Betty White, The Girl Scout

Did you know that Betty White (ex-Ann Douglas, The Bold and the Beautiful) is a Girl Scout? I didn’t. Check out her hilarious stop by The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson.

I really wish my DVR wasn’t so jam-packed full of TV shows or I would record The Late Late Show. Craig Ferguson is hilarious and I like him better than his time slot competitors.

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    I love that, especially the HULK SMASH. Betty White has crossed so many genres of comedy throughout her career. What a legend. I vastly prefer Craig to the likes of schmuck Jimmy Fallon. I’m sorry his show isn’t more well known.

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    I agree. But Craig is known … he beat Conan in the time slot quite a few times …. Fallon and his weak delivery should be a cakewalk!!! He’s soooooo F’N funny …… Remind U of anyyyyyyyyyoneeeeeee?????!!! Haha

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    I haven’t even bothered to watch Fallon on Late Night because quite frankly, I don’t find him funny. I’m sure Ferguson should have no problem racking up the viewers now. He’s great, and every time he has Ms. White on, it has been hilarious. That woman’s a national treasure.

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    TV Gord

    I’m watching both Ferguson and Fallon AND Kimmel, t’boot! I don’t think liking one means having to despise the other.

    It’s going to be a sad day if Betty White ever leaves this world (I’m putting it that way, because she may NOT! Nothing seems to slow her down…thankfully!) A couple of years ago, GSN had a special day-long holiday tribute to her with hours and hours of her game show appearances from the 50s to the 80s (appropriately entitled, “A Betty White Christmas), and after watching the whole thing, I thought NOT ONLY was I insanely happy after watching and laughing all day, I STILL wanted more. There aren’t many people I can say that about!

    If Betty White ever does leave us for whatever is next, the only thing that will make me smile is the possibility that she might actually be reunited with her beloved groom, Allen.

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