BREAKING NEWS: Emma Samms Returns to General Hospital For May Sweeps!


Could a mother/son reunion be in the works at General Hospital? is reporting that Emma Samms is reprising the role of Holly Sutton just in time for May Sweeps. This will no doubt increase talk that Ethan is the son of Holly and either Luke (Anthony Geary) or Robert (Tristan Rogers).

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    Awesome. I have a theroy that when Holly was presumed dead, when she was married to Robert and her plane crashed, before she came back and was alive and well when Anna and Robert got married, 80’s throw back, or early 90’s. I got off track, but basically I think Ethan is Holly and RObert’s son. Holly and Robert were happpily married when Holly’s plane crashed and everyone thought she was dead, the timeline would fit. Didn’t that happen in the late 80’s, I think that’s the most logical way of writing Ethan as Holly and RObert’s kid. Not that I would wish that horriable Ethan on them, but oh well.

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    Well, this is interesting! Now the question is, is Teethan Holly and Robert’s or Holly and Luke’s son? Will they bring Tristan Rogers back for May sweeps too? I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out on the canvas.

    And just look at Emma, va va va voom….Emma and the girls still bring it!

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    Ah…suddenly the possible “bloodbath” at GH makes sense. While I’m thrilled at the idea of Holly and Helena coming back for a bit, it’s upsetting to think it means we *might* lose some of our other faves :(

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    Daisy, love the pic :)

    I, as well, am very excited for Helena and Emma to return, but I can’t help but feel sad that it could be at a price. I would be completely crushed if any of the actors whose names were mentioned with the “bloodbath” were dropped. I just wish those rumors are false…I don’t think I could bare it if they turned out to be true.

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    Yea! I’m so excited Emma Samms (Holly Scorpio) is returning to GH. I hope Tristan Rogers (Robert Scorpio) is not far behind. This can only mean Ethan is the son of Robert and Holly. Yea!

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    disillusioned GH fan

    I’m stunned…. I hope the storyline compliments the talents of Emma Samms!! If we are about to enter an age of GH recognizing it’s star power potential (past/present), there may be some hope after all! First Constance Towers, now Emma Samms… interesting to say the least. ((Nevermind the fact that ALL the former Cassadines(Stephan, Stavros, Victor and Katherine Bell) are looking for work these days))

    I tend to wonder if the TPTB are slowly moving Patrick and Robin to the front and center by rebuilding the Scorpio brand and adding some offspring, how great would that be? It could mean less mob, more hospital!!

    I should say that if I had the choice between dropping Ric Hearst and Maurice Bernard, I’d drop Maurice and keep Ric in this bloodbath.

    I also wonder if dropping Greg Vaughn to recurring allows TPTB more leverage in attracting Jonathan Jackson back as the -real- Lucky! …one can only hope!!!

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    At least she has time to visit the Botox fairy before she begins shooting. Or sucking the blood of infants. Or whatever she’s doing to keep that body going at her age.

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    Oh boy…its bittersweet for me. I love Emma and Holly but I hate the idea of her having had a child with Robert. That place in his life is reserved for the love of his life, ANNA DEVANE. If they are bringing someone back, I would rather it be Robert and ANNA. Good gravy, if Steve B. leaves and the rumors are true, that this means Lizard will be written out for a Jiz happy ending on top of Holly and Robert procreating…..I think I may have to go swallow some toxic balls LOL.

    I just wonder if Jamey will be in agreement with me this time, since I demand that he say that Frons is only pimping Holly over Anna because of Emma’s breasts. LOL.

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    Oh, spare me EricaEvilTwin. Robert and Holly were the #1 couple on the #1 soap for almost 3 years long before anyone ever heard of Anna Devane. When Robert and Anna got remarried, GH fell to #7 in the ratings. As many times as Robert and Holly climbed the stairs of their infamous townhouse, they deserve a kid. Robert and Anna were together for 7 months MAX! Robert and Holly so deserve this kid because Holly is the love of Robert’s life. He said it on the air. “Holly, Holly, Holly. The love of my life!” Robert never once said that about Anna. And I hope Anna stays away this time.

    And you’re acting like a 12 year old when you make breast comments like that!

