Is General Hospital Headed For a Casting Bloodbath?

DC’s Regan has been talking about possible casting drama taking place at General Hospital ever since news of the massive ABC pay cuts first broke. Now comes news from TV Guide Canada‘s Nelson Branco that the jobs and/or contractual statuses of Leslie Charleson (Monica), Megan Ward (Kate), Greg Vaughan (Lucky) and Rebecca Herbst (Liz) are on shaky ground and that Rick Hearst‘s (Ric) future with the soap isn’t looking to bright either. I’d love to say I’m surprised, but I’m not.
Charleson plays a Quartermaine, and GH has made it all-too clear how they feel about this insanely-popular family. In recent years they’ve killed off Emily, Alan and Justus and wrote out Ned and Dillon, plus Charleson is over 40 and we know how Brian Frons feels about older actors on his soaps!

Ward was very popular opposite Maurice Benard (Sonny), in fact the Skate pairing made Sonny bearable for the first time since Tamara Braun left the show, and seemed to energize Benard’s performance, however in a misguided attempt to recapture lightening in a bottle between Benard and Sarah Brown, Kate has been written into a corner for months.  

Vaughan, we hear,  has never been a favorite of the brass, who reportedly don’t buy him as leading man material, and backburnering Herbst, well isn’t that always this soap’s go-to move? Despite the fact that Herbst has managed to inspire just as large and vocal a fanbase as other actresses on the soap who receive much for promotional support from the network, and that she portrays a veteran heroine from the soap’s founding family, Herbst hasn’t quite had her chance to go to the ball since Jonathan Jackson left the soap. 

Then there’s Hearst, who came thisclose not to re-signing his contract last time and was reportedly promised a big storyline with Sarah Brown (Claudia). We see where that went.

If some of these casting nightmares (like the one about Rebecca Herbst) proves true, this soap won’t have me sticking my neck out to defend it on DC podcasts anymore and you can take that one to the bank!

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    Regan Cellura

     Yep it’s all been out there and this just shows that TPTB could give two squats about the fans. Find me one fan that doesn’t like the Q’s and I’ll tell ya they don’t have the history with GH that most do. How do you let a multiple emmy winner like Hearst go? How do you not write a story for him is a better question? Why are fan favorites shelved in favor of newbies who have no ties to the history of this show? How do you take a Spencer (I don’t care who’s in the role) and turn him into the town idiot? And poor Megan Ward. What GH has turned this actress’s character into is disgraceful. Kate could have brought something back to PC that has been severely lacking. I long for the L&B days and Crimson could have done just that, filled that void. Remember, Hearst and Charleson recently re-signed, I believe Ward is up this May and Herbst and Vaughn MAY have their deals running out soon as well. TPTB are trying to hold onto Burton, Thompson and McCullough. 

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    Jamey Giddens

    Ken Corday just proved to the industry that you could gut the majority of your vets and/or fan favorites and do just fine. Days ratings are more stable than any of the other soaps. So Frons and Babs have a free pass.

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    I really don’t think any of these people deserve to be let go. I hate to say it, but GH could probably save a ton of $ by cutting Tony Geary lose. I find Luke in and out of Port Charles to be distracting and all the adventures Luke goes on to accomidate TG vacations get harder to swallow with each storyline. A lot of people love Luke and will probably disagree, but I don’t think he’s a huge part of the storyline anymore.

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    Megan Ward: I think we’ve all seen the writing on the wall for some time, so this isn’t much of a surprise. It’s a shame. I think MW is terrific (she herself has built up a large and vocal following in a short amount of time) and I thought there was potential with Kate. MW will move on to bigger and better things, no doubt.

    GV & RH: I just don’t see them leaving. Forced to take a paycut maybe, but I can’t see them being fired. I’m sure TPTB don’t see GV as a leading man, but Lucky is a supporting character anyway. And yeah, it looked like RH was on her way to being a lead w/ the Liason story, and that didn’t happen. However, Liz has been a popular supporting character for years, why would they get rid of her suddenly? There’s still story to tell with her, and she’s Golden Boy Jason’s baby mama…so again, why get rid of her? (**unfortunately the fact that she’s a Weber has been made irrelevent by TPTB – do new viewers even know who the Webers are?**)

    Ric Hearst: I can’t imagine TPTB letting him go. However, he must cost a lot of money, and if they refuse to write a story for him…

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    If these rumors are true it really stinks. Liason could have been a supercouple, but I won’t go there again. With all of these out of work daytime actors, some network should start a new daytime soap . . . what do ya think?

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    MeghannOC – I agree. I happen to love TG and would miss him but if you are not going to use the man, set him free.

    Even though I love JaSam I find the show itself depressing and hard pressed to watch anymore so I find myself living on spoilers.

    I think I picked up GH just when things started to go south. i wish I had the history that everyone keeps talking about. maybe i’ll do some You Tubing this weekend.

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    (**unfortunately the fact that she’s a Weber has been made irrelevent by TPTB – do new viewers even know who the Webers are?**)

    Webers? Who?????????? LOL its sad but Liz is the only Web i know and while I like her I have no real connection so she can leave lol.

    I would hate for all of these people to leave, I REALLY hope they dont have Monica go off into the sunset with Alan :( I want her to LIVE lol.

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    I am just shocked at this, getting rid of these characters who have been on for years just so they can keep doing the same story lines over and over again

    If this is true I am gonna missy Becky , Liz is one of my favorite character’s

    I hope they all go somewhere where they will be appreciated and they can put their tremendous talent to good use

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    Jamey Giddens


    (**unfortunately the fact that she’s a Weber has been made irrelevent by TPTB – do new viewers even know who the Webers are?**)

    Webers? Who?????????? LOL its sad but Liz is the only Web i know and while I like her I have no real connection so she can leave lol.

    You might not know who the Webbers or Hardsy are, but long term fans who have stuck it out for generations and passed it on their kids and grandkids (which is how soaps became so popular and multigeneration) do. That’s been the problem with this industry by and large for the past 15 years. They don’t write for the long term fans, so we keep leaving and they are not attracting enough younger viewers to make up the difference. GL is the perfect example. Sure their younger couples like Jammy were popular with younger viewers, but at what cost? Jammy kept them around a 2.0, Blake, Ross, Harley, Phillip, etc had them at 2.7. Continuing to disregard long term viewers will kill this industry.

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    Megan Ward WAS popular opposite MB? There is no WAS to the popular part. Her value to the show didn’t end when the pairing of SKate ended, and there’s no excuse for this show choosing not to write for a character as popular as Kate had become. Megan has a strong, loyal fanbase and instead of capitalizing on her popularity GH decided to try to undermine it by writing poorly for Kate for months. She still has support, so now they want to just get rid of her? This show is a disaster and anyone who chooses to remain on the show is endorsing these ridiculous practices and I have no respect for any of them, if it is in fact true that all of these people are being let go or taken off contract. Good riddance. Megan Ward is too good for soaps anyway.

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    The problem is they don’t know how to write…
    When there is something good, they don’t continue with it.
    Like Liason they could have a great storylines , and not all about the MOb, we could have the Q’s there, seeing them fight for being in Jake’s life, also We would have LuSam Sam helping Lucky come with the fact that he is not Jake’s father any more.
    This story could have bring Spencer and Q’s to the front, and seeeing Lucky Monica Liz Edward in the front.
    Also Skate, what if Skate would have continued..
    Skate were great, and we sea Sonny in a different mode..
    And lets tallk about Clik I loved them , they could have so much better, and Rick could have been more..

