Quote of the Day: “I Don’t Care If He’s Putin Or The Pope

The old battle axe (Stephanie Forrester) was in fine form today when she told Donna my favorite quote of the day, "I don’t care if he’s Putin or the Pope."

What was your favorite quote from today’s soaps?

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    Simple C

    A few from Y&R. Chloe called Cane “Australian Sleeping Pill” and when Jack found out about Ashely being pregnant he said she’s going to have herself a little baby mustache. LOL

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    Chloe calling Cane the Australian sleeping pill is without a doubt my favorite line this week. Probably this month too! Gotta love that snarky little fashionista.

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    Chloe wishes she could get some of that Australian sleeping pill. I’m sure Cane could put her azz right to sleep. That’s why she wont take his ring off, while she is engaged to his brother.

    Don’t believe the MAB hype, Cane is a sexy, badass MF who can act. MAB just stole his mojo to subvert his popularity.

    Exhibit A:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZcKvrS8hG0

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