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    Jamey Giddens

    I just wonder if Jamey will be in agreement with me this time, since I demand that he say that Frons is only pimping Holly over Anna because of Emma’s breasts. LOL.

    Both are too old for Frons to care about. He likes ‘em young and fresh from Playboy, er the farm.

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    Jamey Giddens

    I prefer Anna over Holly, but then I have no connection with Holly since I didn’t start watching until the early 90’s. Holly seemed like a cartoonish vamp when she appeared for the Monkey Flu storyline, plus I didn’t like Emma Samms on Models, Inc. or Dynasty (Where she RUINED the once fabulous Fallon Carrington Colby), so I guess I will have to tune in to try to see what made her so popular.

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    they can bring back all the vets they want, but if the writing doesn’t improve it doesn’t matter. nothing will get me watching GH again except for reports that the storytelling has improved. stunt casting ain’t gonna save this show. REAL stories will.

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    I love Emma and the character of Holly is cool, but I never understood why these soaps bring back faves for sweeps to get ratings. Why not bring them back on recurring to secure any ratings boosts all year around?

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    Nope. Robert never chose Anna over Holly. He never had the chance. That’s why these Holly/Anna wars have been going on for 20+ years because it was never resolved. It would nice if GH would finally resolve the triangle. But for now, I’m just happy Emma Samms is returning and it’s looking like Ethan is Robert and Holly’s son.

    BTW, it looks like Tristan may be returning soon as well:

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    This is my timeline –

    Robert and Holly were together and in love.
    Robin showed up and was followed by Anna.

    Something happened and Holly and Robert left town? Was Holly presumed dead? Robert left Frisco and Sean as Godfathers for Robin.

    Anna married Duke. Duke croaked.

    Robert came back and he and Anna got back together after she tied him to a pole.

    Anna disappeared with Faison and Holly came back. Faison tried to kidnap Robin in an elevator and Holly saved her. Robert went after Anna to rescue her but a ship blew up and Robin was told both of her parents were dead.
    Mac stepped up as uncle / father.

    Robin got infected with HIV.

    I have some holes in my timeline.

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    Sueboo – your timeline is pretty accurate.

    Holly was presumed dead in a plane crash in 1987. Tristan came back to GH full-time but Emma was still on Dynasty so they needed to “kill” Holly. In reality, Holly was in a car crash that put Holly in a coma for 2 years (hence the coma baby Ethan!)

    In 1992, Finola left GH (Faison kidnapped Anna) and Emma came back to GH (Faison had it orchestrated to bring back Holly to distract Robert from finding Anna). Robert left to go get Anna. The boat exploded and both Robert and Anna were “dead” although they really weren’t. 2006 GH resurrects everyone but the storyline was awful. Hopefully, GH can rectify some of it’s mistakes this time – especially Holly. Out of all the 80’s vets that were butchered, Holly’s character was the worst.

    Here’s to seeing the REAL Holly Scorpio!

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    And you’re acting like a 12 year old when you make breast comments like that!

    OldGHFan: You misunderstood EET’s comment. She wasn’t serious. It was a *joke* A few times Jamey has made comments about Sam/KeMo’s breasts/”Playboy” figure, claiming that’s why she’s preferred by Frons. Both EET and I have argued that that’s obviously not true. EET was poking fun at Jamey’s comments and our past arguments about it.

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    When the 2006 storyline happened, Anna was alive. At that time, Robert was the only parent presumed dead. Robin was in contact with Anna when she was living in Paris. When did Robin find out her mother didn’t die in the explosion?

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    Thanks for the clarification, Daisy.

    However, I still take issue with EricasEvilTwin’s comment, “hate the idea of her having had a child with Robert. That place in his life is reserved for the love of his life, ANNA DEVANE.” – Spare me!

    Some Robert and Anna fans have a very hard time accepting that Robert was wildly in love with Holly before anyone ever heard of Anna Devane.

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    Now the question is, is Teethan Holly and Robert’s or Holly and Luke’s son?

    Haha that is hilarious…. I should have thought of it before!! I’m not sure how I feel about the character. I thought he was trying too hard to sound Australian but then I found out the actor really is from Australia so I guess I’m way off on him. Anything to get Robert back and the Scorpios in the front makes me happy!

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