  12. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    If these rumors are true it really stinks. Liason could have been a supercouple, but I won’t go there again.


    LOL Crazy4gh, Let’s not open up those can of worms

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    I’ve got a question: does GH even have any “new” viewers or do they have viewers who have left and returned to the fold? I don’t know of any teen that watches daytime soaps now – they’re all about 90210, OTH, Gossip Girl, The Hills, heck they are more invested in Keeping Up With The Kardashians than they are about GH, AMC, OLTL, GL, Y&R, etc..

    The networks need to realize that their true fanbase is with long time viewers and LTV’s that have returned to watch or DVR their shows again. The days of daytime TV babysitting is over. Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Disney and MTV killed it. What kid would wanna watch OLTL when Spongebob is on? Somebody wake these poor misguided fools up…

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    Just a thought but why doesn’t ABC try to shake up the behind the scenes payroll? Maybe they could bring in some fresh blood and get some new writers and producers who look at things differently. Maybe they could produce a QUALITY show and this might bring in more viewers. Nah, I won’t hold my breath! LOL!

  15. Profile photo of ghguy45

    Id be pissed if the Megan Ward/Becky Herbst Rumors are true i can see letting GV go and i think the character of Ric has ran his course i think its importent TIIC resign Burton,Mccullough and Thompson and Monaco and i think TIIC know that so they are prolly doing whatever they can to do that ecspecially with there deals expiring soon im also hearing Burton and Benard are not happy so if Gh thrown lots of Dough at them there prolly more likely to stay

  16. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    I ADORE Megan Ward! From the moment this woman burst into Sonny’s office I was hooked on a show I hadn’t taken seriously in over 20 years. I never liked Sonny before and don’t like a thing since his pairing with Kate. This woman had it going on and I was just completely engrossed. Long live Sonny and KATE!

    Megan – I cannot say enough. I will follow this woman’s career forever. She has more than earned my respect. Just spectacular woman. She is the ONLY reason I have kept up with this show since the shooting.

    The company of actors/actresses that are also being considered in letting go or reducing to reoccuring is just unbelieveable. All of them are great and deserve better.
    I am sick of hearing it blamed on cost cutting measures when they continute to hand out contracts to the likes of NP. Moronic.

  17. Profile photo of Beth

    I can’t say I’m surprised. You just know they’re trying to free up their pocketbooks so they can afford to resign Steve Burton again and make Maurice Benard happy. All others fall by the wayside on this show. For me, MW is expendable, but LC and Hearst deserve much, much better. Frankly, I’m unsure why Hearst even bothered to resign. They’ve dangled stories in front of him time and time again, only to yank them away. He could get a role on any show out there. I can only think that in this economy it’s just better for their peace of mind to know they have a steady gig rather than having to start all over again. My thought? They’ll ask Hearst, Herbst, and Vaughan to take a pay cut, and will cut them if they don’t capitulate.

  18. Profile photo of zurge

    “Four words. Rick Hearst. Guiding Light.”


    Agreed, if Hearst would even consider it. I’d love for Alan-Michael to be back in Springfield. Bonus points would be if they also brought back Alan-Michael’s mom, Hope Bauer Spaulding (Robin Mattson would be a great Hope) along for the ride to help give Alan another heart attack.

    But I seriously digress – I hope that none of these actors are let go. Leslie Charleston has been such a cornerstone of the show for 3 decades – I couldn’t imagine GH without her. Please, just let the mob go and bring back the Quartermaines!!!

  19. Profile photo of soapfan2008

    This is why these soaps are going to get cancelled.

    For some reason TPTB refuse to do what the majority of fans want and seem intent to write a show that they themselves enjoy.

    The Quartermaines are gone, the mob rules the show, Ric & Claudia could have been a really hot couple, they break up Liason, now they’re pushing Maxie and Johnny…

    I don’t feel bad for the soap industry anymore. If TPTB don’t want to listen to the fans they deserve to have their shows cancelled.

  20. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    This could be a good thing if they cut the right characters. Cough Ethan cough who they must love because he gets to beat on Lucky like everybody else. I like Lucky and GV, but they clearly hate him since they made a Spencer out to be a patsy. I would hate to see him go. I’d hate to see any one of the people mentioned, even though I no longer like Liz, she’s crucial to the show. I happen to like Claudia and Sonny, so there, and I don’t think it’s misguided. I mean getting rid of Layla and Nadine the dork was a step in the right direction. Now, if we could get a Lucky and Rebecca pairing and have Nik go bat shit crazy, that would be something.

    Jane Elliott and Laura Wright are probably the safest over 40 actreses on this show. We see the Quartermaines, just Tracy.

    They havn’t used Ric very well, maybe he should go, he’s to good just to be doing nothing. Megan Ward can go, I mean I only liked her with Sonny (barely) and I thought she had wonderful chemistry with Jax and would of loved a triangle there with Carly, where Carly would lose out in the end. She’s kinda useless now.

  21. Profile photo of McD720

    I adore Becky Herbst so her leaving would be a huge blow to me. I am already so fed up with the show that I have stopped watching and getting rid Becky would turn it off for good for me. That being said I really don’t think she is leaving. She has a very vocal, large and loyal fanbase who would be up in arms over her departure. If they thought they have seen some bad feedback lately they would really get a firestorm of it with this move.

    As for Rick Hearst. He is one of the most talented men in daytime. Why he is so underused I will never understand. I remember watching him on GL with my babysitter(who was obsessed with GL) as a child and loving Alan-Michael. Alan-Michael is Rick’s signature role. He needs to go back and reprise it NOW! I am loving GL right now and having him back would be amazing.

    If these are the actors that they choose to get rid of and they keep pointless characters like Olivia and Ethan around then Brian Frons should be absolutely ashamed of himself. He is just slowly putting his network’s signature daytime show towards cancellation.

  22. Profile photo of ladyofthelake

    Oh and one thing I forgot to mention and it’s not populer by any means but I don’t think soaps should do what fans want. Sure hooking up characters who become popluar and have a following is one thing, but to do everything fans want, which sometimes is stuid, even more stupid then what we see on tv, is not a good thing in the long run. Daytime needs better writers period. The great Douglas Marland wouldn’t let fans dictate to him and he’s beloved. We also need strong EP’s aswell. All this blame on writers, the EP’s are to be blamed as well. We need Glory Monty and Wendy Riche type of EPs.

  23. Profile photo of KateSonnyfan

    I am very saddened at the news that GH would let go talented and highly popular actors like Megan Ward and Rick Hearst. I wish them the best and hope that if they leave, they quickly find work at places where their talents can be appreciated.

  24. Profile photo of KC83

    Brian Frons doesnt like Rebecca Herbst because she’s not PRETTY? Are you serious?!
    THIS, among other reasons, is why this man should NOT be incharge of ABC Daytime.
    So much for talent being worth anything over at GH.
    I really thought nothing considering the state of GH would shock and disgust me anymore, but this truly does.
    Instead of bringing on characters/actors that arent needed nor wanted (Ethan. Matt..the Zaccarras. Rebecca)how about using the ones that we, the FANS are already invested in? If Sonny and Claudia are very much a go, WHY NOT have Kate and Ric? Arent conflicts the stuff soaps are made of?
    I guess not in GH’s case since they are missing out on one of the greatest triangles that coulda been (Liz/Jason/Sam).

