happy news. When Jack gets wind of it you can bet he is not breaking out cigars!

Estella, the Newman housekeeper pays Nikki a visit and lets it be known that she can’t stand Ashley and that she shouldn’t be at the ranch. Estella also lets Nikki know she’s scared that Victor and Ashley might get hitched. Call Estella psychic because Victor does pop the question to Ashley, who tells him that they both need to wait a while before getting hitched. Ash is very hesitant on getting married to Victor once again because of his treatment toward Adam. She is also wary of the fact that Victor became unhinged when Sabrina and their baby died.

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    How do they explain that Ashley can become pregnant??? It’s the same thing with the story last year, where Victor could have another child. What is it with the producers? Do they need to have another child for Victor that he can screw up?

    I like that Billy is believing Katherine. =)

    Sharon and Jack? WTF!? I thought we were through with this. Do Jack really needs to learn that Sharon slept with Billy so that this marriage finally can be over!?

    Devon? Who is Devon? Is he still on the show? LOL

  2. Profile photo of monamis

    Again Yuck with the Vashley baby. I don’t know why you all are surprised. Ashley made Abby with a turkey baster. She probably cloned this one. She’s the MacGyver of hoes!

  3. Profile photo of Restless Fan
    Restless Fan

    I really hope this pregnancy story is a bad joke. Victor is in his 60’s. Ashley her 50’s. YUCK! Really! Not to mention Vic is a total screw up of a father. I really do hope its a pre-menapausal thing because the realities of it are to gross to comprehend.

  4. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    I think I remember reading spoilers you posted a while ago and you had Ashley being pregnant in the rumor section. After that it stated that it turns out she is going through menopause. So maybe that’s what really happens. I don’t know, but anything is better than Victor having another child. Though Reva still got prgnant after having menopause, so I guess anything is possible!

  5. Profile photo of Melvins mom
    Melvins mom

    Hmmmm….well, Nick decides he’ll stay true to Phyllis…again. Wonder how long this will last? Actually, probably until he returns from China.

    I also thought Ashley could no longer have children….hope the writers plan on explaining that hole in the story like they did with Victor’s vasectomy.

    Hopefully Kevin’s wife will realize he’s missing sooner than later.

  6. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Remember the scene last year when Katherine told Nikki that Victor “quietly” had his vasectomy reversed? Thus Ashley’s pregnancy. I wonder if this child will make it to term? Ashley’s pregnancy definitely has great long-term story potential.

  7. Profile photo of mr.brooks

    mrbrooksgenoacitynews…..I have a better chance at delivering Victor’s baby than Ashley does. We all know that it is either mean o pause…..or a miscarriage! check my other comments … mr brooks and genoa city news and see what you get!

  8. Profile photo of babyc

    Ashely thinking she’s pregnant, but really going through menopause makes so much more sense than getting pregnant again. Or cancer, sometimes a false positive can be a sign of cancer I believe.

  9. Profile photo of KingTV

    Baby C! Love that idea – that it is a menopausal thing or a hysterical pregnancy or something because this is ridiculous! Preface this with: LOVE THIS SHOW – BEST SOAP CURRENTLY ON AIR – but Victor should finally be done making babies and Ashley is definitely too old to be harboring anything fertile PLUS they already have a child together. They do not need this other baby to bond or anything like that. It shouldn’t be the reason for them to get married. Getting married is drama enough for everyone involved. Maria, Hogan, Scott, Tommy C!! Please do something about this – make it twist and turn but don’t make it straight forward “Ashley’s having another kid with the mustache because it is lazy writing and we are just getting used to all the fabulous soapy goodness Y&R has been providing for the last nine months or so. Let it continue!!

  10. Profile photo of sillysoapsupporter

    How is Ashley pregnant? I am not even going to start on Victor’s “operation.” But, didn’t Ash lose Brad’s baby in that car accident a number of years ago that was caused by Victor and resulted in her having a hysterectomy?

  11. Profile photo of Jillian Bowe
    Jillian Bowe

    Sillysoapsupporter, hence my comment on me saying its an eye opener! Now ya’ll know I love Y&R these days like cooked food as Jay-Z says but this mess is crazier than the Emmy pre-noms! Chrystie Delancey, here’s hoping that the rumor about Ashley being in menopause is tru. Victor has magic swimmers but they aren’t THAT magic!

  12. Profile photo of S.S.P.

    Like your scenario on Ashley’s histerical pregnancy or cancer symptoms. Maybe they’ll also find out that Sharon’s the one who is pregnant. On top of a story line debating taking psychiatric prescriptions while pregnant, we’ll have a “whose the daddy” situation, where another brother will realize that Billy got his wife pregnant.

  13. Profile photo of timepass

    My speculation…

    Ashley’s took a bought a pregnancy test, she did not go to the doctor and confirmed it with a blood test, she may be wrong.

    When you get your menopause you can get false pregnancy test positive, they are the same kind of hormones! She would not be the first one!

  14. Profile photo of Chrystie-Delancey

    “but it’s not that common for women in their late 40s/early 50s to become pregnant..”

    Then we should brace ourselves for MULTIPLES then, because the odds are better for that than singletons.

