Emily O’Brien, Hitting it Out of The Park on The Young And The Restless

Emily O’Brien has been hitting it out of the park this week on The Young and the Restless as Jana Fisher.

I wanted to blog about her performance yesterday, but didn’t get the chance. Now I’m glad I didn’t. Her performance today as the grief stricken wife, lashing out in defense of her husband and ripping into Colleen and Gina, was some of her best work to date and only made yesterday’s scenes all the better.

I’ve been a fan of O’Brien and Jana since she first appeared on The Young and the Restless, and this storyline seems to have brought out the best in her. Combine her work, with the outstanding stuff Greg Rikaart is doing as the claustrophobic kidnapee Kevin Fisher, and it is safe to say that at least two actors from the Fisher/Baldwin family already deserve Daytime Emmy nominations in 2010.

What do you think of O’Brien’s work this week?

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    Honestly, I was surprised how good she was. I mean I loved every second of it!!! It was just real good acting. It was the perfect Emmy scene.

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    Couldn’t agree more….I have never really seen the point to her character and have always thought her to be kind of silly. Yesterday (and today, for those catching it on Soapnet tonight), however, she was AMAZING…not overacting like her mother-in-law, but just genuinely expressing her emotional state of mind.

    I was quite impressed….almost made up for me having to see Cane “Arrogancellor” Ashby on my screen yesterday. I know, I’ve said it before, but he just makes me CRINGE when gets all “I’m a Chancellor” arrogant….what an ass, the way he talked to Katherine yesterday….I can handle Jill, because their relationship is at its best when its antagonistic. But who the hell does he think he is??!!

    Sorry…not the point of the post. Good Job Emily!

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    I was so incredibly impressed with her yesterday. Greg Rikaart is always so fantastic but Emily has really come into her own working along side him. I can’t wait to get to my DVR to see both Greg and Emily today.

    Bravo to both of them!

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    Agreed as well.

    Can someone tell me though (I’m new to Y&R as of Katherine’s Funeral) what Kevin’s history is – or point me in the right direction? He apparently had some issues in childhood – did Gloria raise him? Also what is the criminal record that everyone was talking about?


    Totally separate note, but yesterday’s quote of the day was surely Jack talking about Ashley being pregnant with a little mustache!

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    Jamey Giddens

    Kevin Fisher came on the show as an internet predator. He met a then-teenage Lily Winters online. They met up, and he infected her with an STD. He became obsessed with her, much to the chagrin of her parents Neil and Dru, and Lily’s best friend Colleen. Kevin hated Colleen the most and blamed her for coming between him and Lily. So he did what any logical human being would do. He kidnapped Colleen and tied her up in the freezer of Gina Roma’s restaurant, before setting it on fire. Luckily, Colleen was rescued before burning to death.

    Kevin’s half brother Michael, also came on the show as a villain. He was an attorney who sexually harassed and later tried to rape model-turned-lawyer Christine "Cricket" Blair.

     They have both long since been redeemed by the love of good women, blah, blah, blah. I love the actors, but those Fisher-Baldwins make me sick!

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    Melvins mom

    I’ve always liked Emily’s character, and her acting today and yesterday was amazing. It’s nice to see her be recognized for her work. I hope the writers of Y&R realize how good she is and find more for her to do.

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    I’m so glad to see this post here. I was shocked by the scenes. I’ve always liked EOB but thought it was just that she was pretty and had an accent. But wow the fury and pain and righteousness she’s displayed blew me away. I’m so glad the show is finally using her.
    And seeing her act has made this mess of a tailspin the Katherine/Vince SL has taken bearable. But they better wrap it up soon b/c I don’t think EOB will be enough to compensate for this crap for much longer. I did enjoy it but I wish they’d ended it last week.

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    To continue with what Jamey said about Kevin’s history…

    I think it was a little more than the love of Jana that got Kevin past his demons. If anyone got him past them it was Mac. She and Daniel were friends to him when everyone else wanted nothing to do with him. She helped him deal with the fallout of having his father(Tom Fisher) around again and when he opened up to her about his father abusing him she helped get him into therapy. Kevin also did do jail time before this and was nearly killed in prison and came out of that situation changed as well. JT even forgave him with the help of Mac. Then him and Mac bought the coffee house from Nick and Sharon and gave him a new sense of purpose. Once Mac left town again that is when Jana came into the picture. Jana when she came to town was obsessed with serial killers and what not. Her and Kevin were sort of kindred spirits.

    I love though that the show drew upon how some of the Abbotts haven’t forgotten what Kevin once was. The stuff with Billy yesterday makes perfect sense. Kevin and Billy’s troubled past is something the show should showcase. I hope that once this is all sorted out we have more Billy Miller/Greg Rikaart scenes.

    Oh and also – the scene Jamey talked about where Colleen was rescued from Gina’s by JT is my favorite Y&R scene of all time. I was so in love with Original Colleen and JT! One of my favorite daytime couples ever. I couldn’t stand Kevin at the time but Greg was so phenomenal that I never wrote off the character as a complete villian. And then when the backstory was explained in all fell into place with why Kevin was that way.

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    EOB has always been one of my favs although, she rarely is given anything of substance to work with. She and GR could teach a few of the younger cast a few things. :arrow: CK,TS come to mind!

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    GR has always been consistently great, even when he has a lame SL. And I’ve loved EOB forever! Glad to see so many others agree — she’s incredibly talented.

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    I’m happy to see Emily O’Brien get the well deserved kudos! Greg Rikaart is usually singled out for his amazing performances and while I think he is a brilliant actor, EOB is overlooked a lot. I am enjoying this storyline except for the awful clowns who portray his kidnappers. The actor who plays Clint is just way over the top and corny and the actress who plays Annie is just plain annoying!

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    Emily O’Brien was the perfect addition to the best Baldwin-Fisher family.

    They all can play humor and drama. It is great that they are letting Emily strut her stuff as she she is more than the quirky British girl and Greg is typically wonderful.

    Now Maria needs to give Christian Le Blanc something to do besides bail out his family and the occasional meaty scene or special episode is not cutting it. And where the heck is Tracey Bregman? She was a huge part of helping Kevin even more so than Mac. She was the first one who saw promise in Kevin, and Michael and Lauren were like Kevin’s surrogate parents and so her not being used in Kevin’s story is truly bizarre.

    It is obvious Maria loves the three core families but when you have emmy winners like Tracey Bregman and Christian Le Blanc you don’t waste them. Emily and Greg are finally getting to use their acting muscles, now lets get Tracey and Christian a storyline. Gloria can stay as support.

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    I didn’t really pay that much attention to Jana pre-Sabrina’s death. However, those Jana/Sabrina’s deathbed scenes is what got my attention. Emily is a great addition to the show.

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    I also though Emily’s performance was Emmy worthy. She is such a wonderful asset to Y & R. She brought tears to my eyes yesterday!! I love Jana and hope she’s a round for a loooong time.

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