  25. Profile photo of roe0824

    Years ago GH was all about the hospital and the Q’s and the Webers and that’s what kept the show on the air for all those years. Then they brought on the mob and we were ok with that because we had other stories to look forward to. But now, it’s all about the mob and the stories make no sense at all. If they want to change the show, they should look back at the past and what made GH a great soap opera.

    Another problem with GH is that they have alot of good actors/actresses and they don’t use them properly they just kill them off and let them go. I loved Lyla and I loved Nadine, they started out writting them good and then they went downhill after that. I am still trying to figure out where Casius went? They just keep hiring more actors/actresses that are not needed. Did we really need Ethan? Matt’s character is not getting his due acting either. Do we really need Winnie?

    Give Lucky a”Spencer” a real storyline, he is after all Luke’s son and should act like one and not a stupid cop. He should have been a con artist just like his dad and also, I like Greg Vaughn a good actor that was never given the proper storyline.

    Rebecca Herbst, gosh, I grew up watching her too and of course I am a huge Liason fan and they should make her go back with Jason and give her the storyline she deserves. When they had her with him, they were good together and she played good including the storyline with the hit/run.

    KellyMo, now she is wasting their money, she is off doing a Peep Show, so they are paying her to go other places they should put her on recurring status if that’s what she plans on doing. I am sure she is only hanging onto GH until something better comes around.

    Kate Ward, she was good with Sonny, showed a different side of him and they had really good chemistry but Guza/Frons messed up by bringing back Sarah Brown so they were scrambeling on what to do with her, another one of their prize possession just like KeMo. Well, she had good chemistry with Ric so why not leave her with him and pit brother against brother again, Ric/Sonny have great chemistry when they are rivals.

    Steve Burton, I wonder if he will resign if he finds out that Rebecca might be let go? I wonder if he will resign if he finds sees that GH is going down the tubes?

    I have been watching GH since I can’t remember and this is the worst that I have ever saw it. I think they shouldn’t revamp their characters, I think they need to revamp the writters and the people behind the scenes, that’ where the real problems are.

    Thanks Regan, I am done ranting now.

  26. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Brian Frons doesnt like Rebecca Herbst because she’s not PRETTY? Are you serious?! THIS, among other reasons, is why this man should NOT be incharge of ABC Daytime.

    I don’t know who NB’s source was for this, but I don’t buy it for one second. It’s completely absurd. Anyone who isn’t blind can see that she’s pretty. Nope, not buying this one…

  27. Profile photo of disillusioned GH fan
    disillusioned GH fan

    *THUNK* …and there we go, proof that ABC and TPTB’s long term goal is to destroy daytime and end soaps altogether.

    Just cancel the soaps ABC, maybe you can fill the dead airspace with Guza humping Burtons hunky leg and Fronz drooling over Kelly Monaco’s jacuzzi romps, we know he lives vicariously through those scenes, don’t we?

    Meh! …I have nothing nice to say!

  28. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    Oh please, let’s not turn this into RH vs. KeMo…

    Both RH and KeMo are lovely and I don’t know how any of you define “classic” and/or “contemporary” beauty – they’re both pretty… LW, KS, KMc, SBr all get more airtime then BOTH RH and KeMo…how do you define their beauty?

  29. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    I have already stopped watching and only pay attention to summaries and spoilers to see if there is a point to start watching again… If they get rid of Liz Weber there won’t even be a reason for that…

    If I want to watch a show with strange characters I need to get to know there are MANY MANY better options out there.

    And, yes, why is Guza still getting a paycheck?

  30. Profile photo of Regan Cellura
    Regan Cellura

     I have heard the same gossip about Rebecca and Frons. It’s not just that she’s not his "type" (and trust me, I am in no mood to debate who he likes more or whom he thinks is prettier) basically, Frons has no interest in Rebecca Herbst or the character of Elizabeth. If he ain’t interested he figures no one else is. Guza and Frons like to cut deals with each other. I’ll let you write this if you backburner so and so. Lately, the gossip seems to point to Frons laying down the law. 

  31. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Let’s not blame the actors!!
    They are just doing what they beem told…….
    I love Kelly and Becky , they are both great and they are both beautiful woman!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Profile photo of engradypind

    I really hate this news. If valuable actors are going to be let go to make room for more money for the Skank Squad I won’t be watching this show at all.

    I watch ABC for my local news, for Grey’s Anatomy, and for GH. GH, I am really afraid, won’t be on for much longer. Viewers are not going to stick around to see their favorite characters abused with illogical stories, and written off to make room for more mob.

    I liked Kate when the character first appeared.
    Ric was destroyed as soon as someone said, I know; let’s make him Sonny’s brother. Then he too was sacrificed to prop up the dimpled gangster.
    The Quartermaine’s have been reduced to comic relief.
    The Spencer progeny consist of a dumbass and a screeching smirking harridan.
    Luke and Tracy — now nothing more than caricatures.

    They say lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place but the powers that be a GH are telling the viewers to bend over again and take it in the ass.

    I’m through with Frons and Guza and the hacks they have hired to destroy a once great show just so ABC can have another hour of reruns or inane “reality” shows.

  33. Profile photo of McD720

    Daisy – I totally agree there is no reason to turn this into a Kelly vs. Becky debate. They are both very beautiful women.

    I just don’t understand Frons’s disdain for Becky. All she has ever been is a loyal team player. I guess he thinks that every fan’s opinion is the same as his which is completely FALSE. She is extremely popular with fans and her co-stars.

  34. Profile photo of kgbmc

    I cannot understand why they let characters leave or die that we are invested in only to bring on ones that we do not care about.

    Of couse, losing Elizabeth and Monica would cause me to stop watching. When these woman are on screen, I am glued to it. I am certain I cannot be alone.

    Lucky was never written well since JJ left it is not GV fault. If Lucky can be let go then why not LULU, whose name is becoming synomous with FAST FORWARD for many of us?

    Kate was something to watch until they started writing her this way but I was hoping that she and Ric would make an unholy alliance.

    Again, GH is destroying itself from within, the question remains WHY?

  35. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    This is soo crazy. GH can’t be this stupid. To get rid of that many fan favorites?? It makes me sick to my stomach to even think about it.

    As for Kelly Monaco, they only way GH would let her do the Peep Show was if she resigned. At least, thats what I have heard. And I don’t really blame her for wanting to do something else. Ever since the Jasam breakup, Sam/KeMo has been the one that has been put on the back burner. Just my opinion tho.

  36. Profile photo of east.west

    This is not even sad anymore, it’s just a damn shame and that Frons needs to go if that is the case. Becky Herbst is one of those classic beauties who can ACT! and have 2 Emmy noms to validate that. But I guss if you don’t have big tits and tan skin (I LOVE Kelly Monaco so please ppl and her don’t take offense) you’re not “Pretty enough” in Frons book. Dude gives men a bad name!

