Divas of Daytime

Kathy Brier gives me chills! Kassie DePaiva and Bobbie Eakes aren’t bad either! Check out the Divas of Daytime at Broadway Cares!

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    Kathy Brier should be an effing star by now. I have NEVER seen her give anything but Grade A performances. I can’t wait for the Hope storyline to heat up so we can see more of her.She is such a touching actress.Don’t Blow it OLTL!!!!

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    Watching Kathy sing, I kept saying “Why isn’t she back on Broadway?” She was so great in Hairspray.

    Kassie was gorgeous and sang lovely, and those of us in the balcony got a special treat when she stood by the door to watch Kristen do “Mamma Mia!” (with revised lyrics).

    And while I’m not the biggest fan of Bobbie, she sang beautifully live, so I think I’m a convert. She’s also got great gams, if I do say so myself.

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    You’r right, I *love* Kassie De Pava and Bobbie Eakes but Kathy Briar brought the house down! It was great to see both Kassie and Bobbie look at each other in amzment when Kathy belted it out. OLTL should *not* let her go!

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