Constance Towers Returns to General Hospital

I know we’ve already dished about the great Constance Towers return as Helena Cassadine on General Hospital. The actress has confirmed the news on her official website. Constance and Helena return this April. To celebrate her return, check out some classic clips of Constance as Helena after the jump.

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    Yay…this is GREAT news!
    *Already crossing fingers that TPTB dont screw this opportunity up*
    I cant wait for a Tracey/Helena confrontation!

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    Alexis is one of my favorite character’s but man whenever Helena was around she would be quaking her stillettos

    Regan do u know if they are gonna have any scenes together and if Helena is gonna have any scenes with Spam now that she is a “Cassadine”

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    I am So Happy that she is coming back, she is so good as the bad one
    I wonder if we will have a family Cassadines dinner …
    oh this is really good news

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    Thanks for posting the clips! Brings back some memories! I am so excited to have some Cassadine drama!

    I can’t remember the story behind the video of Nikolas and Elizabeth…. anybody remember?

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    disillusioned GH fan

    She’s over 40, lets hope they aren’t bringing back this iconic star only to kill her off. Nicholas threw her over a cliff once and she… bounced! Lets hope they do right by this woman because it’s no easy feat to fill the shoes of Elizabeth Taylor and this lady did it in such a way that the mere sight of her gets me all excited about the GH that -was- !!!

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    This better mean one thing…

    *yay* :D :D :D

    Nikolas and EMILY reunion! woooooooohoooooo: D


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    Regan Cellura

    The scenes with Elizabeth and Nikolas was when Helena was brainwashing Lucky, then played by Jacob Young. Elizabeth faked her death aka Becky Herbst went on maternity leave so that Nikolas could gain Helena’s trust and get the goods on how to break Lucky free of Helena.

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    Well, considering that GH is now at it’s worst, most creatively boring, repetitive stories, endless mob same old, same old, tired unfocused, violent, misogynistic, horribly written, no romance, piece of soap opera garbage to happen this decade: the demise of GH, I believe, will go down as the most radical quality lost of any show because it was just that brilliant in the 90’s, in the history of the genre. It is a relief to know that Miss Evil-Personified, Helena, is coming back. I would love to see her tangle with the mob, weed some of them out and turn out to be the head of the Russian mob that recently entered the Port Charles mafia scene. She can take control of all the ports and illegal businesses in town and force Jason, Sonny and Claudia to lead more reasonable lives as civilians. Or at least balance the show some by making a Sonny vs. Helena mob war one story as opposed to the only story on the show, thus giving room for other characters and stories to develop that can bring back the simple elements of soap opera that GH is glaringly missing. She can meddle in Nicholas and “Rebecca’s” relationship as well. I am sure that “Rebecca” will turn out to be dead Emily alive! This and SORAS’ing Michael can give the Q’s a new generation for the vets to get involved with. I know I am hoping for a lot of changes due to one character ciming back but it DOES have the potential, if well-thought, to change the entire identity of GH, giving it hear and soul back to the forefront. I liked Helena so much when Constance began portraying her. She was a more 3-dimensional, human villain. Of course, she ended up being the most cartoon-ish, Cruella DeVille clone, cackling to herself, muttering her evil plans out loud and sneaking in and out of secret doors on Spoon Island. Falling off the cliff and surviving put her right up there with Stefano DiMera as the top mustache-twirling, camp, over-the-top villians of all time. But, I may no longer watch GH anymore but I am always hoping it will improve, that behind the scenes staff would be fired and drastically changed up. Both Giza and Phelps need to be shown the door and Frons needs to stop reading the often misguided, confusing, manipulative focus groups causing him to basically end the Jason/Sam/Liz/Lucky quad because the 2 camps were equally angry at developments happening on screen. Frons needs to hire a real writer who gets the genre and is a fan of it in order to realign the show back to quality entertainment. Phelps, as well, has been exec-producing this show to the ground. The whole production looks so cheap from the sets, to the wardrobe to the overall look and style of the show. There is no richness to it, none of the home sets have any individual personality based on who lives there and hopefully, the new hospital will have sleek, modern lines and design that could actually exist today. But she is half-assed producing this show. It’s almost as if she is taking a nap during most filming. Could that hospital disaster, blizzard and all, have looked any faker. Couldn’t have Maxie’s dream been give an extra special touch considering it was meant to be a very special, stand alone episode. With Frons seemingly so determined to lower vets pay, widdle their roles down to nothing and basically abolishing them all together, it is a surprise that he is bringing back an older female character. She will probably just come on to explain the “Rebecca” mystery, cause some trouble and leave again but I am hopeful that they have bigger, more ambitious plans for her and the show as a whole/

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    This really is awesome news. It’s been a GH free zone on my tv for about 2 weeks now, but for Helena I will definitely be adding it back to my dvr in April. Hopefully, she’ll give the show the shot of creative energy it needs.

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    Yay! This is so exciting! That last clip definitely proves that Rebecca needs to turn out to be Emily. The Emily/Helena dynamic used to be great, until that last go-around with psycho nanny when they made Helena too campy. It would be great if Rebecca was brainwashed Emily who suddenly began to have memories of being Emily and then started to turn on her captor. I wouldn’t mind if she kept some of her Rebecca qualities though, especially the backbone.

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    Now I might start watching GH again knowing that she is coming back to GH. Whenever she is on, you know things start getting good.

    It is no surprise that she is coming back, I have said it since Natalia came back that they will probably have Helena be the one who did something to Emily and that she is really not dead. I am sure Rebecca is Emily thanks to Helena.

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    There is a Soap GOD!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait. I’m so excited!!! I’m too old to go “Eeeeeeeeeeeee” but what the hell…..”Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee”

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    Courtney fan4life

    I dont want Chewbecca to be Emily. I dont think she is. I dont see how Emilys death could be faked since we saw her die. We saw her get strangled. I think Rebecca is a lookalike thanks to Helena.

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    HALLELUJAH! HALLELUJAH! I have completely stopped watching GH. GL is sooooo much better, however, the re-emergence of Ms. Towers could woo me back to the GH fold. Here’s hoping the s/l even approaches the talents of Helena Cassadine!

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    Finally someonebody who will breathe life into Lukes scenes and nikolas, and maybe we’ll finally find out who sam’s dad is. i wish they would bring stefan back too now that hes no longer on DOOL. The Cassadines are my FAVORITE family so I know how you feel Luke!!

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