  37. Profile photo of daisyclover1938

    KC83, I know you weren’t starting a RH vs KM scuffle :) I just figured I’d make a plea for peace now, because we all know how easily one of those “debates” can break out on here, lol

  38. Profile photo of KingTV

    Regan – you are barely defending GH NOW on the podcasts. I just heard you give a thumbs down to Maxie’s dream episode which I said I would Tivo and watch but ended up deleting because of all the poor reviews. GH was a very special show to me in the late 80’s and 90’s. It was so relevant, human and beautifully written at the time but now it is a shell of it’s former self that is aching to be a different show because of Guza’s demented attitude and Phelps LOUSY exec-producing of this garbage. The production quality alone these days is just horrible. Paycuts or no paycuts. They & Frons are going to do whatever they want to this show and when it sinks to below GL in the ratings, I will not be surprised. How can they continue to just disregard the fans needs and wants at a time like this? We cannot trust them to write a good story anymore. I stopped watching well over a year ago and started OLTL again after many, many years. It is, as well know on here, a mostly great soap opera right now hitting on all cylinders. GH is one of the worst along with B&B, DOOl and ATWT. Regan, you do not have to defend it anymore. Let it go. It is easier then you think. Always remember that until you hear otherwise they are pulling the same crappity crap-crap they have been for years now. Without familiar characters to care about, what is a soap opera anyway. A canvas of hateful, immoral criminals who dominate the world they live in, take away the good families and leave us with strangers fighting toxic balls in a blizzard while an explosion is booming???!! I am there for you.

  39. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Bah…I only barely watch the show now for the Quartermaine crumbs they feed us poor, starving fans. If they get rid of Leslie Charleson or reduce her to even less to what she’s doing now, this show is history to me and to many other people. We’re only holding on waiting for a miracle…and it appears as if the opposite has happened.

    Getting rid of Becky, the last connection to the Hardys and the Webbers and a character that’s been on the show (played by the same actress even) for about 13 years, is just Frons’ way of trying to bury the past. In his sick twisted mind, getting rid of the characters that have history on the show and introducing people we don’t really care about is the way to excise the people who have remained watching…the people who keep criticizing the show for it’s poor writing and disregard for the past.

    This is no longer about being a well written soap, a critical success, a storyline that makes sense, it’s all about Frons’ ego. He’s trying to reinvent GH so that it’s HIS and too bad if none of us fans like it, he’ll go out and get his own. Too bad that his idea of a soap doesn’t attract new people either.

    In most businesses, if something doesn’t work, you change direction. There’s also the old adage, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Since Frons arrived at ABC Daytime, the only thing he’s done is “fix” stuff.

    He’s like the Titanic heading toward the iceberg only he can see the iceberg…but he’s heading straight toward it anyway. Nothing like having a suicidal maniac at the helm of your ship.

  40. Profile photo of inspiron

    Exactly what this show needs-a complete house cleaning
    except for Monica!-bring back the Qs and get rid of the mob!
    Bring back the WSB, relegate Sonny back to the strip club biz and turn Jason back into a Q!
    Lucky and Liz can leave town and maybe the real Lucky, the son of Luke, can return.

  41. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    First, I want to say this about KeMo and then move on. Typically as I understand it, actors as for outs as part of their contract, and these outs are bargained for like cash. So lets say someone could get X amount but TPTB only want to offer Y, then maybe the actor takes Y AND certain outs to do other projects. her contract really isnt all that different than say Ingo’s so no, they arent taking contract money and paying her to play in Vegas. the list…I am curious…just gaging peoples pov’s….Lets assume that after tptb take care of the people THEY consider crucial, they have a pot of money left over for these 5 – GV, ReH, RiH, LC, and MW. They have enough money now to pay one big salary and one pay cut salary or three paycut salaries. Who would you save and in what order? Would you offer one person what you feel that they “deserve” or would you offer you two favorites half and if one or both refuse, move on to the next one? I am just curious who everyone sees as the biggest priority.

    For me I would probably start with GV’s Lucky. That really pains me to say, because I have watched LC for two decades and RiH is a fav too, but with the canvas as it is, Lucky has the most potential story, and I am actually interested to see how the brother vs. brother for notem story works out. I would love to see Rebecca pick Lucky, be deeply in love with Lucky, and THEN remember she is Emily.

    My second choice would be tough. LC is limited because they have no men really in her age range and if GF comes back and L&L reunite, Tracy will be matchless as well. For this reason I have to go with RiH as my number two pick. I would use my money to secure those two first and foremost.

    If I had money left over, uggghh this is so damn hard and this absolutely PAINS me to say…but ReH over LC. My heart wants to say LC because I love Monica and loathe ReH, but my brain knows that again from a storyline potential, she has more avenues for story.

    Of that list, I have no qualms saying MW is way at the bottom. Love the actress, dont care about the character, and if she isnt paired with Sonny and isnt paired with Ric, then really there is nowhere for her right now. The other 4 characters have greater history with the show and more established relationships on the canvas. That said, keep LLC or MW?…definately MW.

    With the hypothetical gun to my head,

  42. Profile photo of carly2098

    Liz is not going anywhere. Jason and liz will have a storyline. They will not get rid of liz because it will be so worng of them. they can get rid of lucky and Katie in my book.

    They need liason back and I’m not giving up on that but Lucky I can’t stand and i love ric though even to hate him

  43. Profile photo of LuvSKate

    Alan and Monica were my first favorites on GH. Then Robert and Anna and none more than KATE and Sonny. I have zero use for Sonny with anyone else.

    Megan Ward – why I bother

  44. Profile photo of engradypind

    I have no use for Sonny — period! He is the glorification of crime, the loser who can’t make it in the world of good and legal. His attempts at going legit were laughable, comic relief from a character who is afraid of small places. GH could free up lots of salary for other actors and lots of air time for more interesting characters by burying Sonny Corinthos and the rest of the Skank Squad.

  45. Profile photo of toytoy74

    If even one of these rumors are true i’d like to thank Bob Guza for setting me free from my 30 addiction to GH once and for all. I AM SO EFFING TIRED OF THE NEW TREND OF FIRING VETERAN SOAP ACTORS!!!! Then TPTB wring their hands and blame the economy and pretend not to understand the loss of viewership. Heres a little tip soap industry….Maybe 1 in a 20 of your new hires actually are emotionally able to capture your long time MONEY SPENDING viewers,so grow the hell up, hire writers worth their salt, and write CHARACTER driven stories that make since for the EXPERIENCED actors you were lucky to get in the first place. Firing Rebecca Herbst??? Surely you jest? Was I the only one who saw the net ablaze FOR YEARS as to who this womans character should love? The only way to save this show is to have this be Michaels catatonic dream version of PC.

  46. Profile photo of muffin

    If they get rid of Leslie and John Ingle retires then Tracy will be the ONLY Quartermaine left! Excuse my while I go burst into tears. If there’s not Quartermaines or Lucky & Liz…I don’t know if I’ll even bother to watch anymore. Seriously, how is Greg Vaughn not leading man material?

  47. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    So no one wanted to show which of the five they would save in what order? I was really curious to see. And what if they are offered new contracts but at much less pay? Will some or all be offended by that? What about reoccuring?

    I am just playing devils advocate here – saying sonny’s a waste or Jason’s a waste – guess what, they arent going to dump either of them unless they ask for something just flat ridiculous. After tptb renew the contracts that they feel are must haves, I think everyone else is going to be offered far less or even recurring. We JUST saw the latest ratings – only ONE soap of the group saw ratings increases (OLTL) but that one soap is near the bottom of the ratings board. We all have our own thoughts on how to make the soaps “better” and yet quality doesnt necessarily translate into ratings – we praise OLTL but their ratings stay low, we trashed DOOL for firing dh2, yet they are somehow #3 in the ratings. If the genre is eroding before our eyes, how do we hold on to our show as long as possible? Remember, to us this is entertainment, but to ABCD its also a BUSINESS.

