Two More Seasons of Friday Night Lights?

I know I am not the only DC’er in love with the critically acclaimed Friday Night Lights so I will spread the hopeful news that has me smiling from ear to ear: FNL may be getting a two season pick up! According to Michael Ausiello (, who has the exclusive news, it’s looking good that FNL will get a fourth season as NBC and DirecTV try to work out a deal. Season three, airing now on NBC, had its first run on DirecTV.

Sources confirm to me exclusively that NBC is engaged in active talks with DirecTV to extend their unique shared-window experiment with Friday Night Lights. But there’s a catch — and it’s a good one. According to an insider close to the negotiations, DTV and NBC might only seal the deal if they can get – holy Connie Britton Taylor! — a two-season pickup.

Friday Night Lights fans know that this season we saw a few characters exit the canvas and a few more are graduating at the season’s end. What changes are in store for FNL should the series get a fourth season pick-up? According to Ausiello, changes could be happening behind the camera as the show’s executive producer Jason Katims (Roswell) and director Jeffrey Reiner are both attached to NBC pilots. What’s happening in front of the camera? Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler), Tami (Connie Britton), Julie (Aimee Teegarden, appearing now on 90210) and Landry (Jesse Plemmons) should all return for season four.

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    I skimmed the last part of that because I am a few weeks behind on FNL LOL, but YAY :).

    I figured it would get at least one season pick up because it did really well on DTV so hopefully this will happen, the show deserves to stay on the air.

    What I wonder is if they will film all 26 episodes this year and spread them out?

    I would LOVE it if they would expand the season to more then 13 episodes but I am not holding my breath lol.

    Anyways thank you! *dances* Clear eyes, full hearts CANT LOSE!

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    This is great news! An unbelievably well done show from top to bottom. The acting and writing is top notch. Every week you see the quality. One of the most rewarding shows on TV.

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    Regan i just got into FNL and am watching it on, im almost done with season 1. I think this is the best show i have ever seen, how is this not more of a hit and more people watching it. This show is soo good, and most of the soaps except OLTL could learn a thing or two from this show.

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