Me Talk Dirty One Day With AMC’s Tamara Braun

Daytime mob moll-turned-sometimes same-sexer Tamara Braun(Reese) talked with about all the K-Raziness happening with her character on All My Children. She also revealed that she has quite the potty mouth, a girl after my own filthy heart!
Tracy E. Gilchrist: So, regarding Reese, I think after a few drinks, everyone gets a little friendly with everyone. So is Bianca overreacting or what?

Tamara Braun: Well, you know, I think Bianca’s reactions are valid, you know. She has a right to her reaction, it was the night before her wedding, what the f**** was Reese thinking? And you kissed the…oh, you’re going to have to draw a squiggly line through that aren’t you?

TEG: Oh we used that here. You’re okay.

TB: Are you allowed to say f***?

TEG: Oh we say f***. Yeah, all the time.

TB: Oh I love f***! Okay. That’s one of my favorites. (LAUGHS)

TEG: So, if we were doing Inside the Actors Studio that would be your favorite curse word?

TB: Ah well no actually, it’d probably be a toss up between ‘c***sucker motherf****’ and ‘motherf****** c***sucker.’

TEG: I see, an inversion, okay. That’s very clever and naughty all at once.

TB: There you go…Anyways, I digress."

Is anyone else appalled (Yet oddly aroused)? Those of you who listen to the podcast know all-too-well that I do not, I repeat, not condone coarse language! I think we need to burn She Wired magazine! Oh wait, it’s not a book…Then we need to have Norn Cutson design a nifty Scarlet F for F-Bomb and send it to that nasty Tams! She should be made to wear it next year to Super Soap! Oh wait, there won’t be a Super Soap next year… Well… she should have to wear it on the red carpet at the Emmys, not that we are sure yet if we’d see it televised…Okay, let’s just table this until I can come up with an appropriately-shameful punishment.
Seriously, who does she think she is? First she forces the mob onto daytime television, then she goes around kissing girls AND boys, now this? Doesn’t Tams know she is a ROLE MODEL? Aspiring young mob princesses and lesbians look up to her! I don’t know about you but I am writing to my congressman as we type! Anyone got a stamp?

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    She gives such a great interview! I have a feeling her favorite curse words are new ones that she specifically uses for Pratt!

    The conflict, and the issues that were dealt with were not the ones that I thought were going to be dealt with. It’s the writers and story editors’ decision. It’s not what I came to play, but I’m playing what they gave me to the best of my ability. And trying to make it real and truthful.

    Pratt completely duped her and Eden into thinking they were going to write a real lesbian story. Instead, Reese is currently the resident scapegoat blind lesbian. Well Pratt did learn from the best…Guza. Though I have to admit she plays a very convincing blind woman! Her scenes today were amazing, even if the writers do give her crap!

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    today was the first day I actually felt Tamara was used to the best of her abilities.. When she left GH I was devestated and to see how they’ve played her on AMC sucks but this whole blind storyline is decent.. even if temporary.. at least we got to see her ACT!

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    I can’t get into AMC, I don’t have any more time, but TB stands for me as the best Carly ever, and one of the best actresses in daytime period.

    She introduced the vulnerability to Carly’s persona that made her so likeable, and her chemistry with MB was the best.

    I was hoping to see her in primetime, but I’m glad she found a great gig.

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    Awesome interview! That Pratt duped Tamara and Eden into sigining is despicable though. I’m afraid Eden won’t ack after her next apperance, which would be a horrible loss to this show. When will things like stop?

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