    My guess here is that 3 of the 5 will be offered seriously reduced pay, LC will be offered recurring, and MW will be released. Just a guess, but thats what I predict.

  48. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Playing the game of who would you cut out of the 5 means to be a loser before you even start. To paraphrase “War Games”, the only way to win is not to start. The question shouldn’t be who out of that 5 you’d cut, it’s who else in the entire cast would you cut … or what other cost saving measures would you use?

    Are they using the economy as an excuse to write some of these people off? How is they can afford a new set, new cast members yet they can’t afford their vets? Let’s face it, they weren’t writing for these people before the economy went south so does this really have something to do with costs?

    Yes, this is a business. ABC has to get the ratings up so they can get the ad revenue up. In order to save the soaps, they have to do that. So…if the ratings have died on all the ABC soaps for the past few years why is it that Frons still has a job? In any business, if the manager isn’t producing you get rid of the people under him first and if that doesn’t work, you get rid of the manager. Well, they haven’t fired Guza or Jill Phelps. And they haven’t gotten rid of their lord and master, Frons. Once Disney realizes that the problem with their daytime programming is management, that’s when they can start to rebuild their soaps. BUT you have to ask the question, is it too late? They’ve already alienated a lot of viewership.

    It boggles the mind that in the time period the current management has been in charge, the ratings have plummetted but everybody is still employed. Where are the Disney execs who should be looking at this mess and firing everybody who’s responsible for the decline of what was a 45 year industry (at least in GH’s case.)

  49. Profile photo of ohwowreally

    i could def. see ric hearst on YnR or guiding light or maybe even oltl (the best soap right now)…guza would be the biggest fool to let him go. I guess i could really care less, i haven’t watched gh since december. I wish oltl could have gh’s 3’oclock time slot…i bet the ratings would really sky rocket then. As far as rebecca herbst…she’s been on the show for what 10 yrs or more and they reward her loyalty by backburning her character when we have shrieking lulu, fake mobster johnny, sarah “im only here cuz primetime didn’t want me” brown and other characters who are on consistently everyday who haven’t been on screen as long as she have…thats some bull

    p.s. i like johnny, claudia, and sometimes lulu im just trying to make a point

  50. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    JMHO but I think its totally uncool to publish his personal facebook page link. I know I wouldnt like that much if a bunch of strangers tied up my account, I cant imagine he would like it either.

    Pxlbarrel…the ship sailed on the new sets. TPTB clearly want certain characters and I have to imagine folks like the guy playing ethan (I dont know the actor’s name) earn a fraction of what any of the five in question earn. My question was one of a hypothetical nature..if five are on the chopping block which of the five being saved best serves the show.

    I understand what you are saying, and I understand the upset over this POTENTIAL news, but I also think that its a tough environment and if you are going to punish brian frons, then they same would go for the other networks considering that all the ratings are down from last year, including the ratings for flagship sudser YR.

  51. Profile photo of ABCJunky73

    The thing is, Guza and Frons don’t care about the history of GH, or it’s fans. They don’t care about the generations of fans who tuned in to watch Dr. Hardy and Nurse Audry, Nurse Jesse, Lee & Gail Baldwin, Scotty, Luke & Laura. Nurse Amy and Bobbie. Robert, Anna, Holly, Lucy, Kevin, Frisco & Felica. Blackie Parrish, Noah Drake. The Q’s and the Cassidines! I could go on and on, but the history lesson won’t faze them.

    Heck I think they would sink an old lady if it could pump up the mob. They should just do us all a favor and take Sonny and the mob, spin them all off into their own soap called Gangsta’s Island and and leave GH to someone with a history of GH who could restore it back to a once great soap!

    There, I’m done ranting about GH! Now to go and rant about OLTL and the thought of Frons getting rid of Erika Slezak!


  52. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Well, that’s the problem with daytime, they say it’s a business but they’re running the business into the ground. All 3 networks. And maybe they do have to punish other network execs too. But I’m only looking at ABC right now and that’s what Disney should be doing too…not looking at the other networks and their problems. Look at how your employees have performed and ask yourself if it’s satisfactory.

    As for the hypothetical, you’re asking…who out of the 5 could serve GH the best. If you write for them, and write a good story, wouldn’t that serve GH the best? None of those people are responsible for the crap that’s airing right now. Don’t tell me that if they actually wrote a good storyline for Monica that the show wouldn’t benefit. Or if they wrote Kate more like she was when she was first introduced that the show wouldn’t improve? Gave Ric something to do other than glare at Sonny? Gave Lucky a police storyline where he actually does some…policing? It’s not the actors that’s the problem, it’s how they’re written. Any one of the characters on GH can be help the show if they’re written for any substantial way.

    I still think the economy is only a convenient excuse to write some of these people off.

    This isn’t General Hospital to me anymore. This is a totally new show and if I watch it with that in mind…it still sucks. You don’t have to compare it to the old days to see that the writing is still atrocious. If they get rid of the people that’s the only reason I’m watching, then there’s no reason for me to sit there and watch this brand new, sucky show.

    So ABC can potentially chop these people and I can potentially walk from the show. I will have no more “ties” to the show anyway.

  53. Profile photo of gush900

    The main problem with gh is they have too many big name daytime actors on their show.Guza needs a co headwriter he kills characthers off and then brings them back as a new characthers.I think the characther of Olivia is just non sense because she has no sl.Kate i think the show should just write her off they ruined the characther.The show should concentrate on “scrubs”and ffocus the show around sonny,claudia,carjax,jonny and maxie and jasam.I know there jasam haters out there but from what i hear frons loves them together and so do i.Theres a lot of talent on this show that is languishing.

  54. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    The show should concentrate on “scrubs”and ffocus the show around sonny,claudia,carjax,jonny and maxie and jasam.


    They are already doing that and the show sucks

  55. Profile photo of LIASONADDICT

    They need to learn how to focus on everyone and change the writing so they can stop doing the same s/l over and over again

    All the characters are somehow connected to each other by marriage, blood realtives…etc they should be able to utilize everyone and tell great stories

  56. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Okay EET, here goes…its gonna be really difficult…

    Top priority…Ric Hearst. As big of a Quartermaine fan that I am, those doped up people at GH have not been giving that family what they are worthy of. So, I would love to see Leslie stay on as Monica, but because of the crap they write for her, she deserves better. She is a damn vet and they treat her and the rest of the Qs like trash. Ric-he is soo talented and soo amazing, that if they let him go, they will regret it. There is sooo much potential for a good story there…they NEED to give him a juicy storyline. If he has that, it would do wonders for the show. Letting him go would be a big big big mistake and the moment they do, I have a feeling GL will snatch him up.

    Next, I would say Becky Herbst…she is always incredible no matter what is written for Liz. She portrays a Webber and has all that history. Then of course there are the Liason fans that would riot in the freakin street, lol, if they kicked her to the curb. And again, give Liz a storyline!

    After those two, it gets tough. I absolutely love Megan Ward and think that she is such a star, but I would not be surprised if they get rid of her first. Just because of the way they write Kate and because she is a newbie. And then there’s Greg V. The character of Lucky should be written as legendary…he is the son of Luke and Laura, you hear that you Guza and you Fronsie!! It is EXTREMELY disappointing to watch him act like a fool. Yet again, those two characters have the potential for a reallly great storyline, but no one seems want to give it to them.