    I still don’t buy it, though. Pregnancy has been done ad nauseum, my money is on menopause or something else.

  15. Profile photo of KingTV

    I just have to comment on the character of Sharon. Obviously, she is a psychological mess right now, confused, lost, very needy, dazed and confused, as if she is in a trance. Now, in the last month or so, she has had sex with Nick(once), Billy(twice) and ON MONDAY, SHE HAS SEX WITH JACK!!! I found out by innocently looking at Monday’s Y&R summary info that my cable co. provides. WTF!?!? We all know that she is no innocent little saint in that department but I do not think she has ever been so promiscuous. 3 different men in a month. Stealing little things from people’s homes and on Friday, she seemed to close her eyes, open them strangely, grabbed the stranger’s cell and put it in her purse. I can only think of 2 story possibilities:

    A – She is beginning the process of having an all out nervous breakdown that involves theft and lots of attention-getting sex. She is officially now a slut. I think she has slept with more men then Phyllis by now. In fact, Phyllis has really just slept with men that she thought she loved and wanted to be loved back. Sharon is just a nasty ho! And all of this stealing, lying, blacking out and sexual activity is going to catch up with her and she is headed to the GC Loony Bin much like Ashley did many years ago after her abortion.

    B – Y&R is about to embark on what I think would be it’s first DID story. Sharon has multiple personality disorder and they are doing a Viki/Niki or Jess/Tess-like story. The only reason I am thinking this is the way she closes her eyes before she steals or has sex, almost symbolizing the changing of the personalities. Right now, the switch does not last long and she is back to herself in a few seconds but I feel like the directors/writers are trying to tell us something when her eyes close, they open, she seems almost zombie-like, does something irrational (i.e. The books at the store letting Eden take the blame) and quickly reverts back with no memory of what she’s done. At least Doris was there to see her grab the phone.

    I would not mind to see Y&R’s take on this issue. With Kevin’s coming “Stockholm Syndrome” leading to a Patty Hearst-like experience, Adam potentially losing his eyesight, which could be a powerful, great story and has already sent chills up my spine on Friday when Heather came back to get something that fell out of her purse and he did not see or notice her standing there at all. I am glad they did not get rid of Chris Egan because he is growing as an actor and this could be his big story break-through as well as repair the wounds and strengthen the bond between him and Victor, since it is truly Jack’s fault regarding the fake diary. It could also change the character and give him new focus as well as fleshing out his dimensions. Add to that pot Sharon’s nervous breakdown/possible DID(Dissociative Identity Disorder) and we are looking a the next cycle of story lines for Y&R that are going to take a very Gothic, serious period for the soap, which is exactly why Y&R is my favorite soap and has always been at or near the top of my faves over the years. Right now, though, without GH being good, with GL’s still horrid production that keeps me away despite the so-called resurgence lately, DOOL being written by Higley(need I say more) and RH, AW, SB all part of the past, Y&R is the true soap of soaps. Of course, I am not forgetting OLTL but the flights of fancy that the show has taken over the years has turned me off at times. My point being that Y&R represents what a true soap opera is and was meant to be by Phillips, Nixon, Bell and Marland. I just hope that whatever is happening to Sharon turns out to be a riveting pyschologically complex story of a woman’s struggle with loneliness, insecurities and a huge, gaping void inside of herself that she is filling with dysfunctional, feel-good, self-prescribed remedies. Even if the 2009 Daytime Emmy’s mean nothing because of the absolutely nonsensical nominating process which allows sub-par actors to get nominated, if Y&R does not win Best Show then the awards will be undeniably meaningless. Yes, OLTL had a a good year too but with the Mendorra travesty, the stupid, confusing 1968 story which is still confusing in the way that it has affected David Vicker’s parentage, the over-the-top climax of the Jess/Bess/Tess story and the disgusting, history re-writing “rapemance”(even if the aftermath was better then the actual story), OLTL should not win this year. Last year, OLTL was robbed by GH(for it’s one week Metro Court hostage crisis instead of it’s true year’s worth of crappy storytelling). So far, OLTL has gotten it’s act together and they are neck and neck with Y&R for next year but this year belongs to Genoa City.

  16. Profile photo of klaf

    Does Victor HAVE to have ANOTHER pregnant, younger consort??? It’s like they use the same script for him year after year and just change the names.

  17. Profile photo of SoapSnob

    Upon further thought, I think, with Ashley’s pregnancy, Y&R may be gearing up to tell a very serious and poignant story of the birth defects that can occur when a woman Ashley’s age has a child. This would be a great story; imagine Genoa City’s reaction to a child born to Victor Newman who is physically flawed. I do hope this is the direction in which the Y&R creative team is taking this story. It could provide absolutely good, character driven story for years to come.

  18. Profile photo of GossipGirlColin

    Maybe I’m the only one who remembers that the last time Ashley was pregnant with baby Robert (Brad’s child), she was in a car accident. This was during the time Victor was bribing all of the department stores to sell his products over Jabots. She lost her baby and the doctor said there was no way after that that she could have a baby!! He told her and Brad that it was IMPOSSIBLE and now all of a sudden she is pregnant and in her fifties by Victor who has had a hundred vasectomies? WTF?!!!

    you know you love me

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