All My Children Casts Adam Mayfield as Scott Chandler

Looks like All My Children has found itself a contingency hunk in case Jacob Young opts not to re-sign with the show. SOAPnet’s Jesse Murray is reporting AMC has cast Adam Mayfield as Scott Chandler, the long lost adopted son of Stuart (David Canary). Look for Scott to make his return on April 9. Thanks Addie for the tip!

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    This kid bears a striking resemblance to David Canary from his “Bonanza!” days from the 60’s and 70’s. Weird, since Scott is supposed to be adopted. LOL.

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    The resemblance is a little creepy, Scout, I didn’t notice at first! Too bad they didn’t bring back Forbes March, but with the new Thorsten Kaye deal, they probably can’t afford anyone but newbies for the next few years.

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    This is interesting. Adam is supposed to leave the country with little A and now Scott is coming to town which is likely going to mean more screen time for Stuart. This sounds like the blind item Nelson wrote about a while ago.

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    I am so pissed off they didn’t get Forbes March to play this character again. Can you imagine him,and Jacob with their hairstyles battling each other for Adams approval.This new guy better sell it because i’m really not thrilled with Pine Valley right now anyway.They’re about 5 minutes from being put in that General Hospital ‘do not record’ list!! Where is Forbes March anyway, maybe we can get his fine azz someplace else?

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