    Oh gosh, its hard for me to imagine GH without these people. But, if the people over at GH continue to treat all of the people mentioned above like they don’t even exist, then I say that they should say “Screw you, I’m out.” Whats the point of sticking around if the character that they are portraying doesn’t even have a storyline?? They ALL deserve sooo much better than that.

  57. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Just to be clear, never once did I defend the writing or say that the actors are to blame. It was a HYPOTHETICAL (thanks ash, learned a lot from your post) to try and see where peoples hearts and minds lay. In an era where even SUSAN LUCCI is being forced to take a huge paycut, we can expect that this round of contract talks are going to be tough, particularly given the sheer number of contracts up for renewal at one given time. I tend to be a practical person. I only tilt at the windmills I think I have a chance of moving. TPTB are not going to let SBu, MB, SJB etc. go anywhere if they can help it. They already spent the money on the sets. Whats left over after the actors that THEY consider to be the most important are re-signed (assuming they can be resigned) will determine what they can do with the remaining contracts. The question then becomes, if you could tell Frons to save at least one or two characters which would be your priority. And yes, great writing is great writing, all five are talented, all five are an asset, but they are each valuable for different reasons. I could make a case for each of them to be the MVP of the list, depending on what each of us cares most about. If you make the argument that you would make entirely different choices – lets say firing MB, making Jason a Q, and eliminating the mob entirlely – thats a case thats made on these boards all the time. I just wanted to deal with this specific sliver since the elimination of the mob isnt going to happen any time soon if ever. And really if we all could write the show starting from scrap, I dont think any of two of our versions would alike, esp. if our “dream version” had to operate within a certain budget. Personally I would bring back anna and robert as my first choice hirings. There are a number of people on the show now that I would gladly lose in order to accomplish that one. But thats just me.

  58. Profile photo of ahanshew

    My vote would have been for not resigning Maurice Bernard and to re-sign everyone else. Sonny is an ass and you can tell MB is just not in to Sonny anymore.

    I love all of the actors on the casting list. I wouldn’t want any of them to go.

  59. Profile photo of KC83

    Here’s a thought: Instead of cutting the actors to save money (MW, RH, LC, GV, RH), how about making the executives take a pay cut? Because after all, THEY are the ones, along with Guza and co, who are responsible for the declining ratings.
    Dont these idiots realize that cutting actors, bringing new younger ones in, is NOT going to save GH? My left pinky toe could run GH and ABC Daytime better than Frons.
    WHY dont they listen to the fans…which begs the question, if they arent writing the show for the fans, just WHO are they writing for???
    Because the majority of us dont care for the new characters who have no purpose, or the bringing back of once popular actors in a new role in an effort to ‘boost’ ratings.
    It just makes me so frustrated. Just 10 years ago, we had a completely different GH, and we were about to embark on the great ‘Lucky Dies in a Fire’ story. Now, just 10 years later, we are dealing with digested toxic balls?
    Bring back Wendy Riche, ASAP!

  60. Profile photo of samrocks

    EET, I’ll bite. Below my picks, beginning with the one I would be most upset to see go:

    1. Ric
    2. Greg
    3. Leslie
    4. Megan
    5. Becky

    Sorry, I couldn’t go into the justifications since they would only be relevant to me, and thus of very little use to others.

  61. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    KC I wouldnt be surprised if the execs DIDNT take paycuts too. I seem to remember a big story here at DC about across the board paycuts for execs at NBC and usually what happens at one impacts what happens at the others. Look at Leno – NBC is going with 5 nights of him at 10 (I think its m-f??) and in light of that programming decision, cbs instituted a pay freeze for its nighttime talent. Why? Because the costs for the Leno show are a fraction of what CBS spends for its shows in that same hour. I seem to remember something like 2 million vs. 35 million but I am not sure of the exact figures and the parameters for those figures.

    Which I guess really leads to a question for Luke and/or Jamey…what do they see as the macro trends for soaps over the next five years? I really think the shows that survive are going to be the ones that run extremely lean outside their major stars. Fans are not going to like some of the things I think are coming for all the shows. This is just my opinion but I think we will see smaller casts and people wont get contracts unless tptb have story planned for them, no matter how long they have been with the show – one of the reasons I think Joe Martin on AMC may have his days numbered even though he is an original member of the cast. He has had a contract all that time, but he hasnt driven story in at least a decade that I can think of. As a long term fan, I hate the idea of losing him from the cast, but that may be the economic reality.

  62. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie

    I couldn’t agree more ABCJunky and pxlbarrel. I like the work of all 5 of the actors in this article. But they are the ‘puppets’ on the GH canvas, they don’t write the words, if the writing sucks then the ‘puppetmaster(s)’ are the ones that should go. Again, no offense to the actors and I apologize if anyone thinks my wording is a crude analogy. It just pisses me off that rumors about the actors like this are out there, because we all know with rumors there is usually a shred of truth to them, how big of a shred only the Idiots, Puppetmasters, whatever we want to call them, know. And Jamey, I hope you don’t think I’ve directed any of my rant at you, I enjoy DC and appreciate your postings and your comments.

  63. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    “digested toxic balls” — LOL That’s one thing you don’t wanna burp up, eh?

    I stopped watching this show about a decade ago and, unfortunately, I’ll have no problem stopping again… especially if they do away with the Leslie. The bad writing, the obvious disregard for the veteran actors, the inverted morality…it’s all very disappointing.

  64. Profile photo of samrocks

    EET, I found “Herbst” in several places. I also remember being confused when he initially began at GH, and since everyone here at DC has consistently referred to him as “Hearst,” I figured one of you might know.

  65. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    ABC (Daytime Dramas) is a network I just never understood or respected. I don’t understand “holding back (and punishing (it seems to me) characters because they are popular. Whether the brass understand the “why” they are is irrelevant. It is what it is and instead of showcasing and promoting all their talent “equally.” They don’t. If they aren’t on their very short list of pimped/propped characters. They get no story.

    I for one am pretty much done with GH (and ABC soaps). I don’t respect the treatment of their actors. Imo, the writing is lousy its the same characters over and over doing the same thing..even “saying the same dialog.”

    I just think its a shame they won’t ride the wave of actors/characters popularity for “the good of the show”. All these are popular actors who’s characters have been not written for hence, not much air because of favoritism. I’ve had enough and I just don’t like Frons and his lackey hack writer Guza. I just think they have a warped vision and its not what I want to spend time watching…

  66. Profile photo of diallo41

    The reality is Sonny, Carly, Carly2, Jason, Sam, Robin and Patrick no matter how good CANNOT carry GH by itself. The question becomes do you want to see familiar faces in their orbit or do you want to see a slate of new characters and new faces. It would seem that IF the news is true, GH is going the route of new faces to attract new viewers. It would be a shame but THE FACT IS GH producers do not seem TO BE MOTIVATED TO PLEASE long time viewers. Robert and Holly was what brought me to GH back in the day. Luke had just dropped her on Robert’s doorstep and I was immediately hooked. GH back then was EXCITING, ELECTRIC, EDGE OF YOUR SEAT CHEESY, FUNNY AND ROMANTIC. It was simply amazing or maybe I was just young LOL!! But alot has happened since then and that GH is LONG GONE and it is never coming back so I understand all those with no connection to Scorpios, Webbers, Hardys, and Qs.

    I am in the minority, I guess I need some link to history to keep watching so I would rather see the Ethans go but see the child of Lucy Co comeback to GH or Ned and Lois child. Keep it modern and young but in the family. I still think there is room for the veterans true Carly did a great job with michael but how much more potent would it have been if LC was allowed to interact on that story. When Emily died some of the most potent scenes for me were with the LC and others. These actors add weight and legitimacy to any scenes even if they are only allowed five words.

    Personally I have already stopped watching GH, I stopped the day they nutured liason, that’s me. Since, then I have rediscovered Guiding light and As the World turns. But i do check in with Reagans updates and Perkies breakdown to see if any thing good is happening but so far nothing yet and this potential development does not help.

  67. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    So Dial what will you say if Ethan turns out to be Robert and Holly’s and Rebecca turns out to be Emily?

    Aside from Ethan and the quasi return of Rebecca, the only new characters I can think of are winnie, Matt (when we say we need more hospital people) and Raynor and really Raynor has been background, he’s a short term catalyst. I remember there was this big outrage that GH hired Karpov and Sasha – oh great just what we need more mobsters etc. – and they were on only a few months with just a few scenes – they were again just catalysts, not unlike say all the newbies they would bring in for a Luke and Laura on the run stories that would only be around to populate beechers corners for the short term.

    Cyber you say “All these are popular actors who’s characters have been not written” and while its true that Monica and Ric have been sorely underused, the same really cant be said for Lucky, Lizard and Kate. All 3 had story in the last year – didnt ReH just get an emmy prenom? – and I know she was on the list of “airhogs” as was I think Megan Ward. Lucky (one of my fav.) has had some story, and I think the problem is more that he never gets to be more than a bit of a chump. Did they have SaSon levels of story? No, but Sonny and Jason are the stars of the show right now, not unlike say Amanda on AMC (who I LOVE and is coming in to her own) had far less time than Greenlee and Kendall.)

  68. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    I think we can all agree that General Hospital’s writing needs to improve, now!! And as sad as it is, this soap and all the others will do anything to keep afloat…and if that means firing all of those people, I have no doubt in my mind that Brian Frons will do just that…and he will most deff. keep his top stars safe.

  69. Profile photo of babydoll23

    If Frons makes these cuts GH is done for.The ship started sinking when they ended Liason now they’re trying to put Jason and Sam together again and its not working period.They ended Skate for no reason and shoved Sonny with Claudia which many fans were unimpressed with Claudia from the start.The ratings are tanking this Jasam and Sonny and Claudia thing isn’t working I think its time for TPTB admit this and move on.

  70. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Well, I have to respectfully disagree with you, babydoll23, about Jasam tanking the ratings. We can’t know for sure the reasons why the ratings are low. Jasam does have a huge fanbase…and if I know my fellow Jasam lovers like I think I do, Jason and Sam having scenes together again is enough to bring back some of those Jasam lovin’ viewers that stopped watching after their breakup. As for Sonny and Claudia-I personally could care less about those two and I don’t know if they even have that big of a fanbase.

    I think the biggest reason why sooo many GH fans have tuned out is because of the awful writing. Longtime viewers have seen how spectacular the writing on this show has been and so when they turn on General Hospital and see how totally different it is, they just stop watching. Also, GH does not use the characters and actors that they have. Sooo many fans of the show love the Quartermaines, Scorpios, Cassadines and the Webbers. If they are not giving those families storylines, then viewers are gonna walk. And I know that alot of Liason fans have stopped watching since their breakup and Liason is very popular, so that could arguably be another reason why the ratings are low.

  71. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    The ratings dropped after the highly publicized sweeps-like story ended. Thats normal. The ratings have been down for quite some time and were at similar levels during Jiz. Why does everything come back to Jiz and this debate? Ash is totally right, it has to do with the writing and that problem is exaserbated by the fact that people are shifting their viewing schedules, using dvr and online options to watch what they want when they want. Babydoll, would you make the case that the toxic balls story wouldnt have been equally half-assed if it had been written with ReH taking the Sam part in the story? Wouldnt we have still had the same continuity problems that made it somewhat silly? No one storyline or one pairing make or break a daytime show.

  72. Profile photo of ashlovesgh

    Great point, EET. Ahhh the toxic balls story. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Sooo many holes and soo many idiotic mistakes on GH’s part. What a huge let down…after all that hype and Guza’s “never before seen” nonsense. It gave me a huge headache. Although I enjoyed little things about it…it still really sucked.

    I’m with you ETT. If Jason HAD run to Liz’s bedside when he found out she was sick from the toxin and they declared their love for one another and decided to be together, would the ratings really have gone way up?? Nope, I don’t think so. No offense to the Liason fans, but it would have been one of those small moments that people loved….it wouldn’t have saved the entire storyline from being stupid.

  73. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Well, Guza was actually right, I’d never seen such a badly written story before. ;)


    ashlovesgh is on the money. The ratings suck because viewer retention sucks. And it sucks because the core fans who have watched for decades don’t see anybody familiar anymore and even some of the characters that should be familiar are written in ways that you don’t recognize them.

  74. Profile photo of DaytimeDiva1977

    I just read a story spoiler that has Rebecca having memories of Emily….This has Helena written all over it….It would be sad if they gave Nikolas hope Emily was alive only to have it be some sick scheme…I love Helena on my screen at anytime sooo might be worth watching…Nik needs to getthat Cassadine backbone back…Maybe this story will help……

  75. Profile photo of Jenny

    They need to learn how to focus on everyone and change the writing so they can stop doing the same s/l over and over again

    All the characters are somehow connected to each other by marriage, blood realtives…etc they should be able to utilize everyone and tell great stories

    I totally agree.

    I’ve been sleep walking through GH, for awhile now. Like many of you, I was a teenager during the Claire Labine years. Out of all the soaps I’ve watched, GH is the only soap I became emotionally attached to. It’s sad that it has turned into this fast forward mess.

  76. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Take me to school like I’m a five year old
    they keep going on and on about young viewers and have been for years yet the ratings keep tanking….Y/R didn’t really have a young crew perse’ I mean back in the day Mac and all that but in up until recently with aging up Noah and Abby yet they still remain #1

    Golly gee I wonder why?
    Could it possibly be they tell intesting stories and they use “all their cast” not just the chosen few?

    Until GH tells good stories I doubt if their “attracting younger viewers will work” sure they will attact new viewers with their endless stream of new characters however what about the viewers that will leave..?

    Won’t it balance it out? GH needs to stop all this age discrimination and just start at one…tell a good tale and call it a day and let the chips fall where they may. Imo instead of older characters it will be just younger characters that are written badly. The point is “bad writing” young or old won’t help here.

  77. Profile photo of soapluver

    I understand business and the need to make cut backs. But I don’t understand how TIIC justify adding new characters who IMO are annoying and they continually ignore such great talent they already have. Case in point Rick H. Becky H. and Megan Ward. I’m not a huge fan of Lucky, so if he were to be on reoccuring status that wouldn’t bother me. But Rick and Becky have done a great job on this show. Becky is a core character from one of the original families. She has a huge fan base and it would be a travisty to cut ties with her. Rick has done an amazing job, (that is when he is given air time) Megan brought class and sophistication to the show. As for going for the younger crowd, I don’t think that is the fan base. The teenagers are not the ones going to the fan events. They can’t afford them. Most teenagers are watching the American Teenager and One Tree hill and 90210. Frons and company really don’t have an idea what they are doing and it really is a shame.

  78. Profile photo of SonnyKatefan

    I hate Sonny and Claudia and why the writer broke Sonny and Kate up without any reason.
    Sonny got all the power now and why the writer just don’t reunite them together especially Sonny need advice from Kate and not the Mod’s daughter evil wife.

    I like to quote as LuvKate posted because me too.
    I ADORE Megan Ward! From the moment this woman burst into Sonny’s office I was hooked on a show I hadn’t taken seriously in over 20 years. I never liked Sonny before and don’t like a thing since his pairing with Kate. This woman had it going on and I was just completely engrossed. Long live Sonny and KATE!

    Megan – I cannot say enough. I will follow this woman’s career forever. She has more than earned my respect. Just spectacular woman. She is the ONLY reason I have kept up with this show since the shooting.

  79. Profile photo of KC83

    I also hope that it’s not true, but, to each their own. Frons obviously favors Kelly Monaco, and while Rebecca Herbst and KM are BOTH gorgeous, they are both gorgeous in different ways. RH being more of a classic beauty, KM more contemporary, IMO.
    RH MAY not be his cup of tea…just trying to theroize that rumor.
    Either way, RH is an asset to GH, and one of the only remaining vets to come out of the late 90’s era, and to get rid of her is just ridiculous, when her storyline potential is so great.
    Anyway…just my opinion.

  80. Profile photo of podcastjunkie

    I don’t know who NB’s source was for this, but I don’t buy it for one second. It’s completely absurd. Anyone who isn’t blind can see that she’s pretty. Nope, not buying this one…

    I agree D.C. i’m one of the biggest Becky Herbst fans around and I think she’s gorgeous!

  81. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1

    Oh please, let’s not turn this into RH vs. KeMo…

    Both RH and KeMo are lovely and I don’t know how any of you define “classic” and/or “contemporary” beauty – they’re both pretty… LW, KS, KMc, SBr all get more airtime then BOTH RH and KeMo…

    Thanky you for saying this but of course it’s going to get turned into it. How manytimes have your heard Kelly was the blame for things on GH when it came to Liason/Liz or lack of airtime RH gets. Then RH and Kelly get the same amount of air time maybe just 1 or 2 eps’s different. And thanks for pointing out that other women have gotten more time than both of them. Also it gets left out that both Kelly and RH have said they are firneds outside of GH.

  82. Profile photo of KC83

    I was just putting my own two cents in about Frons and how he supposedly or not supposedly feels about RH.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and that’s what’s great about America..there are MANY different types of beauty, and not everyone falls into one or two categorys.
    I think ALL the ladies on GH are gorgeous, and think that they all are their own different types of beauty, as well as their own looks. Frons may or may not prefer Rebecca Herbst’s look, and if he is pushing his favorites out based on appearances, then I was just speculating on that being why he pushes out Kelly Monaco, that’s all.
    I didnt intend for it to get taken as RH vs KM. I am fans of them BOTH and think they are both gorgeous. BTW, I was just using KM as an example, since she is the Frons girl of the moment. If Alicia Leigh Willis was still on, I would have used her, seeing as though she was a Frons fav as well.

  83. Profile photo of katclaws

    OldGHFan said “Just a thought but why doesn’t ABC try to shake up the behind the scenes payroll? Maybe they could bring in some fresh blood and get some new writers and producers who look at things differently. Maybe they could produce a QUALITY show and this might bring in more viewers.”

    Wow, ICAM………Get rid of those idiots Frons & Guza and maybe they can keep the talented ACTORS that we watch the show to see. I haven’t watched since the LIASON break up–(Yes, I WILL open that can o’worms)and now I am really glad I stopped. I LOVE Rebecca Herbst, LC, RH and even MW changed the Sonny dynamics for awhile, which was a real relief from the same old, same old.
    After watching GH for 45 years it’s been like an old friend to me. Always there for that escape from harsh reality at times. This is so sad.

  84. Profile photo of KC83

    :) Haha that’s true Daisy.
    Ive “lurked” around here for months, and I do know that the Liz/Sam fanbases are very passionate and protective of their respectives.
    For the record, I support both lol.
    It is however, getting very hard to watch GH…I havent watched since the beginning of the toxic ball storyline and that’s the longest I ve gone w/out watching GH since I was 13 years old (Im 25). And now, TBTP or WHOEVER are going to cut our favorites out…why?
    Greg Vaughn and Leslie Charleson, I can KIND OF understand. The character of Lucky hasnt held much interest to me since Jonathan Jackson played him, and TPTB have obliterated the Q’s…and I am suprised LC is still hanging on there.
    And it’s not like there ISNT story for the vets…am I alone in thinking that GH ROYALLY missed out on what could have been a great triangle…Bobbie/Alan/Monica?

  85. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    And it’s not like there ISNT story for the vets…am I alone in thinking that GH ROYALLY missed out on what could have been a great triangle…Bobbie/Alan/Monica?

    They actually tried that in 1995 (I think…) When Monica was pushing Alan away (she was recovering from breast cancer) and Alan needed somebody to confide in, he chose Bobbie. And Bobbie was having major problems with Tony (marriage counselling with Kevin Collins was proving unsuccessful), she turned to Alan for confiding. At one point, they went to New York City to start their affair but couldn’t go through with it. Unfortunately, Tony and Monica discovered what they were up to and surprised them in NYC. It took a while for Alan to convince Monica that nothing happened and for Bobbie to get back to being Monica’s best friend. To a lot of Alan/Monica fans, there was a certain “ick” factor to Alan and Bobbie together. It was fine when they were best friends commiserating with each other but to take it to the next level was almost incestous. LOL

  86. Profile photo of Maura227

    I agree with Jamey.. I was 12 when I started watching GH and that was at the prime of the Luke and Laura return, Sonny/Jax/Brenda/Miguel, L&B, Monica’s cancer storyline, BJ’s death, Robin/Stone, Ned and Lois, Nikolas back when he was a jerk and actually had a family.. Ahh the good old days.. Love greg vaughn but I miss Jonathan Jackson terribly..Why did they have to bring on this Ethan character? When JJ played lucky they had him all set up to be Luke in the making.. traveling across the country on his own at 11… remember when he and emily each got dogs?! Lucky used to sit at that table and play cards and swindle people.. now.. hes a cop?!?! wTF ???
    What I wouldn’t give to have those back.. The last storyline I had any interest in was ummmmm..errr…uhhh *10 minutes pass…* I guess the metrocourt thing was ok??? that was what? 2 yrs ago? Why can’t they write one storyline really well??? it’s annoying the bejesus out of me..

    Ok I’ve vented..thanks!

  87. Profile photo of pxlbarrel

    Does anyone know why and/or when Ric Hearst stopped going by “Rick Herbst?”

    I thought I read somewhere it was because he wanted to simplify it for people since he was getting all kinds of pronunciations.

  88. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    There are no words re: Toxic balls it was so bad on so many levels. Basically for me it just wasn’t entertaining the highlight for me is when Tracey and A to Z sparred and it only made me wish they would have done more of this….

    The PPD storyline just needs to disappear I don’t care how they do it sometimes GH is so bad it doesn’t even have to faze out in story. Just one day let me turn on the set and the damn story no longer exists. It don’t have to make sense dramatically..I don’t care! Just be rid of it.

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